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TITLE: NiceTaste

My penis has served me well over the years. It's not huge, but it has provided me with exquisite sensation. It's upward tilting, pinkish mostly, and smooth. No real heavy veins. I've been told it's just the right size for an average mouth. I like that, since that's my second favorite form of sex. If I were to change anything about it, perhaps an additional inch in length, but not more than that. I wouldn't want to risk any change in sensation. No one that I can think of has ever rejected me because of my penis. Now, I have been rejected a few times, but long before the other person got a look at my genitals. Since I have never really been ashamed or bothered by my penis, I haven't given off any signal that someone should pay any kind of compliment or offer reassurance. I have used it well, and it has done me proud. Now that I am a bit older, I no longer go in search of clandestined sex. My partner has been dead for a few years. My sex life consists now of machinery. I love vibrators and certain kinds of other body massagers that I find in such places as Sharper Image and the Discovery Channel stores. I can get very creative with machinery. And no fear of rejection, pregnancy or disease.

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TITLE: Danny

I have really big penis and the funny thing is that i'm only 15 yrs old. My penis is pretty thick and it curnes to the let alittle and it diesnt curve up cuz its so hevy. My dick aint really dark but it aint light eather. When a girl has sex with me or ives me a hend or blow job they ALWAYS leave suprized and with a big smile on their face. Some times I hurt girls with my penis when we have sex bit it feels so damn good for me so who gies a shit.

TITLE: uncuthorny

- Larger at the base and midlevel (5.5 - 6.0 inches) smaller at head level (4.5 - 5.0 inches), uncut - Bends to the left a bit - Would like a bigger one, my little fetish - No one has ever rejected my penis - My partner and past partners have told me that I have a big dick... but I still would like it to be bigger... go figure

TITLE: Bobby

It's has a slightly darker shade than my skin, some really big veins, it curves up when erect, I don't think I'd change it, maybe a little thicker, I've been complemented many times.


Very thick, comments it was large, a couple found it uncomfortable, some wished it longer as it's thickness makes it seem shorter, it works well cumming twice a day average. Bends left, wouldn't change it except maybe an inch longer.

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TITLE: jerry

My penis is uncircumcised and is about 3 inches long flacid. I don't think i've actually grown to my full length/girth etc. yet as im not into my 20's (thats when I have been told you can stop waiting for growth spurts). it's unique in a lot of ways I guess, a little brown freckle/birthmark at the base, and a little freckle trail up the back. it's perfectly straight when erect (doesn'y tilt to the sides)and the head is perfectly shaped. i've never actually had sex with anyone nor has anyone seen mine up close in the past several years, so im not sure how i'd fare these days. If I got a chance to change something about my penis it would be to get rid of these little bumps on my head-base (they're not a disease dont worry, ive had them since I was born) and maybe add an inch to it when its flacid as well as a couple inches when its hard. Other than that I am quite content with it and I gues i'll see if others are too!


Normal circumcised with a pink head and pink and tan shaft. My penis bends to the left when erect. When not erect it just hangs down. I would like a little more length, but then there is still plenty to hold in my hand for self loving when my wife isn't in the mood. Diameter is fine. Have never been rejected just complemented how big it gets when erect. My brother when I was a kid would tease me about being short,he would call me stumpy, but then maybe he was just jealous. Pubic hair is black and I keep the balls shaved. I like the feel of smooth balls. I also keep a portion of the pubic hair shaved near the shaft so the penis ring doesn't pull on the hair when I have it on. Have shaved all off at times and enjoy the feel of it all off.

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TITLE: Justin Palmer

Pretty small.. Sometimes I cry in the middle of sex because I am so sad about how I just cant please a woman. I have never made a woman orgasm and I am afraid there is nothing I can do about it. I have been selected for an penis augmentation experiment. I hope it helps! It has a rough scaly texture kinda like an alligators tail. Woman often laugh at me and are scared when I get it out. Even my mom makes fun of me. I have nothing to live for and I stare at these pictures all day long because these penis's are so beautiful and I wish mine were as amazing!

TITLE: Baduchi

My penis is straight but when it's erect it bends to the right...the color is a light brown, the head is pink as so is the skin right under the head. It has a ring around my dick about an inch under my head. No I like my penis the way it is. No i've been complimented by friends....

TITLE: jay

my penis curves slightly to the left and is bulging with veins , I am circumcised and I like to make the head throb when i'm inside her .my penis is of average length and i'm pretty thick and I am happy with what the lord gave me and I have never had any complaints, my color is slightly tan and I keep everything neat and trimmed, I personally think that i'm packin a masterpiece between my legs.

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TITLE: skeme

My penis is dark brown, goes from thin to thicker. It bends slightly up, and if I could change it , I would just make it thicker. The head of it is big and pink.

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