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-Submitted March 30, 2006

My penis, when erect, is pinkish purple, curves up at about the half way point, has many very distingished veins as well as small soft spines around the base of the head. When I ejaculate it is several large shots of white. All of my lovers have assured me that my penis does a fantastic job of stimulating them. I have never been rejected due to my penis. I would never change my penis.

-Submitted March 30, 2006

my penus is white but goes red when erect - full of blood, and slightly brown near the base of the shaft. it bends slightly to the left, but only very slightly. i would not change it for the world! it does not go fully rock hard, though and so is very flexible - i dont know if this is good or bad...when i ejaculate it just drools - and not much...

-Submitted March 30, 2006

My Penis is very pink, extremely silky. It is shaped perfectly. The head is much larger than the shaft. It has a small bend to it more to the right. I have noticed since I have started restoring it, the extra skin has really improved sex. I would like to have a much larger penis, longer and thicker. I have never been rejected. We call it Herman. It usually squirts. It is milky in color and there is usually a good amount.

-Submitted March 30, 2006

My penis doesn't ever let me down. It is longer then the average from what I read, however it is not that large in the girth. Raw and pure caucasion my penis curves down, they say it's because at circumcision the dr. cut more of the top then the bottom. By the way, who's reading this?

-Submitted March 30, 2006

It tends to bend to left a bit ,dark brown in colour with lots of little bumps on the shaft, Its uncut very long foreskin still covers knob when hard I would probably get circumcised Hate the extra skin smells bad sex feels much better when tightly held back as well as when my wife masturbates me it feels beter tightly pulled back with a little lube Never been rejected but a couple dont like foreskins When i cum it shoots out a fair distance a milky thick colour if i have not cum for a while or thin sort of clear colour at least 2 table spoons full

-Submitted March 30, 2006

My penis hangs heavy when it is soft. It is intact with ample foreskin that retracts fully and almost covers the head when erect though it naturally rolls back. It is a dark brown. When erect the shaft is almost straight and the head is full standing straight out from my body. The texture is smooth and velvety on the shaft and the head is smooth and pink, almost shiny sometimes and a silken texture other times. It has nice healthy veins not too defined but softened by the rest of the penis.

I have been complimented on it, mostly on the thickness. I am not so tall so sometimes people look and comment about it. The comments are mostly nice and positive but sometimes they are curious and maybe a little bold. But I enjoy it. I have a lot of natural lube and good ejaculation, it is always abundant and thick, white and creamy with a healthy clean scent. It is mostly a shooter but it does on occasion get lazy. I wouldn't change anything, but would I be greedy if I would wish for an inch longer and a bit more girth. I am happy with my penis and enjoy it to the fullest, it never lets me down though I sometimes don't hold up my end. I think my penis is ruggedly handsome and my best asset.

-Submitted March 30, 2006

My penis is slightly tan, like the rest of my body. It has always been a source of enjoyment by both my self and my wife, who has always loved to have it in her. My ejaculates are thick and light gray/cloudy appearing, spurting out 3 - 5 inches. I produce quite a lot of precome which helps provide lubrication around the glans when masturbating or having intercourse. Over the years I have had several male friends who have seen my penis and commented on its straight, hard appeaance. When younger, friends have liked to feel it and help stroke it to ejaculation.

-Submitted March 30, 2006

when flaccid my penis jsut hangs low but when i become erect it sticks straight out and slightly curves to the left. The only thing i would change about my penis is probably adding an extra inch or a 1/2 on to it. no one has rejected my penis yet. When i ejaculate it is usually white and creamy, and very thick. Also it usually dribbles out. I wish i could shoot farther also instead of just landing on my hand and on my happy trail.

-Submitted March 30, 2006

i am an indian but have a large penis. i shave my balls and shave da shaft. i trim my hair. i have very soft skin and since i am indian it is a little brown in colour. i am still a virgin and wen i masturbate da cum shoots all over. i easily get a hardon . i do keegal excercise to increase my size. it gets to around 5'4'' when erect . and it hangs 2 da right. i like to get my cock sucked a lot.

