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-Submitted March 26, 2006
The Seeker

I have a huge cock, with a 6 inch lenght when soft, and a 8 inch length when hard. It is a slighly darker peach than the rest of my body, and has a slight curve to the left. I have never been rejected. At first, when I ejaculate, it dribbles, then it squirts, and then it varies. It's nickname is Seeker becase as soon as it spies a hole it goes for it. It is uncircumsised, and I wouldn't change it for the world. Everyone it touches ejoys it.I have always gotten the best compliments.

-Submitted March 26, 2006

My penis is dark brown and uncircumsized. I've been told it is quite big. It sticks straight out when erect and there are no curves or bends in it.

-Submitted March 26, 2006

My penis is about 15 cm long and has a bend to the left. I cant use normal condoms because my dick is to think and if I try to put normal ones on it pulls back the for-skin (im uncut).

When I jerk off I get pre cum near the head of my dick and when I cum its got a yellowish colour.

-Submitted March 26, 2006

My penis curves to the left a little, especially when hard. I used to think it was weird until I saw other naked guys at the Y. When I ejauclate, my semen shoots out hard in small spirts. It is mostly white and looks like Ivory Liquid dish soap.

-Submitted March 26, 2006

My cock is quite thic and long and feels great when it is hard. It is veiny uncut and the way it feels in my and my girlfriends hand and mouth is great. It cums bucket loads all the time about 7 roaps.

-Submitted March 26, 2006
PA Dude

brown, smooth, lots of veins, bends right and curves up. I would want it longer, maybe 8 inches. my ejaculation can be anything from a dibble to over my shoulder depending on how aroused I am. my cum is white and sometimes is clear depending on how much I have jerked off that day.

-Submitted March 25, 2006

My penis is pink, straight, and thick. My wife loves it although we couldn't have sex for the first month we were married because it was too thick. It's not very long though, just over 5 1/2. I wish it was 10, although it would ruin my sex life with my wife. There's just something in every guy I think that wants to be huge. I've hit my wife's cervix before even with mine, but I think I'll always want a longer one. Either way she calls it Mo. I've never been made fun of for it. My ejaculation is white and kind of thick. Sometimes it shoots, sometimes it drools, depends on how often its recently been shot off.

-Submitted March 25, 2006

My penis is circumcised and appears very textbook in that there are no abnormalities. When erect, it is mostly straight with a very slight curve upward that is spread evenly across the length of the penis. When fully erect, my penis points upward at approximately 25-30 degress above parallel. The texture of my penis is very soft and smooth; and the skin is definitely thinner (and more sensitive) than on the rest of my body. The color of my penis is slightly darker (more tan) below the halo line than my natural skintone elsewhere on my body (I am Caucasian). The skin above the halo line is slightly more pink than my natural skintone. The proportions of my penis (including the head) are quite aesthetically pleasing. My ejacultaions vary depending on the amount of time that has passed between that one and the last one. The amount also varies on the degree of sexual arousal at the time of ejaculation. My semen is white and does not have a particularly strong aroma. I have received many compliments on my penis over the years, for example: your penis is really pretty is commonly heard. I would not change a's a great size and attractive...what more can you ask?

-Submitted March 25, 2006

my penis is strait,it is smooth,and somewhat bends to the is five inches soft and six erect.around it is five inches.i guess I would make it bigger if I could.i've thought of getting pills to help it grow one has ever rejected me because of my I have never given it a nickname.i have been told that I have a small penis when this girl grabbed it through my wasn't erect,though.the longer I masturbate the more I usually shoots out if I masturbate longer.

-Submitted March 25, 2006
Happy with what I've got

Mine is fairly long, smooth,uncircumcised, tapering slightly before the knob, with the result that the knob and the base of the stem are the same measurement, about six inches in circumference. From what I have seen, the main difference from other guys is that mine is quite long when limp, at 6 inches, but does not get much longer when erect, only about 8 inches. A few guys have been complimentary but no comment from the ladies (two) who have seen it both limp and erect. It still squirts a foot on a good day but usually only a few inches for the first couple and then a few dribbles. Clearish/white mixed semen. I suspect that the distance of the squirt has something to do with hydration, as well as time since the last event. If I am well hydrated (that is, not dried out from working hard and sweating/transpiring lots without enough to drink) the semen seems to be thinner and squirts a lot further.

