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-Submitted March 23, 2006
loving it

light color,no deformities, large head,circumsized and happy I am,smooth shaft, no pimples,etc.veins protrude at full erection.lots of pre cum,runs down and am able to use that for lube, ejaculation spurts first time about 6-8 inches, then 1-2 after that,usually a white to cream color

-Submitted March 23, 2006

My penis is not exceptional by lenght by is my girth. I'm cut and picture perfect. Nice head silky by touch and nice shaped balls and scodum. I masturbate a few times a week adn enjoy sex with my wife. I cum on the average 6 times a week.

-Submitted March 23, 2006

I have an average size penis. my penis is striaght when erect. it has a nice big pink head and a light clored shaft. when I ejaculate it shoots. I really have no complaints about it.

-Submitted March 23, 2006

It stands out straight when hard. It's cut, fairly small when not erect. Huge balls, nice and thick when hard, comes out of a nice trimmed bush.

-Submitted March 23, 2006

-Perfect shape penis w/large dick head. Good texture & good medium to light color. -Perfectly straight & very hard penis in erect state. -Very happy with my penis, but like most every guy would make it 9 inches long in erect state. -Never been rejected because of my dick. I was 7.25 inches until I was 40. Slowly dropped to 6.25 inches at age 57. -When I was younger I was called Donkey Dick. -Never was made fun of because of my dick. if anything most guys in the locker room called me tripod. -Good ejaculation still at age 57. -Ejaculation shoots good and thick with a creamy white color.

-Submitted March 23, 2006

My penis is fairly straight with a tslight twist to the right when erect. I am uncircumsised with quite a long foreskin which covers the glans when erect. some times the netire body of my penis goes inside my body just leaving the foreskin outside. when erect I am about 6in long. My ejaculation is about a teaspoon full, and since my vasectomy has changed colour from white to a slightly yellow. I normally drools or dribbles out but sometimes shoots a little, I sometimes wish it would shoot more but it's not a big deal.

-Submitted March 23, 2006

My penis is not as big as I would like I mean I think it looks nice but whens its soft it looks too small, I want it to hang a bit more but being a little overweight doesnt help. My dick sticks straight out all 6 inches, White almost pale in colour and if I could make it look bigger in the locker room I would. I mean I have a shower after sport all the time, I usually shower alone but sometimes I feel embaressed of my size when there are other men in the room. Last week I stripped in front of 2 guys but neither said anything so maybe Im just a bit paranoid because my brothers dick is so much bigger!!

-Submitted March 22, 2006

I have an oval shaft and it's long and a nice size. It's a shade of tannish red and is vainy and bends a little to the right. When it's erected, it bends up and is firm and hard.I wouldn't change it but I have a small piece of skin still attached to my shaft head. I've been always told that it was big and hurt when I thrusted hard in them. My past girlfriend was from brazil and she called my penis el hefe or the cheif 'cause she had two guys before me and said they were nowhere near my length or size. I get compliments and never been rejected for it. I ejaculate good and when I sperm I shoot far and it feels real good. Usually alot comes out like a spray of thick sperm.

-Submitted March 22, 2006

my penus is long, the body is a tan color, and my head is a pinkish color. it is the softest thing I have ever felt. it can bend any way I like it to wile soft, but when its hard, its unsinkable. it takes atleast 10 minutes to go but when it dose itll shoot atleast 3ft infront of me, verry steamy, and slimy, and almost completely white. when I show someone my penus, they want to feaL it/suck on it/ +++. its nickname is outch because when you get jabbed with this, it hurts.

-Submitted March 22, 2006

to me it looks normal. When limp about 5 inches long and several inches around. When hard about 5 1/2 long and 4 inches around. No bends. head about 1 inch long and a light purple color and very smooth skin

-Submitted March 22, 2006
Big Pickle

My cock is right at 7 inches long when fully erect, and probably bigger around than most. It is straight as a rod and has an upward angle of about 30 degrees. My wife can barely get her mouth around it, but she enjoys sucking on it anyway. She's always wanting me to save it up for her and not jack off so often. So I end up squirting her mouth full. My cum is usually white in color and the first spurt is often a small one, and then the following 3 or 4 squirts are huge. But the total amount of cum depends on how long its been since my last ejaculation. Anyway, I'm totally happy and content with my cock.

-Submitted March 22, 2006

It looks like all the ones on the net...Only smaller. As long as I can rember, it has lived to the left (soft or hard). For myself, I wouldn't mind an extra 1 or 2. Not so much now, as when I was in public school...Walking into the showers, after gym was painful, everyday. Nickname: Killer. I've learned to ignore th comments (although they still sting). All the women I've been with, have been mare than satisfied....My ejaculate is white to clear; Ejaculate; shoots, tothe point I have to wipe my chin.

