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Free picture site that was created to address myths about vagina appearances and to show the various types of vaginas. Also includes a survey.

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TITLE: joe white

It is circumsized and much longer then it is is smoth and white. ir bends up otherwise is normal.If I could change it I would make it thicker (3.5")and longer(10.3")becuse it would be better to play with. No no ones has ever rejected becuse of size. no I have never been made fun of my penis. A girl I was with the experincewas great with a larger man.

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I have always wished for an uncircumcised penis that was about 7 inches long. I have been married for 10 years and my says says my penis is fine. Before we were married I played around a lot with both men and women. I have learned to live with what I have, but wish for more.


My penis is nice and sexy and my girlfriend likes to play with it and jack me off and she sucks it too and its about 6 inches when erect, she enjoys watching and taught me how to suck my own penis and cumm and then I kiss her and let the cumm go into her mouth and she swallows all of it. My penis has the mushroom type head and large penis hole and its somewhat purple around the edges, it has a sexy male musky smell and sexy.

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TITLE: dan

my penis is perfict iv been told I have used pumps to make it biger.but im unhappy with it still.after watching a tv show called bullshit I found what I was looking for.i found out about forskin restoration and im 3 months in to it my dick is now more senctve and my partner is enjoying it as well.its funny to see my self in the mior with a strap going over my sholder when I go to bed.but its worith every thing to me to get back what was taken from me I hope other men wake up and tell others that removeing the forskin is so wrong and it should be stoped


Penis straight, light color, solid large head. would not change it. Made fun of it once is all. Male partner made head to head contact accidently and it felt good! What is up? I never experienced this before.. Mostly satisfied my female partner any time.

TITLE: Supreme Taco

My flaccid penis hangs down my low on my legs. It grows to a very big with a slight turn up, but mostly straight. My partner compliments and brags about it all the time. I do get stares. I had one man even stare at it while in a urinal.

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TITLE: beaver

i have a large penis when erect but very small flacid. I like to shave my penis and balls and show off with a penis and ball ring wearing a tight brief. I will show off after shaving and wear a g string with my package protruding out of sight. I play with my testiles with spreaders so each testile is swollen to the size of a large egg. my penis is straight and thick with a mushroom head.sometimes I use a vibrator and wack off untill I shoot a load that is thick milky and hot I also like to take pictures of my penis and testicles sometimes I try a compition to see how many times I can come in a day with out sleeping 5 has been my best. I am curious about testicles an and like to show myballs off to people. when people see the package they say I have set of genitilia. when im in a kinky mood I will go into my hot tub wearing a g sting binini and let my next door neighbors see my stuff I can push my penis and balls into my body cavity so it looks like im a girl no fooking like whales of other mamalls the packing is inside utile erect then watch out the exersise causes me to precum abnormaly quantiles of jizz and it comes out in big drops on the tip of my penis when squeezed on the root or base of my penis. a good expample of my ball fetish is I like to make my testicles look like some dogs you see with huge balls sticking out of there behind and thats what I do in the hot tup is spread my legs and show off the nut sack it look like a great danes balls if uyou know what I mean I have hese sexy briefs which are make of likara and fit like a second skin and when hard and shaved pop out like a porn star one of my neighbors is gay and I tease the _____ out of him im not gay but like too show off. well I have to go and wack off now that im so horney.

TITLE: Anthony

I am cut. about 6inches when erect and 4inches when head is about the same diamiter as the shaft. My penis is a light tan colour and curves slightly to the left when erect. I would like a little more foreskin but still have more than most cut guys. I am comfortable with my size but wish I wasnt so hard when erect.

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Straight and only slightly curved up and the head is slighlty larger than the shaft. Texture is smooth skin and lumpy veins along the sides. Light colored tan shaft with blue veins and when aroused the head becomes very deep red. Bends a little to the right. I love the way it looks and would not change it. My wife gets very turned on at the sight of it and loves to carress and lick it.

TITLE: Rusty

First, I'm not a show-er; I'm a grower. When hard, I notice that I have some serious veins that are purple & raised just below the surface. As an average white male, my penis matches my skin tone - as a redish-blonde freckled guy. My pubic hair is more redish-brown. I have a slight bend to the left which isn't an issue, during sex or when masterbating; what is unique, is a small freckle just at the base of my shaft. If I could change anything it might be size. When flacid, 4.5" inches isn't very "awe inspiring" when walking to or from the shower at the gym. I wouldn't mind having another 2.5"; only because it would make me feel more confident when having sex and even more so when masterbating. My wife thinks my penis is just fine, but she's a bit on the petite side - all over. When erect, I feel I have the right "Tool for the job" - almost 8" in length, and my width increases to almost double! I have small bumps on my sack which, when I was younger a couple of kids took notice of and called me "pimple prick". Still have those same bumps, but they don't bother me or my partner.

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TITLE: john m

my penis when flaccid is very small, about one inch maximum, and unlike some does not achieve a huge leap to the average size when erect, although it does get big enough for satisfactory intercourse. it is also easier for oral sex and its full length can be comfortably taken inside the mouth without any risk of jaw ache - so one bonus there! most of my girl/women partners have managed to achieve orgasm, although I suspect most would prefer a bigger penis with which to be penetrated. my penis does not bend at all, and it is pale in colour. I shave my pubic hairs to give a slightly larger appearance. no-one has ever rejected my penis because of its size, either male or female ( I am bisexual) but I suspect that some partners do not contact me for a repeat because they were not totally satisfied with the size. I have only once had it been made fun of, in a non sexual situation by another male, and if I could change it I would for something bigger. maybe six or seven inches but no larger. I just feel my partners would get more from it, and I would achieve more satisfaction from the feeling that they were enjoying it more than they might with a penis my own size.

TITLE: moi

my penis is pretty normal. It measures in at around six inches erect, but then again I'm a grower... My skin tone is a light olive, so my penis is a little darker. In any case, I hang to the left, which is interesting because I am left handed. My left ball also hangs lower. I have thought about increasing my size, especially when I was younger, but I have to say at this point in time I would not change anything. It's fun to play with, and I'm extremely sensitive, so... I have never been rejected by a lover because of of my size, but everyone seems captivated when I cum- I tend to erupt. That seems to turn my lovers on. One ex was the master at giving me multiple orgams, and I am still amazed at the amount of cum I produced.

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