-Submitted March 29, 2006

My penis is a little lighter than the rest of my body and it turns a little to the right. I would make it bigger if I could for confedience! Never felt rejected because of my penis size besides by one are two guys joking around that think they are soooo LARGE!!! If I'm really turned on our have not masterbated in a while my cum will shoot out in squits. But somtimes it by just drip out with one our two little squirts!

-Submitted March 29, 2006

My penis is caucasion color, smooth, and goes straight down. I am circumcised but developed a yeast infection 4 years ago. As a result, my forskin now goes over my penis and my penis appears to have shrunk...well, at least when I am soft. If I put a cream or medicine on it, I look my normal self! My ejaculate is more of a creaming process rather than spurts when I was younger. I have nice orgasms and when I come I feel very good as I did when I was younger. To this day my penis is my best friend.

-Submitted March 29, 2006

My penis has a slight left hand curve when erect, 6.50 in. The color of the head of my penis is medium pink. The shaft is pale pink. The head of my penis is equal in girth to the shaft, 5.5in.. My penis an over lap foreskin when limp. My ejaculations will vary. If I ejaculate once or more every day I tend to not have a forceful ejaculation, maybe 8 - 10 thick drools about a tablespoon. If I go a day or two without ejaculating then masturbate I will tend to have a quick spray then squirt around 8 - 12 ropes,and the cum is thicker and white, over-fill a tablespoon. I enjoy eating my cum when it is thick. I'm comfortable with my penis and my penis keeps me comfortable.

-Submitted March 29, 2006

my penis is thick and a little oval in shape at the shaft when erect. my penis head is full and the edges turn up. It bends straight and upward. For the most part I am happy with my penis, but I love to vaccum pump making it feel so awesome, big and thick. No one has ever been dissatisfied with my penis performance or size. my penises nickname is Monster. It's nicknamed that because it is very large and really spreads my girl friends pussy walls wide open. When I ejaculate I shoot a very large amount of semen. It is so intense as my penis keeps spasiming as, load after load spills from my penis. My girl friend loves to drink my ejaculate anytime she gets the chance. It is very gooey, white in color and she says it tastes very sweet.

-Submitted March 29, 2006

Tapered at head increasing in girth as it goes to base.Cut. Some foreskin regained thru manipulation and stretching. Head enlarges using a good fitting cock ring to enhance the veins, length and girth.

-Submitted March 29, 2006

I am just above average in length, about 7.25. The viens are very noticeable when erect and points upward at about a 45 degrees. The head is bigger around than my shaft. I have never had anyone complain. The partners I've had say they like a thicker penis over a longer thin one. More then one women told me that she would not do anal sex because my penis was too big. My cock has a nice dark color. I have strong ejaculations that shoot over a foot, with cum that is thick.

-Submitted March 29, 2006

My penis is quite fat at the bottom and thins out towards the end.Its very smooth not too much hair.It bends ever so slightly to the left but when its errect it is almost straight up.Ive not slept with a huge amount of women but the ones I have seemed to like my penis.A girlfriend once nicked named it Mr Jiggles!My current girlfriend says its spot on size wise.She likes the fact its a fair bit of girth.Never had anyone make fun of it.When I ejaculate it always seems to be intense.I usually shoot quite far then the rest dribbles out.Its always a milky colour.

-Submitted March 29, 2006

It is a bit down-curved, it's soft, and warm and very light of color. It stays straight and points forward. I would change it if I could. I want it straight up. No NO No Alot of cum Shoot, A few, White greyish color

-Submitted March 29, 2006

i have a very small penis it bends slightly to the left. I would most assuredly change it if I could my preferance would really be to have a vagina as I am very feminine in my thought feeling emotions and beliefs.

-Submitted March 29, 2006

My dick is long and thin, when erect, it has a rathr large helmet, very red when swollen and super sensitive. It sticks straight up which makes it easy to unload all over my chest, neck and face! My wife calls it Mr. Happy cause its always ready to make her smile.My balls are a bit small for its erect size, could be a bit bigger but since I shave my pubes, it helps the appearance. When I cum, it shoots usually 5 nice squirts of thick creamy white jism. More if I am really excited, less if I am doing a quickie. We both like to lick it up and taste it! Love showing it off to anyone who wants to see it also.