-Submitted March 22, 2006
String player

average size . when fully hard bends up . No nick name . I have been told by another man that it is realy nice. When I ejaculate I shoot even at 73 It shoots up to my neck. most times at least 6 or 7 shots . Nice and white

-Submitted March 21, 2006

My penis is slightly curved to the left and is pretty smooth, no imperfections. I guess if I changed it, I would like it maybe half an inch longer, and maybe a little thicker. I always feel that mine is not big enough I never had any serious girlfriends, since I am extremely picky and know exactly what I want, so I haven't found that girl yet. I don't have a nickname for it either. When I ejaculate, it doesn't just shoot out so far, it shoots out far enough I'd say. I would say it is more like a squirt than shooting out. It always comes out white, and a moderate amount comes out, since I masterbate fairly often. No color at all

-Submitted March 21, 2006

It's shaped like a mushroom. It is light pink and hairy. It has a mean hook to the right. I would change my penis to 12 inches if I could. My wang's nickname is King Dong. Ejaculation is a hard, fast shot, hopefully between my partner's eyes. I aim the best I can, but in the throes of passion, that can be difficult.

-Submitted March 21, 2006
P. Diddy

It is not so long, but it has some skin and is thick. It bends to the left sometimes. I would want it a little longer to fit in with everyone else. Noone has rejected me. I have not. Noone has seen it. I love it. It is warm and shoots quite a distance. It varies from shooting, drooling, and spraying. It is usually a yellowish white.

-Submitted March 21, 2006

It is not so long, but it has some skin and is thick. It bends to the left sometimes. I would want it a little longer to fit in with everyone else. Noone has rejected me. I have not. Noone has seen it. I love it. It is warm and shoots quite a distance. It varies from shooting, drooling, and spraying. It is usually a yellowish white.

-Submitted March 21, 2006

My penis is only slightly veiny, cut and two tone in color especially when soft - darker below the cut and lighter above. When fully erect it curves a bit to the right. I, like most guys, would like an increase in length and girth. I'd love to be one of those guys with a big, meaty, hanging member. I've never been rejected because of it before and don't expect to be. Never been made fun of because of it either. My ejaculation has changed pretty dramatically since I've gotten older - am 46. A few years ago I started having a two part orgasm while masturbating. When my orgasm starts I shoot a load of clear fluid - I assume it's precum. I'll continue jacking for as long as a minute. Then my orgasm will really kick in and I go off like a volcano all over the place literally spewing jizz. The amount of my load is significantly larger than when I was a younger dude.

-Submitted March 21, 2006

My penis bends a little up and to the left. All the girls I've been with have liked it so far, so I've got no complaints - except that it's kinda weird that it's a bit darker than the rest of my skin. The main interesting thing about my penis is that it's just long enough that I can suck on about half of it (I guess I'm pretty flexible).

-Submitted March 21, 2006

MY penis is normal shaped and color and it is smooth. I ejaculate like 4 time a week and sometimes it drools or it squirts. If I could change it I would make it bigger

-Submitted March 21, 2006

My penis is a fairly decent size. It white and mostly straight. Ilike the size okay but I hope that it will grow more for opitimum performance.

-Submitted March 21, 2006

My penis is an average one with soft skin and reddish colour. The texture is smooth. The speciality is that I have under gone circumscission. When erect it bends towards left ( about 30 degrees from the axis). My first girlfriend rejected me as I have got almost no prepuce. During ejaculation I dribble and release about four teaspoons of cum shoot about 2-3 feet.

-Submitted March 21, 2006

My penis is stright but points a little to the left. Myejaculations uslay very depending on how often I i have them. More then 4 time a week it Shoots about 2 to 3 inches but if I wait longer the 4 days the first burst can shoot up to afoot and a half. The color is a milky white there is about a table spoon or more of it.

-Submitted March 21, 2006
captin big

my penis is long and quite thick. it has a nice smooth texture and is a nice pinky brown colour. my penis bends up towards me. I would make my penis bigger because the girls in my class like them big. I have had no reject me because of my ejaculation is very hard and enjoyable. my ejaculation varys on how hard my orgasum is, when I get a blowjob it shoots and squits but when I masterbate it shoots and sprays. I cum about three teaspoons worth, and once in a while it shoots in two large busrts about 3 to 4 feet.. it is allways the same colour a whity clear cum whick all the girls like the taste of.