You guys with shorter cocks need have no worries. The enthusiasm for longer cocks has more to do with ego than effectiveness. The end of my 8 inch cock just disappears somewhere into the distance, where it does no good, whereas the end of a short cock (so I told by my partner) makes better contact with her good parts and is more effective for both. I would happily give up a couple of inches to be 6 inches and large in diameter.

-Submitted March 25, 2006
Dingy Dong

My penis is average, with the glans being bigger around than the shaft. Hanging soft, it hangs straight down. Earlier, it stood straight out from my stomach when erect, and now, I can no longer get fully erect. I am as horny as hell! When I look at porn, I like to masturbate, but it ain't easy! If I could I would like to have rock hard erections again. Fellows, don't ever let anyone tell you that you can get to old to enjoy sex, any kind including blow jobs! I am uncut, and the foreskin is still long and full. To see what it would be like to be cut, I withdrew the skin and stretched the tissue under the glans that pulls the skin back over the glans until it stayed completely exposed.My penis is no longer as sensitive as it was so I am leaving the foreskin as it was originally. I forgot to tell you that I am 81 Years young!

-Submitted March 25, 2006

my penis has a normal shape. the color is light brown. my penis blends a little bit to the left. love to have my penis at least 6 inches. no im still a virgen. when I masturbate, it squirts a lot .

-Submitted March 25, 2006

My penis is circumsized, the texture is soft and smooth, the color at the base is a medium-tan the colors from circumsision and it is very round almost cylindrical. It bends to left usually but sometimes it bends to the right. No I wouldn't change it I love it's appearance I never seen one with such a good coloring and shape and it performs very well for me so there is nothing to change. Nobody rejected me because of my penis before.My penis has no nickname and never has that's kind-of odd. I have been complimented only, it was about shape and coloring as I said was nice. My ejaculation is normal I feel it about to come and then it dribbles out, not very much, and it is a thick bright creamy white.

-Submitted March 25, 2006

My penis in brown shifts to the left.I would like o change it to go straight and get it even larger.My ejaculation its good and feels good and it vary by shooting suirting drool.I masturbae more than 25 times a week.

-Submitted March 25, 2006

Black Long dick with a really fat head. My wife can't take it cause she's small in the vagina. It has a slight curve and it really thick when she does oral sex. She is the only woman I ever been with that made it get to it's full potential. We I cum it's always alot. My wife really turns me on. I would only change how small she is. But that's the main reson why I cum so much. Plus her oral sex is better than any adult film star. It took her about 2 weeks to get it but now it's like she mess my head up with the things she does. I love my wife.

-Submitted March 25, 2006

fully erect it has a swollen, purple head...very veiny along curves up and to the left....given compliments from women on looks and stimulating affect...ejaculate is forcfully shoot with a small squirts then ending in a drool..semen is always off white sometimes thick or watery consistancy

-Submitted March 25, 2006

it retracts into my body when soft when erect it is pretty strait and point up when I ejackulate it just oozes out with little sensation

-Submitted March 25, 2006

It is caucasion in color, it is smooth and has a slight bend to the left. It has a huge head when erect. I would like for it to be a little longer, about and inch and thicker. Never been rejected because of my penis size. My wife actually says it too long as it is, because I bottom out alot, whic hurts her. I think it is more so when it is flacid, I would like to see it hang and swing. No nick- name. I have been called huge by one woman, because it was severely erect and it seems all the blood that could get into was there. Ejacultion is white in color and dribbles out. Would rather have it shoot out. I've seen films where it streams out. My wife says it tastes good sometimes and not so good at other times, sometimes it has a bad odor and at other times not so bad odor. Amount depends on how long it's been since I last ejaculated.

-Submitted March 25, 2006

Supple. Darker than my natural skin color. It goes out straight and bends up and then back down again but not too sharply. If I could change it, I would make it a little longer and more girth. No one has rejected mine. I've been complimented several times. My ejaculation is normal I guess. It varies the way it ejaculates. It's just white.

