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TITLE: hammy

my penis is kind of twisted a lil bit, and only one of my muts is dropped, it's rock hard, but it's kinda floppy at the head is HUGE, but i'm still shy when it comes to showing my penis. Not many ppl have seen it, but I have been complimented on how huge the head of it is and how stimulating it is for a woman!

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TITLE: Muscles

When erect, my penis points slightly upward and curves forward slightly. The bottom of the penis where it meets the scrotum is a bit large, not straight but curves into the scrotum making it look fatter than the rest of the penis. I'm also not as hairy as most guys. A few girlfriends like the the curve and how it feels (so they say) because it goes in at an upward angle and then the natural curve of it is downward. Have always received nice compliments on nude beaches and resorts. Fell asleep once on a nude beach and had the typical sleeping erection (found out after I woke up) but the ladies were very complimentary.

TITLE: stubby

My penis is 3.75 inches maybe 4 on a good day. It tapers down toward the head. my head is very small. i've had a women start laughing at me when I took my pants off. she told me point blank there was no way that little thing was going in her. I have had some women that didn't make fun of me but none stay with me that long.

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TITLE: Pholescot

My penis is a hypospadias with the classic hooded foreskin. The peehole ( biggish pinhole size) is in the frenulum and there is a second smaller - even smaller! - hole about an eighth of an inch back from it (towards my balls)which only functions if I have a very full bladder: it doesn't do anything whewn I cum. There is a big-ish phallic groove,slightly lower than normal in the glans with a "blind" dimple in it which looks like a normal peehole . I can't remember a time when I didn't masturbate and my first cum was at age 10 yrs. 2 mths., by which time my penis was almost 5 ins. long when hard.This size proved useful in locker-room situations, especially as it has always been quite a bit bigger than average when soft (currently 4.75 ins)since size was noticed and commenmted on long before anything unusal about the shape was noticed. I've been lucky in that my hypo has caused me no problems: I can pee with reasonable accuracy,probably little worse than any other uncut male. Sex has never caused problems and my hypo has been a source of interest (and resultant sex) rather than a drawback. I'm the father of three, so all is working properly. The only time there is a bend in my penis is when the foreskin is pulled back to the root when the frenum pulls the glans downward. He's dark in colour and, if not shaved, hair will grow all the way on to the foreskin to about 1/2 an inch past where the the corona shows under it. The only minor changes I would quite like would be to be able to have a pee without having to hold my penis (I could give him more show that way) and to be able to pull my foreskin back behind the glans and have it stay there till I replaced it. Otherwise I'm the proud possessor of a slightly unusual fully functioning penis and happy to be so!

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My penis is exactly 6 3/4" in length and 5 1/2 " around or the girth, which is more important to a woman than the length. It is straight,no curves and sticks lightly upwards when fully erect. I've had many women tell me how good it felt because of its thickness and the length was just enough that it didn't punch their cervix to death. lol If I could change anything about it I would make it slightly longer, to about 7 1/2". Bob


My penis is shaped like a missle.....the shaft is very soft with a thick mushroom shaped head. When erect it sticks straight out. My penis is at the 6 inch mark and I am very happy with my size. I had only one girl make a remark on the size, but most men and women liked it very much. I am a bisexual man who has seen many different size penises, I enjoy oral with all sizes as well. Penis size isn't as important as much as how well you use it.

TITLE: Anonymous

My penis is fairly straight (?) with a slight upward curve. I am very pleased with the pleasure it has brought me, but if I could change anything I would desire some extra length. I enjoy video taping myself while masturbating (buttplug inserted) and I think its pretty hot, but the extra length would add a slight pornish quality that I get off on. Am I alone?? I am a definite heterosexual guy, but I just find the idea of giving and receiving a blow-job from another guy extremely erotic. And, getting my ass reamed with either a strap-on or a real penis is a fantasy beyond compare.

TITLE: hardon

my penis is long straight and hard most of the time. The first time I got an erection, my brothers friend came into my bedroom in the middle of the night lifted the covers and started stroking then sucking on my then 3 inch penis. I never felt anything so great! He used to come over and spend the night and everytime he would end up in my room sucking on my penis. So I am sure that is why I have such a large penis today, because I would just lay there and let him suck on it for hours. I was too young yet to shoot my cum, but that came later and he gladly would suck it off. My penis is very veiny and uncut with a very bright red heaad when the skin is pulled all the way back. Everyone that has ever sucked my penis has commented on what a great penis it is. I guess it pays to get your penis sucked often at least mine is larger, harder and throbbing every time I start jacking on it. And the loads I shoot are very strong and juicy, they usually land on my chest and stomach. I jack off at least once or twice a day.

TITLE: robbie

I love my penis, and so does every girl that has ever had it. I just dont understand how some girls that have ive been with have had huge peniss and still loved mine...size isnt an issue ppl, think of what the girl wants/needs and give it to her. Its a very good size and actually very beautiful, no blemishes, hair doesnt get too long and it gets rock hard. I would obviously make it bigger if I could, but I cant nor do I need to.

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TITLE: Jimmy

Mine is quite small, narrow, fair-skinned, short overhang on nonretractable foreskin. I love the feeling of the head moving against inside of the skin. I keep smooth always. -- At school the only time we had to change was after swimming. Everyone covered up with towels, but a few times kids tried to pull someone's towel off. I felt very shy about my penis and was terrified it might happen to me. When I was about 15, some kids grabbed me and pulled off my towel, and "discovered" my small penis (I developed very late). They made big fun of me, and afterwards often referred to my small undeveloped penis.-- I thought my penis was "different". I'd only ever seen a couple of penises when kids were peeing and didn't realize I could see. They were half retracted, something I couldn't do, and I thought that was "normal" until one day in the lockerroom a kid my age didn't know anyone was there, and stripped right off. His undeveloped penis was just like mine, and even though he immediately got a boner when he saw me his skin didn't pull back. I really wanted to show him mine, but wasn't game. I got a big boner and when I touched my penis under my towel I had a wonderful orgasm.-- I'm too shy to let anyone see my penis, only ever had anyone feel it under bedclothes.-- My best friend begged me to show him my penis. Eventually I agreed, if he showed me his first. It was quite a bit bigger with a little bit of hair (we were both around 15), and it was very hard for me to keep the bargain. That and the time at the pool were the only times anyone saw my penis.-- Despite all that, I'd never change it. A couple of times partners have been seriously put off because the skin can't retract, other times they pretended not to notice. I think uncut penises with knob all exposed are gross, and cut penises just obscene.

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Fairly straight, prominent mushroom head, uncircumcised, mottled (pigment variation). Longer would be nice, but it pleases me and my wife (or at least she says so). Used to be complemented as a lover when single, wife still likes my variations and attentiveness. The secret (in my mind) is to be the other person, observe what they do to you (unbidden) and it's probably what they like done to them.



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