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TITLE: Bobby53

My penis is light brown, It hangs down until it become hard. It then sticks straight out. When I was little the older boys made fun of my penis because it was much smaller than theirs. I would watch the other boys shower and admire their penis. My grandfather came to visit one day and I was home alone. I was still in bed when he came into the house. he came to my bedroom and came to the bed and gave me a kiss. His hands went down under the covers and began to rub my penis. He asked if he could see it and I told him it was too little. He proceeded to pull the covers back and take of my underwear. He said it was a nice penis and kissed it and then began to suck it. He asked if I wanted to see his penis and I said yes. He unzipped his pants and continued to pull his penis out. He asked if I would kiss it like he did mine. I kissed his penis and then he stuck into my mouth and I sucked it. I knew I should not be involved in this but I liked it. At the age of 72 I think of that day.

TITLE: grizzly

My wife thinks I'm too big...I think differently. My meatus--head--is tapered being thinner than the shaft. The penis has a slight lop-sided bend.

TITLE: chuck

I love my penis it comes everywhere with me!! But honestly, its just about teh right size, but the problem I get is I ALWAYS get boners!?! I cant stop them, just walking round the shops I get boners, im in my teens so I guess its normal.. but its really starting to piss me off. Also my penis is soft and smooth when flacid, the head is HUGE and hard while erected, it goes red like its sore when its wanked. it tilts to the left when hard,and just curls up when its flacid.

TITLE: Wewbud

The shape of my penise is average both in shape and color, it bends slightly to the right, sideways, other than that not much to shout about. If I could change anything I like a lot of male wish it were bigger, at least longer. Since I have lead a rather sheltered life because of illness I was never subject to ridicule but then I have never married so no one has rejected me because of it.

TITLE: kay xavier

it is black because iam, it straight slightly to the left, downwards, it has a mole on the head. Yes I would change it if I could. Why? because iam not satify with the size and girth. Anyone has not rejected me. I was complimented about it

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TITLE: was

I'm very comfortable with the size of my penis.When soft It would be around 5 inches,thick and good to look at.When erect it would be 7 1/2 to 8 inches long with a slight curve toward my belly button. I am circumsized. My penis is almost one colour (coffee)with my knob a slight purplish shade to it.I wouldn't change it at all. My wife loves every little detail of it and can't get enough of it. She loves laying on the bed just looking and playing with it, soft or hard. One negative to having a good-sized penis is that when it comes to getting sucked, only a few inches gets in the mouth. It would be pretty hard to deep throat me, but trying to is fun enough.

TITLE: Chill

My penis is very well proportioned. It is thicker at the base than at the head. I like the look of my penis and I have been complimented on its looks n the past. It bends straight up when erect and sits bending slightly outwards when limp. If I could change it I would like maybe 2 extra inches but quite a lot thicker. I did have an ex-girlfriend in the past describe it as "Quite wee" so I do have quite a bit of an inferiority complex about my penis size. I know I am in the upper end of average but it just doesnt feel like it is. I do actually get quite a lot of compliments from people about its size and my current girlfriend does quite a lot of reassuring me that it is as big as it needs to be, I just cant seem to get this into my head!!


I think my PENIS is nearly perfect. It's 7 1/4 inches long and 4 1/2 inches in diameter. It's straight as an arrow. I love the glans. It's shaped like a firemans hat and just loves to be stroked with a good lubricant. I think it's neat to look at and a whole lot of fun to play with. I love to play with it for about an hour then rub some lubricant on and just stroke the head. I can come very intensly that way and at age 60 + I can still shoot a pretty good load. The veins on my pecker don't stick out far at all and it's a real pretty pink/white. When really excited it throbs to the point where you can see it move. Would I change things? Yes ! I'd like to have another inch in length and two inches in diameter. I do wish my wife was more excited about my penis. She will fondle and play, but she never really gets into it. I'd like her to drive me half as crazy as I drive myself after a long session of play.

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TITLE: NightRider

I am not happy at all with the shape and size of my penis. Its a bit bent down. My penis is 2.5 inches in flaccid state and around 5 inches when erect. If I had to change anything I would like a straight penis and increase the length of it by at least 1 inch. I have been made fun of and today I really find it hard to go out of someone because I fear that it will happen again. I have never been reassured by a partner. I also find it hard to show in dressing rooms because I wouldn't like to be made fun of.


I've been told I have almost the perfect penis. not to big or small. I am circumsied and cut very close no loose skin. I love to look at my penis when I masturbate it turns me on more

TITLE: bob

My penis is very nice. It is smooth and is a tan color. it bends to the right and sticks straight up when having a boner. I Would like my penis to be bigger. I have dark thivk pubic hair and mastubrate frequently.

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My penis curves slightly upward when erect and is very thick. I have a large head and a good set of balls. I have some hair on my penis not as much as some others I have seen though. I don't beleive I would change anything about it other than I would like it to hang a little longer when limp so that it shows up more.

TITLE: Paddyoc

When fully erect, my intact penis is very slightly curved upwards with the glans peeping out of the forskin. The outer skin of the shaft and scrotum are darker than the rest of my body; this may be due to my spending most of the time working or relaxing nude in a secluded Spanish garden with my penis very slightly erect. Although now entirely heterosexual, I did have a few homo experiences in senior school and then in the military. This was probably because, in both cases, I was somewhat younger than my colleagues and in an almost completely male environment. When in my early teens, being the youngestin my class at school, I got the impression that my penis was small. However, when I went into the Navy, it became obvious that my penis, erect and flaccid, was about average. I was also encouraged when all my girl friends seemed quite happy with my penis, including a couple whose vaginas had been stretched by childbirth. On the only occasion when I deflowered a virgin, I realised that the girl was spared the agony of defloration by my foreskin protecting her vagina and so reducing the friction as the glans and shaft entered her. Of course, a generous pre-cum flow from both of us also made a potential agony into a wonderful experience for us both. Altogether, I'm quite satisfied with the sex equipment provided by my parents.

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