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TITLE: Anonymous

My penis is straight as as arrow, and curves upwards when erect. When a teenager, my erect penis would touch the skin of my stomach. I was proud of that, as many guys couldn't even get it to stand straigt out. I wish I was never circumcised, but my wife likes it better - says that it looks neater. If I could change it, I would like to be uncut and wider. No one has ever rejected it. When flacid in the highschool showers, I was complemented a number of times about being well hung. I thought I was just average.

TITLE: ShortGuy49

My penis is normal colored for a white guy, the texture is nice and smooth as I keep it hair free, and it's shaped round with a proportional head. I'm circumsized so the head is just a little darker than the shaft. I bends ever so slightly upward. I would change it to be just a little longer. My wife says it's adequate, but I know from using toys during lovemaking, that she would enjoy a bit more. I've never been rejected, or made fun of. My wife always reasures me of it's ability to please her.

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TITLE: pudster masturbating

When for a short time I was broadcasting my penis live on the internet, I got a zillion comments, many of which said my penis was perfect. I never thought of it that way. But, as a bisexual man, I have been told by the men I have been with -- to my initial surprise --that I've got a "great penis." Great? Circumcized, curved to the left, protruding out of a fairly thin crop of pubes, which have also received fine comments. Never thought they were anything special, either. "Do you trim them that way?" No, that's just how God made them for me. As with most men, my penis has a mind of its own. It hardens with the sight or touch of a woman or a man. When on a nude beach, it has hardened in response to the beauty of the landscape around me and the gentle touch of the warm summer breeze. My penis yearns for and breathes connection. My penis sometimes get herpes sores. I got the disease from a woman friend I met while traveling in Spain. A life-long and truly unwanted souveneir. It intrudes into my life, especially under times of stress. The appearance of the blister always brings a groan from my wife, "Oh, not again." Be careful. I was not a promiscuous man and I got it. Use protection. My penis sometimes still gets hard while riding on a bus, a blow back to the hairy times of adolescence -- when I would rub on what felt good -- including the vibrating washing machine in our basement. My penis. Your penis. Wonders of nature. Flaccid or erect. Paired with balls that turn and move by themselves -- something my wife watches like a lava lamp. She calls it the scrotal crawl. My penis. Your penis. Bundle of nerves, gives ecstasy and but when left to think for itself, can also ruin lives. Love your penis, even if it's small. It's the only one you got.


Well, I am proud of it. Girls like it. it is 25 cm long and 5 cm in width with a big mushrom head. It is bent downwards slightly. It is soft, hazel in color and circumsized, not much of a foreskin is left. Some women have difficluty in getting it up their pussy and most dificult in theri ass. Some times I wish it is a bitter thinner so they will take it up their ass. No girl made fun of it or rejected having sex yet, but up the ass yes, most of them if not all.

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TITLE: phillipe

I have a cut penis that seems to bend upwards.It is white and very smooth to the touch.My penis head is quite large and women say they enjoy the feel of it.I wouldnt change it because I believe what you get is what you got. I was rejected once because my penis was to big for their comforts.In high school I was made fun of because I kept getting erections in the locker room. But now many women sayy it feels great.

TITLE: William

My penis is very large as far as I can see from other guys. I have had one guy go down on me and he almost gagged on the size of it and of the amount of my cum. What both guys andgals like is the size the roundness of my knob. I wish I could show it to you. My cum is very thick and creamy. What I really like to do is cum inside my lover's cunt then pull out and lick up the big gob oozing out of her lips an take it on my tongue into hrt mouth. Have you ever done that?

Straight Videos for Men
Free samples of straight sex and masturbation videos. All Straight!

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Tons of samples of gay sex and masturbation video. All Gay!

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TITLE: Willowing

My dick doesn't bend and angles up when hard. It is the same width from base to tip. It is 6.5 inches long when hard. Compared to many others it is not real thick, but very really hard when erect. If it were a little thicker it would be really admired. Most guys that I have seen are smaller than me, but there are certainly bigger guys than me. I had a guy beg to see me hard, but I was too embarrassed.


My dick is cut, it goes straight with plenty of vains on it, it is medium as far as texture and its a light brown color. It doesn't bend it's actually straight even though people say there are very few people with a perfectly straight dick, i'm one of them who has one. If I could change it I would, in fact I would change the length because 6in erected is average and I don't want to be average. No one has rejected me for it because i've never had sex, i'm a virgin and proud of it. i've never been made fun of, or complimented because of it, i'm actually the conservative type.

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TITLE: James

My penis is fairly straight, curves a bit up. My partners have always found his thickness satisfying. I cumm very fully and they like to feel its warm spurting - especially when we fuck doggie style, because the top of my knob presses against her G spot on the lower surface of the upper part of her cunt when we are in that position.



TITLE: Whowantstoplaymypenis

My penis is big! Too big! Every one of my male friends had seen it. They said they love it. They like to PLAY with it. They always persuade me to show my penis. Well, I have no choice sooooooo, I showed it. I even let them touch it. It's not so white. Everyone will like to see or PLAY with it because of it smooth,siky textures. It does not bend. I want it a little smaller cause people always stare them. Especially girls. Then they will make fun of it. Then, behind their friends, they'll say let's have sex. What's up with that!!! One time, after gym, I went to take a shower. Not long, some boys came and undrressed me. I was naked!!!! Then some other boys came and PLAY with my penis until it ejaculates!!! A LOT!!!!!


I think my penis is quite big. I've shown it to most of my friends. I also let them touch it. Sometimes, it even ejaculates when my friends are touching it. It is smooth like you are touching silk. About the colour, it's just a little bit brownish. It does not bend. I tink I want it a little smaller and shorter when I got erection cause the girls always watch it. No, never. Some girls even want tohave sex with me but I refused. No,no and NO.

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TITLE: Hitman

My Penis is slightly bent to the right. I have a dark pink head and a lighter shaft. I would like it to be a bit bigger, but wouldn't we all! Still a virgin so no rejections. I don't know how my Penis compares as I have never seen another one. I know a lot of people exagerate about size so it is very hard to know where I stand. I am just over 6 inches.

TITLE: Jeremy

Smaller than average, thin, white no color but with few visable reddish veins. About 3.25 inches with full boner. Boner always points straight up. Real hard when erect. Curves slightly up no bend to sides. Tapered a little larger at base thinner at head. Head not wider then shaft, narrow head. Would like to have a dick at least 4 or 4.5 inches (more average, I don't want to wish for too much or not appreciate what I have.) Couple of guys I beat off with laugh at my dick size but get jealous cause it is easy for them to suck it all the way down.

TITLE: james

My penis when hard is long and thick and straight - huge in fact. When soft it's pretty heavy too - even in jeans you can clearly see it and I have to be careful how I arrange myself cos my balls are big too. Usually balls to the right, penis to the left, unless I feel horny and want to show off my penis, when I push it to the right too. I love lying in bed just holding it. A man's best friend indeed. In cycle shorts it's on display like in a shop window, especially if I catch people ogling it and get a bit turgid. I have some photos a friend took of me out cycling and you can see every vein and the shape of my head and foreskin. I love it and I've never seen a guy with a better one so I'm a satisfied chap.

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