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TITLE: schmatt

my penis is straight and pointy. smooth with a dark ring around my circumsision cut. slightly darker skin on the foreskin area, and pretty pink after the cut. it doesnt bend at all, just straight forward. never had anyone reject me because of my penis. pokey, as the nickname cause it would always poke at her crotch during foreplay. i've been complimented a few times. ejaculation is thick greayish with white speakles in it. during ejaculation, it varies, sometimes drools if i do it often, or it shoots out if i havent done it in a few day's.

TITLE: laser

my penis is about average in looks, when hard stands straight forward w/a slight bend to the left. head is larger than the shaft and turns purple when real hard.being white and a nudist it is dark tanned in the summer and in the winter carries a light tan color. i'm very happy w/my penis and like all men i would like it somewhat bigger. noone has ever rejected me because what i lack w/my penis i make up in other ways. my wife has named my penis wildthing i believe she must like it. no one really has made fun of it but my wife compliments me all the time on the length and stiffness. i have had a vastectumy so my ejaculete is mostly clear but if it has been awhile between it has little crystals. when i masterbate it squirts from hand control, and when ejaculating vaginally i feel it mostly drool and spray.


My penis is slightly curved when fully erect and stands straight up. I am 8.5 inches when erect and 6 inches when flaccid. I am uncut and thankful for that. The foreskin adds friction when it slides back and forth over the large head. I have never had any complaints in fact the women I've been with say they love the size. They also love the fact that I'm uncut. I enjoy having my foreskin nibbled on and slowly peeled back. When I ejaculate it swells up nice and hard. My ejaculate shoots a long stream on the first shot and subsequent shots are not as long. I usually shoot 6 or 7 shots each time. I have been told that I have alot of semen which is white and creamy. My balls are fairly large and throb when I come. My wife loves for me tocome in her mouth as she enjoys the taste and texture of my ejaculate. And yes, she swallows.

TITLE: Germster

I really like the shape of my penis. I have a rather large head, and when limp, my penis bends to the right. But when I'm erect, it points straight up. During ejaculation, my semen usually has a few good squirts that shoot out pretty far, and then the rest just kind of dribbles out.


My penis bends upward. The shaft is skin tone. The head is a purpulish pink. It has tiny bumps around the rim of the head(pearly papules). It is 8.25 L X 6.0 C. I received many compliments. However, I was too large for one of my first girlfriends. My ejaculation is generally very forceful and plentiful. Usually it white and thick. I have shot-off, hitting my face or the bed head board. One of my friends nicknamed it Boa. The nick name stuck with my other friends and girl friends.

TITLE: tommi

My penis is thick and the skin is dark. It is completley shaved of hair and the head is deap red. The head has a lip on it and it is shaped like a mushroom. When completly hard the head is more purple that red.


My penis is decent size, it has no bend and is circumsized. It has a plush pink head and is connected to my scrotum at the bottom of the shaft. I usually shave my scrotum and shaft because it gives it a neet clean look. My penis can drool, or shoot, depending on my level of arousal and my last time masturbating.


My penis has been my best friend since I first discovered the joys of masturbation at age 12 or so. I couldn't even venture a guess as to how many gallons of cum I've produced since then. My penis becomes very stiff in full erection, and has a downward curve. I am circumcised, and my head is nicely shaped. I love to masturbate and watch myself ejaculate in the mirror, and see my penis twitch as I spurt, as well as my anal spincters pulsate open and shut in time with the ejaculation.

TITLE: Rock Loo

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TITLE: gog

I like my penis which is uncut and bends slightly to the left. I have been complimented on it by boyfriends and when I ejaculate it spirts hard unless I have cum to often when it sometimes only drools out. I don't know how much but enough for me and my friends.

TITLE: MikeHunt

My penis is average length but very thick. It is cut and completely straight when erect, and has a very big head (which is why I had to get cut). I would like my foreskin back. It was of great interest throughout my secondary school days as I was the only guy with a cut penis in my year, many of girls took bets as to who could toss me off because I didn't have a foreskin. Happy days! When I ejaculate my sperm start clear then becomes thick, white globs. The first 3 or 4 shots are powerful spurts that go about 6ft the the rest become less intense. I usually cum about a large spoon full.

TITLE: Eddie

It bends slightly upwards. The color is like a slight taned. The area behind the penis head is darker. I am heavy into masturbation and I have noticied that over the years there is an area that is lighter and this is the area where I spend the most time massaging myself. The area is right behind the head of my penis. I have discovered an area that is say looking at my penis between 12-3 that is very very sensitive ummm! It does not bend left or right I have never been rejected. Yes! The nick name is Charlie. I have been complimented by its overall condition. I am just over 6 inches. My ejaculation is like a squirt. I don't know really how much. I never tried to measure it. I would say at least an average amount. The color is between a white to a yellow. The color is more yellow if I go without masturbating for say 3 or 4 days then the color is a deeper yellow.

TITLE: kuku

My penis is black, round kind of long it bends slightly to the left.I wouldnt change it if i could i feel proud to have my penis the way it is.Im still a virgin so no me or my partner have made a nickname for my penis.The boys in the locker room always talk about how bick my penis it it makes me feel good.My ejaculation is one of the best feelings its smoth.During ejaculation it shoots at first and than it starts to drool down i would say about a teaspoon of sperm.The color of the ejaculation is white.

TITLE: popo

Its clamy, its dark tan. it bends to the left, and nothing special. yes i would change the size because its small for a 15 year old. no, never shown my penis to anyone. never. no sometimes a lot when i havent masturbated in a while,and its reallywhite. drools, and its white.

TITLE: Grouchy

I'd guess mine is fairly normal other than it seems to be fairly thick for it's length at a 5"+ circumference. It has a slight upward curve, is slightly darker than my skin color and it stands at attention at about a 45 degree angle. Somteimes I wish I had another inch or so of length but what the hey. I've never been rejected because of it so I'm happy with that.I've had numerous compliments for what women said was a good performance but I'm not sure if it was my willy that was being praised or if it was the use of my tongue. Since I had a TUMT (transuretheral microwave therapy) a year ago for an enlarged prostate I no longer ejaculate although I still feel the same sensations. .just no ejaculate appears. The only complaint I ever had was that I ejaculated too much quantity for one gal to swallow easily but that was before the TUMT. All in all, I'm happy with the way I am.

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