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TITLE: Miles

I have a long (8 inches) and thick (6 inches) chopper with a curvature like a banana when fully erect. It is an uncircumcised beauty with a short foreskin and a smooth, almost brown texture. Women drool over it and I have even had a few guys give it a long, hard look in the changing rooms at the squash club. I also like looking at big penises, but only for comparative purposes as my chopper is reserved for hairy pussies only. I am proud of my appendage and like people to look at it.


I dont consider my penis to be that big, although I have just come out of puberty I find the thickness too small and not proportional to the length. even though my girl friend says its the best she has tasted I still think its too small but I will never have anything done to improve it. the head of my dick sort of bends to the left and im nearly always erect. I have a tiny scar just behind the head where I wasmasturbating without lubricant and started to bleed.

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One question that could be asked in the penis survey is how do you stroke your penis? Is it more with a downward push or more with an upward pull? Myself, over the years, I've reverted to doing much more of a pull as in milking it. This of course is assuming that the masterbation/milking is done by hand at all.No mention has been made of"grinding". Grinding is a technique where in my case I place a pillow under my penis and rock my hips up and down as my penis goes in and out of a little trough that it has depressed in the pilow.This is valuable because it involves the humping that would be happening in a vagina.And it works well with mental images of the vaginal lips sliding up and down the penis. When I do this,I am careful to have the head of my penis near the upper end of the pilow so when the moment comes,I won't get a millky mess all over the pillow. When it's ready to give it's milk,I slide upward a bit so the head protrudes free of the pillow and a small cup can be placed under it to carefully catch all of the milk,which I value very much. If I do use my hand,it begins with an equal upward and dowmward motion. Then very soon the emphasis shifts to an upward (pulling toward the head) motion. In doing this, I have noted that I usually pull the skin upward just until it rolls over the rim of the head, and then reverse and go downward but not enough to cause the penis to take on that "straining for the vagina look".I think you know what that look is. Even though I am circumcized, there is enough flexability in the skin to allow it to slide up and down about three inches. I choose between the two milking methods based on how horney I am and if there is some kind of visual stimulation before me. Hand milking is best when horneyness is high. Grinding is best in the morning when I'm half asleep but my penis is super eager to milk. I am glad to know of and use each method. Sometimes a new method can make for a more intense session that can include a harder errection, more precum, and stronger ejaculation. I never get enough of any of these.

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TITLE: rere

My penis is tan and average penis shape. It bends up and I can make it move I wouldn't change anything thing I have never been rejected because of my penis I have been complimented from it

TITLE: lucas

My penis is straight with no bend to it. I have two foreskin bridges on the front and back of my head. They are two peices of skin left over from my circumcision. I have always wanted to get them removed but did not want to bring it up with anyone. I am adequate at 6" and have no complaints. People have said that any bigger would be too much. I have always wished for 1 to 2 more inches but what can you do.

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TITLE: colorado

My penis is very very smooth, tan. I am on the slopes alot. It bends upwards. I dont think I would ever change it maybe the shaft size, a bit bigger. I have never been made fun of. but I have been complimented quite a few times. lets just say people are jeolous

TITLE: Jack06

Very tanned. Very big head in proportion to the rest of my penis. Girls Have often told me that they enjoy sucking on it! When limp, I hang to the right. When hard there is a slight up bend in my shaft. Like a rock when hard. I have diffuculty getting in most women at the start as my head is so big. I love my penis, however I would like another inch and a half maybe

TITLE: nylonjockey

My circumcised penis curves up slightly, and to the left slightly. At full, firm, hot erection the head is reddish purple, at slightly lower excitement levels the colour is not much different than the rest of my body. I'd love to be 20 cm in length, have never been rejected by a partner, and have been complimented by partners on its size and rigidity. As a pre-teen I "bloomed" early (age 11-12) and comments were made in locker room at school about its size - I reacted with pride to the envy the commentators expressed.

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Mine sticks straight out. The mushroom is smooth nicely taperd and very sensitive. I have a vien on the underside of my penis and several women have been very turned on by this. I wish my penis were larger. Women seem to like the fact that my penis is very sensitive and at the same time I can hold back a long time before cumming. When I cum it feels great and ther is a lot of it which women also like.

TITLE: nic03

My Penis has a rather large head. I am cut with a distinct ridge just were the shaft meets the head. This is about the widest point then as you go down it slims down some only to get wider again as it gets close to the base. The change in girth is subtle. At the base there is some hair that descend down to the scrotum and around. It tends to when errect lean to the left but almost parrell with the ground.I would not so much want to change it. I have never been rejected or felt bad about it. I have gotten compliments especially by my current girlfried who is doctor and said:"Believe me sweetie you are bit and you have nothing to be a shame of." She works in the miltary so she has done a lot of male examines.

TITLE: cris

My dick is even in shape, in width,,its brown and smooth. its really straight, and doesnt bend anywhere, its uncut,,,but relatively short foreskin,,,when flaccid it only covers part of my head,,still exposing the peeslit,,and when erect its pull back entirely, like cut penis too.

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TITLE: markpoos

My penis is quite thick and has a thick head at the end. it feels quite rough which im told is quite good for girls. im quite a tubby lad so my penis is quite fat and thick.


-My penis is tanned, the texture is smooth, it's peach? -My penis is perfectly Symmetrical. -No, I'm already huge. Changing it would just be risky. -No, most girls ask for me just becuase of it. -I've been all those things..the guys make fun of me cuz they are jealous, the girls love it cuz I tear them apart, and my partners love it.

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