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Our short videos explain everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about prostate simulation and male g-spot orgasms.

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My penis is a nice straight one soft or hard. It cut with no scarring around the head. The shaft is a nice peach color and the head is a little darker. When it's hard it stretches the skin tight with generally no give. If I could change it, I'd make it longer by 1/2 inch or so. I cum very fast usually, which is another thing I'd change. I'm usually a dribbler, although laying down, I have shot up to my nipples. And it's usually quite creamy. My balls are usually tight to my skin. Unless it's really hot, which then they slight loosen up. Hair is normally thick and deep brown, but groin area is all shaved regularly.

TITLE: joe

My penis is circumsized and slightly curves to the left. The head and top half of the shaft is pink, the bottom part of the shaft is brown. No girls have said my penis is small, though I think I would like it to be a couple of inches bigger. My balls are typically tight to my body unless I have not come for a week. Then they hang low. When I was younger (14-30), the head was very sensitive. So much so that I typically did not rub the head. I would stroke the underside with my finger. Now that I'm over 40, I enjoy rubbing the head. However, I am unable to rub the head right when I start to come. If I would change anything, I would like to be able to rub the head while I am coming.


My penis is average but has a very nice large head is been said by many women and guys. I have large balls and that makes my look penis look smaller. The texture is smoth and very straight. If any thing I would want about another 2 inches. No one has ever made fun, and usually say it it a very looking penis. Sometime I really shoot and sometimes dribble, usually very white and thick unless its about the second or third time then it looks watery

TITLE: Shaved Balls

My penis is a golden colour with a full and loose forskin which rolls easily back over a flared mushroom shaped helmet. It has thick veins which stand out dark when it is fully hard. It stands up straight. It has a lot of hairs around the base and up the shaft my balls are very hairy but I keep them shaved along with the shaft. It has never been rejected. I am a heavy shooter and my semen is usually thick and white> If I have not cum for a while it is heavier but thinner in consistency. I usually shoot but not far. Now and again I really shoot thick and far and have cum in my own mouth and face. I like the taste of my semen and precum. If I am having a quick jerk the cum flows and runs onto my balls.

TITLE: chris

my penis is thick and kind of short and brown. it bends to the right. If I could change anything I would make it longer because i'm ashamed of it. I've never been rejected because of my penis. I've been told it was big, but mainly because its so thick. My ejaculations are very shocking to most women. During ejacultaion, my penis shoots and usually about four good times. I slept with a woman that drank it. I filled three of her shot glasses with one ejaculation.

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