-Submitted March 29, 2006

my penis is tapered smallish head and is light skinned color bends now to the left when erect. Erections now are normally not real hard but occasionly I get a real hard one.I would like another inch and a bit more width, ejaculation still feels good but tends to dribble rather than spirt and colors varies between clear and light yellow. I still enjoy masturbation a least 3 times a week and have sex with my wife at least 3 times a week also.

-Submitted March 28, 2006

I am pretty lucky, straight, nice veins, circumsized with a large scrotum. White with nice pink head.

-Submitted March 28, 2006

My penis is straight and thick. I would like to be longer but I am happy. I have seen many smaller dicks. I have been rejected due to thickness by one partner wanting anal sex. She said the thickness was too much. I have no nickname for my penis. I have been complimented due to the thickness. Most of my partners enjoy thickness over length. My ejeculation is very big, usually 5 to 6 sperts even at 61 years of age I can shoot multi times if I haven't had sex in a day or two. I do have pre cum alot. It is a clear liquid.

-Submitted March 28, 2006

The head is much larger, blunt and purple when erect, bends noticeably (10 degrees) to the left. Never rejected. With active sex plus masturbation it has grown a good half-inch over past 10 years (now 17.78cm). My significant other calls it John Henry. She refers to it as very large in her experience.Ejaculation is white, clear, shoots and dribbles at fulfillment. I'm uncircumcised and have had a vasectomy.

-Submitted March 28, 2006

I am average length, about 6. All the partners I have been with like a thick penis over a long thin one. I have never been told I was too small or had anyone complain. One person told me that she would not do anal sex because my penis was too thick. My penis is has a nice dark color and when errect is points straight out. My ejaculation squirts out thick and creamy white.

-Submitted March 28, 2006

my penis is large with a straight shaft and a nice proportioned head, if I could change anything it would be to have my foreskin back. When I ejaculate I produce a large amount to thin fluid that shoots a long way.

-Submitted March 28, 2006

it points out straight with a slight downward curve angled slightly to the left it feels smooth with a huge vein on the left its tan in colour and I have a light circumcision scar around the upper base. My wife always says its huge and loves to study it.

-Submitted March 28, 2006

My penis is white, the same colour as my body. When Erect I am at least 7 inches and the head iss very large. I am uncut and the forskin can cover my penis even when erect,

-Submitted March 28, 2006
maby big maby small.

The shape of my penis is like so. Its six inches long and curves very slightly to the left. The shaft is five inches in girth and my head is bigger than my shaft. The veins on my penis are very visible. If I could change something about my penis it would be to make it longer, thicker, wider, and straiter. I have never had anyone reject me, but that is because I have never done it. I have no nicname for my penis, I think I will leave that up to the girls. I never been made fun of, but thats because Im the only one whos ever seen it, other than the doctor. My ejaculation is thick and white most times and not thick and clear sometimes. During ejaculation I shoot alot very far.

-Submitted March 28, 2006

It is very thick from what I have heard and is not the longest. It is tan with a hint of white from lack of sun I guess. I call my penis bruce because it is what all my friends call me and it just seemed right for me to call it something so I called it what my friends call me. When I ejaculate it comes in first as a small burst of semen, but then the gates are flung open and a massive load comes next. My semen is very thick and pretty white. After the big load I start to dribble semen out of the tip.

-Submitted March 27, 2006

My penis is shaped kind of normal, pink, and smooth. I don't really quite think that it bends abnormally or anything. I just wish it was longer like my brothers.I have been rejected because of my uncut penis. I have been complimented too. My loads are really white and huge, I give myself that much. It is really thick, white and creamy and shoots hard and fast.