-Submitted March 25, 2006
Paul 2

my penis is almost 6 long,and very thick,but what is out standing about it is the head of my penis is almost 8 around curves up and to the left.When erect the head is so smooth I have been told by some men and Lady's it feels like silk shaft is light brown,the glans turns purple,and when I come it gets deep purple might want the head of my penis to be a little smaller.Yes I have been rejected by some girls because they though the glans would steach their pussy's too much.There have been men that could not get it their mouth.Yes my wife calls it (big head).I come so much I have to wear a rubber or we use a rubber mat.It very between shoot and spray.It is the color of cream and same thickness

-Submitted March 25, 2006

I have an avearge sized penis which is cut. It has a skight upward curve and it curves neither to the left or to the right. The head is proportional to the shaft. I am just shy of 6 long and about 6.5-5.75 around. It is about 2.5 across widthwise. I have hair growing up about the first 1/4 of the shaft. Flaccis is pretty small looking.

-Submitted March 24, 2006

my penis is a light tan, pink in some areas. The glans (head) is more sensitive after orgasm. It sticks out straight, a very little curve upwards. My ejaculation is followed by about ten waves of pleasure, and it shoots about 8 ounces of white cum

-Submitted March 24, 2006

I have mine bending to the left. it is smooth and I shave only the shaft and my balls. I love to let my balls hang loose. If I could I would change it, I would change the fact that it bends to the left and make straight due to the fact it makes it look longer. I have never been critized by my past or current girlfriends. my ejaculation is white and sometimes it will shoot but for the most part it drools out. I wish I knew how to make it shoot all the time.

-Submitted March 24, 2006

My penis is average in size. Six and a half inches when erect. It doubles in length and girth from the flacid state to when it is erect. My foreskin is intack, but retracts back over the glans when I have an erection. The foreskin can slid up and over the glans when I masturbate and when I have intercourse. The glans swells and turns purplish when I have an erection. When it is erect it stands up against my belly. When I ejaculate one short spurt of semen shoots out and then a couple of short shots, than the rest oozes out the end in a stream. It bends slightly to the right when erect, because I put it to the right in my pants when flaccid. One partner always commented how good my penis felt when I would first enter her. Mt ejacluate is white and about a tablespoon full. More when I'm really aroused and haven't ejaculated in a while. After my partner sucks my penis and then jerks me off, I shoot quite a ways. If I'm really aroused and haven't had an ejaculation for a while, my partner says she can feel me ejaculate in her. She is petite and her vagina is tight. When I come, I shove my penis deep inside her and hold. She says she can feel my first shot hit her in the back of her vagina.

If I could change anything about my penis it would to have a little more girth. A nice fat glans is nice in a womens mouth, and maybe 1/2 in longer.

-Submitted March 24, 2006
Nice Head

According to my female friends they all say during our jacking off moments that I have a gorgeous dick. 7 inches in length straight up, pinky red in colour with a slightly darker head that doubles in size as I shoot my come some 3- 4 feet all over my friends tits and faces.

-Submitted March 24, 2006
little dick

It is very small but gets as hard as a rock and works very well. Just seems to be different than eveyone else... I feel cheated.

-Submitted March 23, 2006

Kind of ridgid, fair amount of veins, color is normal (almost like it has a tan), it bends up a little bit and my testicles are a fair size and heavy they don't cling to my body alot,one thing that I would like to change is the length, I would love to have about 2 or 2 1/2 more inches just so it wouldn't look so thick, I haven't had anybody reject me for size except for one partner didn't want to try anal sex because she said that I was too thick. My partner gave my member a nickname drooley because I leak ALOT of precum, I have never been made fun of by anybody especially any partners I have had, and my alot of my guy friends wish that they had my thickness, When I ejaculate it is very intense, when I am about to cum it feels like my head is going to pop I get that much pressure, and when I cum it can shoot about 3 or 4 feet across the room at times especially when I haven't ejaculated in a few days, I cum alot about 2 or 3 table spoons worth and it is thick, sticky and pure white 99% of the time.

-Submitted March 23, 2006

I am white and my penis is a coffee colored, and balls are much darker. I point straight up and have for years, slight bend to the right. I have been told I have the perfect penis, but as most men, I would like to be longer, but not thicker. Never named it or had anyone else name. I have never been rejected or made fun of either erect or soft. I have rather large balls which get bigger when excited, actually they can be a PAIN in the pants in summer. I jack every nite and cum alot,I like to start, stop, more cum, color really depends on diet and smoking, white pearly to somewhat lemon yellowish. Would like more pre-cum, but I hear some men don't have any at all, drips down the head and allows some urethal play. I come with about seven spurts some reaching my face and head board, the rest shoots on gut, when play head games with my penis the cum just pours from the slit. I cum about two tablespoons.I LOVE cock rings, but can't cum with them on.

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