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-Submitted April 5, 2006

its very smooth and dark and curve to the left which is good for the g-spot!! plus its 7 in and 5 around my wife goes crazy!!

-Submitted April 5, 2006

My penis is brownish, long, not particularly thick, and straight; circumcised. It stands at roughly a 60 degree angle from my abdomen when fully rigid. To my knowledge, I have never had a wet dream.

No one has ever rejected my penis because of a physical reason, but I have had partners who did not find deep thrusting comfortable and complained. One woman described it as feeling like she was being split open...truthfully, it turns me on to think about it. I once had another partner who nicknamed it the club. From the sounds of it, her prior partner had a micro penis, so mine must have looked huge to her. Other woman have commented positively about its size...which is always nice to hear. On the other hand I have had two partners who described my penis as average which I took to mean as a polite way to say they were not impressed.

Ejaculation can vary from projection across the room to bubbling out. I have never been able to figure out why it sometimes shoots with great force and other times, no much force at all.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

My penis is 6.5 inches long and a little more than 5 inches around. It has a uniform girth across the entire shaft. It also has a slight bend to the left. I am circumcised. I find the skin tone difficult to describe because I view it as normal. It has the same tone as the skin on the rest of my body. I would definitely want to change the length of my penis. I hate to say it because it is such a common complaint, but it is true. I have never had anyone make fun of my for my penis, but I know that I have an average length. I know that I will likely never have a woman size me up and be in awe of my penis. This is a let down. My last girlfriend claimed to love my penis. I don't think that she had any reason to lie, but I still wonder if she wanted more. The whole self esteem issue is furthered by my ejaculation. I was disappointed the first time I saw a porn star blow his load over a woman because I rarely ever shoot my cum. I tend to dribble out a bit. If I build up before ejaculating I can get some distance, but it takes effort. Part of the problem is that I will cum quickly if I don't focus so that is a problem.

-Submitted April 5, 2006
Mr Penie

Well what could a guy say? my penie is everything a guy ever wanted it's huge when erected and not erected, the colour of my shaft is tanned the head is a pinkey colour. everything is unique so I've been told! The only thing i would change is the slight bend in my penie. NO-ONE EVER REJECTS ME OR MR PENIE. Mr penie is the nick-name because it's just so dreamy. NO ONE EVER MAKES FUN OF MR PENIE OR COMPLANIED. it shoots out miles in front of me whenever i ejaculate.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

It is straight and I wouldn't mind it being slightly bigger. The women I have been with have liked it's size. My first wife used to call it Dinky, but not because it is small or anything. My ejaculate is creamy white and usually squirts, sometime a couple of feet away if I am really excited.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

my penis is smooth and light pink to a redish penis does not bend to the left or the right. i would changeit and make it a bout 2 inches bigger. no i have not had anyone reject it either. nope i cant say i have had any ni9cknames for it either.i have not had any compliments or been made fun of it ejaculation is like it builds up in my stomach and then it just goes and its the best relief. durring ejaculation it varys sometimes it dribbles out sometimes it shoots and sprays. i usually ejaculate about a tablesppon and a half and it is white.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

Large mushroom head very veiny, straight out with no bend. Maybe longer to 8.00

No rejections at all, they love the big head. My ejaculation is very large amount, and can shoot quite far

-Submitted April 5, 2006
Big Dick

I have a circumsized penis. I love it personally. It is 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. It is quite sensitive to strokes since the foreskin is removed. I would definately make it about 2.5 inches longer because then I could have more confidence and definately be happier.

My ejaculations are phenominal, its amazing the pleasure that comes from just moving up and down the shaft. I seemed to have learned to ejaculate one night when I was just too horny and began touching my penis. ( not knowing that an ejaculation would follow. It was then that I began masturbating.

Now I've done it for about 2 years and have developed and used several techinques. My favourite is to just sit in front of my computer, look at some naked chicks in videos and then with some shafting, the ejaculations arrives. My favourite female parts are the boobs and the vagina. Vagina because its really sensitive and the boobs because they're so nice and warm and luchious. The one problem really, is that my refractory periods are a bit long but I am okay with the sacrifice.

I can normally shoot 3.5 feet and i get about 3 spoonfulls when ejaculating. It bends downward and I love having a long, long orgasm.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

My penis is silky and has a reddish violet glans. It bends downwards, and the foreskin has a little tab of skin on the underside where the connection to the foreskin broke when I was masturbating as a young teenager. My penis still has the foreskin (uncut). Everyone I've been with has liked my penis, and right now his nickname is Vlad (the impaler) for obvious reasons.

I have several types of ejaculations, ranging from the quick-and-easy orgasms to relieve tension which are more like squirts, to intense orgasms from prolonged masturbation or prolonged love-making which are really powerful and result in plentiful and forceful ejaculations which can shoot pretty far.

I have no, or very little, precum, but after ejaculation semen tends to dribble out for up to ten minutes, possibly because the urethra isn't emptied in the orgasm so the remaining semen slowly makes its way out.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

It is short(5 inches), nice thickness (1.5), nice defined head. straight, gets and stays very hard. I wish it was 3 inches longer because there are many postions that just don't work. I have been made fun of and made to feel inadequate because of it. I often shoot 3-4 feet several times. I can give facials simply by pulling out and stroking. My wife does like watching!

-Submitted April 5, 2006

My penis is uncircumsized. It is slightly veiny, and mostly medium brown. It bends slightly to the left. I'm happy with it, and wouldn't change it. My ejaculations are milky white, sometimes a little yellowy. They vary in strength, from a small stream to a serious squirt. I'd guess about 1/2 to a full teaspoon or so, sometimes a little more.