-Submitted March 27, 2006

My penis is light colored except the head and next to the head. only a few blood vessels show. I was circumcised as an infant. it is very nearly straight, when erect points upward about 15 degrees, and slightly to the left. If I could, I would have it about 50% longer and larger around. Because I have a small penis, I have had other men make fun of it. When younger, my ejaculations would shoot out one or two feet. Now it just ozes out. The color is white, and very thick.

-Submitted March 27, 2006

My penis is a slightly longer average sized penis. It is very smooth and the color is that of the rest of my body. It is perfectly straight and I wouyld not change it if I could. I was never rejected because of my penis. My ejaculation is very strong. I shoot alot of thick, white ejaculate pretty far in fact.

-Submitted March 27, 2006

Curtis, my boyfriend calls my penis says is way to big for him. Sometimes I wish I could change the size of my penis and other times I wish he could accept the size of my penis. But when I ejaculate he likes it because it cums out shooting and he always catches it with his mouth. He says it it tastes like a white liquid sugar. When we have fun together we give eachother blow jobs and then enjoy the tasting. Afterwards we just kiss romanticly until our parents come home. Oh, I foorgot this is about me and my secret boyfriend, my twin. My penis is 11 inches long and leans to the right when erect. My viens get very puffy and expand a whole lot. Most of the guys at school turn gay because of me because they are in love with my penis. What do I say I am a man magnet.

-Submitted March 27, 2006

My penis is a shower. 4-5 soft and a quite straight 7 when erect, slightly darker than my other skin with some smooth vening becoming more prominent over the years. Many compliments from both sexes and some are surprised by its size, even been told it's almost pretty. Not much I'd change, maybe an inch longer and around, but my orgasms are awesome most of the time. Wish I had my foreskin, but I'm cut with enough skin to slide up and down my sensitive shaft and head. My ejaculate varies in intensity from multiple squirting to 2-3 gentle contractions depending on how long its been and how turned on I am. A teaspoon up to 3 or 4 if it's been a while and I'm really horny.

-Submitted March 27, 2006

It is straight, bends up slightly. I would make it thinner if I could because it hurts her sometimes. I think I ejaculate a normal amount but it shoots quite far (up to 6ft). My semen's consistancy and colour varies on time since last ejaculation.

-Submitted March 27, 2006

my penis is average length but thick.its shaved along with my balls.women like it better shaved its silkier and a joy for them to suck.the only complaints they have is not being able to make me cum but when I do I can shoot cum 5 feet away.i have quiet a large mushroom head and when I shoot it seems to pulsate and get larger in my hand by about half an inch more.

-Submitted March 26, 2006

Slightly curved,smooth, shaved, tan. My sex partner calls it Wild Stallion. It amkes her cum within seconds when I stick it in her pussy. When I cum, I shoot loads. Probably 5-6 tablespoons. White and my sex partner says it tastes like candy.

-Submitted March 26, 2006

mines about 6 inches completly hard and 4.5 in realy not happy with it at all..i rele wish it was bigger girth and length..wen I cum I dont shoot only sumtimes liek after sex but mostly just 1 ever rjected it but have criticized it a lil bit

-Submitted March 26, 2006

my penis has soft skin, and is a pinkish color. I have a very large head and a very sensitive nub on the underside my penis points upward and slightly to the right I have a birth mark right below my head. when I cum my penis gets very red and my head twitches as I cum, when I cum I shoot and the amount is quite alot I think about a tablespoon and a half my cum is milkly white and slightly clear

-Submitted March 26, 2006

my penis is small in my opinion and it is curved a small bit but when I have an erection it wont go allthe way up only sightly tilted down when my erection comes also the head turns pink when I get an erection one time a boy gave me oral sex and he asked why didint I cum a lot only flows out not shoots I didint know. I tried anal sex and he said that my erection is not corect I dont know why and I wish it was a penis that whent all the way up in sex and erection

-Submitted March 26, 2006

I am a white male but my penis is darker. When erect it stands straight up passing my belly button. I would change nothing because it works well.Bring that salomy for a meal. I can ejucated pass my nipples and sometime I get it in the neck.During ejaculation it shoot 4 to 5 times at the amount of two tablespoon of this white creamy cum.

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