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Standard issue. Some brown freckles at the base. Bends up when erect. I wouldn't change it cause I have not had any complaints. In high school, I was teased because it was so small when soft. Shooting-off is not as strong as it used to be. When I was 13-14 it shot 4 or 5 inches. One day it shot a large thick dark wad, since then it has settled into what seems standard. Now, it is standard white with clear to white strands.


What can I say. I like my penis and have never been unable to satisfy any girl. my penis curves a little upward when hard. I am uncut with a good amount of forskin. it also bends a little to the right when erect. years ago when i was _____ different girls I called my penis, "Captain Courago". The girls loved it and always got a laugh. of course they always asked me what got me to call it that and i'd tell then because is never afraid to enter any girls pussy and always on the attack. -my penis has never been made fun of and the girls have always liked the size and shape. I have had a number of girls take a tape measure to measure it when I am hard. it's always so exciting and fun to have girls taking so much interest in my penis. - I love to watch my ejacualtion as does my wife. it usually comes out in some long and heavy first few milky white squirts and than finished off my falling off the end of my penis.

TITLE: mac

my penis has a slight curve to the left but I know thats pretty normal. I love my penis as it is but as evey man i'd always welcome more length and girth. I'm a virgin so I haven't experienced any rejection, but I do worry that i'd never be up to par!! When I do ejaculate I think its amazing however it does depend on how aroused I am as to whether I shoot or dribble

TITLE: pharoah

straight as a rod and when erect hard as a brick. it does not curve. my penis is dark at the shaft but light colored at the head. when I ejaculate it is thick and greyish.

TITLE: pito

It is thick uncut with a large head. My sperm volume has gone down, age?. I would like to have 2" more in length and thicker to keep the same relation it has now. I think a penis that is 8" or more is really a visual turnon. I'm bi so most guys that see it, are really turned on by it and woman have complimented on it, and always enjoy it.

TITLE: pito

It is thick uncut with a large head. My sperm volume has gone down, age?. I would like to have 2" more in length and thicker to keep the same relation it has now. I think a penis that is 8" or more is really a visual turnon. I'm bi so most guys that see it, are really turned on by it and woman have complimented on it, and always enjoy it.

TITLE: lamp

My penis is very small when soft, mayba about 1 - 1.5 inches. This causes me embaassememnt when othe people can see (changing rooms, urinals etc). It does however grow to normal size (6 by 5 inches) when erect so does the job for my girldriend! Recently I suffered from impotence for the first time because I showered with my girlfriend's ex and he was bigger soft than I am hard. I spoke to my girlfriend about it and she said this is not important. I know this is true but I can't help feeling inadequate.


strong thick smooth tanned, bears to the left, usually called BATWANGER I have recieved many compliments about the size and stiffness.During ejaculation hard spurts of the creamy stuff


My penis is nice and long and thick. When I get an erection it stands straight up not to the right or left.I would not change it at all because my girlfriend loves it and cant get enough out of it. No one has rejected my penis all my girlfriends seemed to enjoy it very much.I get compliments all the time from it. My ejaculations are wonderful to me and seem to squirt and only once or twice drool.

TITLE: Anonymous

Firstly, I am intact (and VERY proud of it). My penis does not bend in any direction - straight as a rod. I would not change it in any way. I find my penis most acceptable by the opposite sex. Known to my wife as my "joystick", especially when she caresses it. The name is obvious. Compliments, especially in the locker-room, are numerous. My wife likes it tremendously. My ejaculation is strong and copious, even with a second ejaculation within the same day. During ejaculation it squirts in five or six strong spasms with a total volume estimated to be two teaspoons (10 ml).


My penis is uncut. My foreskin usually does not cover the head though when I get hard. It bends to the right sligtly When I ejaculate I usually shoot pretty far about 3 or 4 times to my chest or sometimes over my shoulder especially if I've had a pretty good session.