No-one has ever rejected me over it, but some American women seem unfamiliar with and a bit apprehensive about uncircumsized penises. Generally, my partners have been complimentary.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

My penis is a differet color then the rest of my skin. it bends to the left. The end is much wider like a mushroom.When I have sex it grows to eight inch and a big vain pops out.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

I think it might be considered small, but to be honest it gets the job done. it is not very thin, i would say average

-Submitted April 5, 2006

I have to say that I am proud of my penis. It bends slightly left, but is fairly straight. My erections hold well and I dont' have trouble recovering after an orgasm

It is slightly veiny and a little bumpy from what the Dermotologist said are hair follicles. It is pink and tannish color in some areas.

I was complimented by ex-girlfriend during felattio that my penis was impressive.

Ejaculations vary according to last time I had an orgasm. Usually white consistency and about a tablespoon amount or more, sometimes less. And if I'm really aroused I can shoot a load a good 3 feet or more sometimes.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

it is like a banana(bent over)and gets bigger in girth around the middle. the only thing i would change is i'd like to be circumcised. i have been told that it is big and smooth. at first my penis dribbles during stimulation and then shoots at climax.

-Submitted April 5, 2006
Dude B

My penis is pretty normal looking from the pictures that i have seen. I am uncut and love it. I get erections that enlarge my penis to eight inches and i am not exagerating. When erect it has bulging veins and is slightly darker than the rest of my body.

-Submitted April 4, 2006

It's a little darker than the rest of my body, nice and smooth and curves a little bit to the left. I wouldn't change anything about it and have been complimented about my penis which makes me feel good. When I ejaculate it is pretty much yellowish white in color and some times will shoot all the way up onto my chest or even my face. If I masturbate more than once during a day the ejaculation isn't quite as powerful and the color is pure white.

-Submitted April 4, 2006

when flaacid, it hangs to the right and is about 3.5 inches. its darker than the rest of my body. circumcised, with a pinkish head. when erect fully, its about 5.5 inches and bends towards my abdomen. the texture is sort of rough but smooth. there is also a very large vein and the outside of it when erect. i would make it thicker when erect and maybe add an inch if i could but i cant. so it works. during ejaculation it shoots out and is whitish

-Submitted April 4, 2006

My penis is slightly darker than the rest of my body, the same color as my testicles. When it is hard, it has a bend in the middle and points up. The top of my penis has several large protruding veins. I keep it trimed so it is smooth to the touch. The tip is not as pointy as I have seen others to be. It flares out to each side because I was born with an opening under the tip. The underside has a dark red patch. I would change my penis to make it look more normal. I would also make it longer, at least 7 inches erect, instead of 4.5. It is only 2 inches long soft. I have never been made fun of for it, at least not to my face. I have never had any complaints when it comes to sex. My ejactulation varies. Usually it is hard and feels damn good. The first shot usually goes to my chest and the rest on my waist line. There is usually about a tablespoon of cum each time. I normally jerk off at least once a day.

-Submitted April 4, 2006

Long pole like shape, smooth, tan, hangs to the left. No i wouldn't change it. Creamy smooth streams of cum shooting and dripping from my cock. At least two full streams.

-Submitted April 4, 2006
Old one

My penis is straight with a slight upward angle, say 15 degrees up from horizontal when erect with a slight list to the right, probably because I am right handed. The head is dark red to purple upon erection. The shaft is a rosy red pink. The rim around the head stands out about a quarter of an inch when aroused. My ejaculations somewhat pulse and will squirt if assisted by a tight fist. My cum is white and creamy. I have never named my penis nor has my wife, she just likes it hard. I have never been rejected because of my penis, but a couple of times, probably due to alcohol, I was not able to perform very well. I like scratching the bottom side lightly during arousal.

-Submitted April 4, 2006

My cock is a the color of the inside of my forearm. It slightly bends up and to the left. I was once rejected because the girl (we were both 17) said it was too big. Actually, that hurt my feelings a little. My wife loves my cock. I would like to stick it in her ass. She's nervous about it. When I come, it feels great, like a hard satisfying sneeze. My cum could probably shoot like 6 feet across the room in thick globs.

-Submitted April 4, 2006

the lenght of my penis is about 5.5 in. long and it bends to the left. it is average size with a round thickness of 2in. i like to keep my shaft shaved as well as my balls. i'm happy with my equipment, although i wish it didn't bend at all, so that it looks bigger. i am uncut which i'm thakful, because there are so many sensations that i wouldn't have if i were cut. sometimes i can shoot it out but for the most part it dribbles out.

-Submitted April 4, 2006

My penis is not quite straight when erect, but has a slight upward curve. I like the color of my glans when aroused, as it turns a beautiful shade of dusty red. I am quite happy with my penis, and have been a dedicated masturbator for many years.

My average solo session is about an hour, but can go as long as two hours. What's most important to me is to sustain the pleasure, to thoroughly enjoy the journey to orgasm, and to keep myself in as high a state of arousal as possible.

When I ejaculate, it usually spurts out, although not very far, unless it's been about three days since my last ejaculation, and I'm very horny. Then, my semen can rocket out a foot or more, and the feeling is fantastic.

-Submitted April 4, 2006

The head is avg size and I would like for it to be larger. My cock increases in girth as you move down the shaft and get closer to the base. When fully erect, it leans to the left slightly. My erections are rock hard and point upwards. The amount of cum dispensed is determined by how much I prolong my ejaculation and how long since my last ejaculation. During sex and foreplay, I ooze clear precum alot. My actual jism is cloudy whitish fluid that shoots several streams and them drools the remaining contents down my shaft or onto my abs.

-Submitted April 4, 2006
Chris 007

Its cut nolrmal skin colour and bend to the left a littel.No I would'nt change it at all, had no rejections partner calls it bazooka. Ejaculation is strong and I can ejaculate 2 meters its white and thick normally a table spoon full

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