TITLE: richard

my penis pink and strait and feels good and bends a little to the left i do like my dick but I would much like to have a virgina instead I have had a few good remarks about it and have been told by a female lover how nice it was and felt when I was young it was hard all the time and I used to wank all the time it would shoot out all over my chest but now when I wank it will come out in great blobs running all down my dick some times if I have not cum for a long time it cums in thick white lumps but if I have been feeling sexy and wanked often it cums quite clear

TITLE: Fred Biffle

Ny penis looks like one of those hot dogs that has been on a grill at a convenience store too long.It is straight but gnarled with wrapping arround like honeysuckle on a tree. If I could change it I would get a tattoo of an eagle and get the shaft tattoed in plaid. Nobody has ever rejected me because of my penis. It has no nickname. In high school swimming the teacher announced that because of problems that they have had in the past with body acceptance that photographs of everybody's penis while poolside would be made and posted on a board that everybody, both female and male, would see when at the pool. There would be nothing shown above the shoulders. If we wanted we could pump up beforehand. We now have afterschool nude swim and nobody worries about size and the girls had theor's taken, too. When I cum it sprays white and straight.

TITLE: akeam

my penis is long and brown. it has a curve to the left and is I could i'd make it longer and straighter my girlfriend calls my penis bob during ejaculation it shoots but not very far or with much force

TITLE: gog

Its fairly straight but bends to the left a little and is uncut. I like that and it always satisfies me and my partners. I would love to try it cut and if I didn't like it change back but that's not possible. I wank frequently and usually it shoots out but when I wank several times in a day it only drools later on. It hasn't got a nickname but I think of it as being a separate part of me and of it coming with me when I go away.


my penis is very large in size and it very smoothe cuz I shave it. its tan on the penis and more whiteish on the balls. it bends up high when I get horny and stuff and it is unique becuz it is so large. no I wouldnt change it becuz it is beautiful the way it is. no, evryone loves my penis. my girlfriend jo-jo nicknamed my penis ''mr.smiley'' becuz when I get horny it makes me smile and her too. ive been complimented on my penis cuz its so large and theres NO hair what-so-ever. my ejaculation looks like cream and it is clumpy and very warm. when I ejaculate it squirts far and I can shoot it where-ever i want. I get a TON of cum when I ejaculate and it is whiteish-tanish color and my girlfriend says it tastes pretty yummy.


my penis is pretty fat(fatter then me mates)so alot of me mates tell me and its not huge and its above average so I guess it does me justice yeah btw im asian wat can I say for those jokes about asian having a small dick you can work the it out for your selves

TITLE: 15yo

same color as rest of me. head kinda purple when hard little bit of down curve, I think the head of mine is a kinda large side of average. cut, but i still got frenulum. I like my dick, nobody comlained about it. ejaculate lots, shoot about 4 feet out sometimes. jiz is white, precum is clear


I love my penis. I think that any female who wouldn't want to make love to it is crazy. I've never been rejected though. My penis bends slightly to the left and I always have to have it to the left in my pants to feel comfortable.(otherwise I feel like I'm exposing myself). The head of my penis is purplish when hard and wider than the shaft(which I think looks cool and woman seem to like it.) I have only had a few girls/women that really liked sucking. Any that did always got a sore mouth from the thickness. I've always thought that having a huge penis would be cool but I know that it is not practical due to the size and shape of a vagina and a womans mouth. My current wife has said mean things about my size, having a split hole and other things. I'm not sure this marriage is gonna last with that negativity but I still think it is a nice penis. (I like it) I had a vasectomy this year and I have noticed that my ejaculate is whiter than it used to be. I frequently cum twice when masturbating, the first is white and thick and the second is more runny and yellowish. I used to dribble out before I had a urethral stricture corrected. (if anyone has ever had a bicycle accident or any trauma to your penis or area between your scrotum and anus, get it checked out) Now I can shoot 5 feet. It feels great and it's fun.

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