-Submitted March 21, 2006

my penis is long and quite thick. it has a nice smooth texture and is a nice pinky brown colour. my penis bends up towards me. I would make my penis bigger because the girls in my class like them big. I have had no reject me because of my ejaculation is very hard and enjoyable. my ejaculation varys on how hard my orgasum is, when I get a blowjob it shoots and squits but when I masterbate it shoots and sprays. it is allways the same colour a whity clear cum whick all the girls like the taste of.

-Submitted March 21, 2006

My penis is wider at the base than it is at the head. I do not like this, I would prefer a larger head. It's smooth and veiny in texture when erect. Girth wise, its about 12cm around. Ive never heard another opinion on my penis.

When I ejaculate, it shoots/sqirts out, sometimes a far as my face if im laying on my back. Quantity varies depending on how often I have masturbated recently.

-Submitted March 21, 2006

My penis is long and hard with a gentle curve to the left with a defined helmet head. Defined veins and a visible circumcision scar around the middle. When hard it is very hard and hot to the touch.

-Submitted March 21, 2006
fairway freddy

my penis is really small when flacid. about 1. grows to 5 when erect. I am uncut and love it. I have never had a complait yet. I bring my wife to orgasum every time. I would love to have a couple of more inches. my ejaculate can really shoot if it has been a couple of days and I am really aroused. I would really like to be larger when flacid.

-Submitted March 21, 2006

tanned and curves up. Never made fun up. It has a nick name and its Hercules. Women have told me that I have a very good looking penis. I have learned that woman like; the way it looks, its shape and size all matter, not just size alone.

-Submitted March 21, 2006
Iowa Mark

My penis has a slight upward curve when erect, 6.75. The color of the head of my penis is medium pink. The shaft is pale pink. The head of my penis is equal in girth to the shaft, 4.5. My penis hasn't a foreskin. I have had people, female and male, tell me that they like how my penis looks and feels. My ejaculations will vary. If I ejaculate once or more every day I tend to dribble, maybe 6-8 thick drools about a teaspoon. If I go a day or two without ejaculating then masturbate I will tend to have a quick spray then squirt around 4-6 ropes, with a few more thick consistant drools about a tablespoon or so. My cum has a white pearl color with some clear semen. I'm comfortable with my penis and my penis keeps me comfortable.


-Submitted March 20, 2006

My Penis is fairly long when flacid and hanfs down lower then my balls. It is a normal skin colour however there is a slight difference where I have been circumsied.W When hard it points straight up and and the head flares out alot. It is very thick and I have a large head. No I have never been rejected b4,except one chick who I just couldn't get it in her tight pussy. Nickname, Big Steve my ex loves it. I get compliments all the time due to its natural size and the size of my head. Ejaculation is very powerful can squert several times a white thick liqiud, somtimes sprays. The only thing I don't like about it is hard-ons wearing jeans as it hurts like hell. Too much cum becomes messy in the bedroom, I would change that fact if I could, Any questions email me

-Submitted March 20, 2006

Small, slender and straight. Disapointingly small to most who get to see it as I am a big guy. I would have liked to have been graced with something a bit larger, but it is what it is. When it gets to have some fun the semen just dribbles from the split head as the Dr. who circumsized it was a butcher and ripped the forskin out of the head. Even during urination the split head sends urine in every direction, which is why I prefer to urinate outdoors as to not get it all over the floor. During highscool I was made fun of and my friends called my dick the quarter inch killer. I was not a happy teenager during football season as we would shower after every practice. When I was a senior the freshman would hide thier laughs and giggles when they saw it, as they knew I kick the cr@# out of them, but my friends would egg them all on to get on my nerves (as highschool friends do).

-Submitted March 20, 2006

My penis is smooth, hard and pink. It does not bend to either side and stands straight out when hard. I would not change it because if fits great. My ejaculation is strong with spirts followed by ozzing and its a milky white.

-Submitted March 20, 2006

Bends to left and up.When hard the glans is a deep purple and very smooth I was recently circumcised and I am trilled with having no loose skin. my wife loves the new look its high and tight. Because it is so thick no one has complained about it except some people cant get it in their mounth.Iam a strong shooter my wife knows when I come she says I drench her insides when I come. I have been Told by man and women that I have a great cock.But I would like 2 More wife says no it would hurt her.

-Submitted March 20, 2006

I always used to think I had a small penis till searching the web and seeing pics. Porn movies didnt help, however I now realise that my 18cm erect penis is nothing to be ashamed about. After sucking a few guys off and giving hand jobs I also discovered that I have a really thick penis which I am most proud of. I curve slightly to the left, have a nice thick cock and am cut. My cock head is a good size and looks cool as I have seen guys with big shafts and small cock heads and definitely prefer my big head. When I come it depends on the situation and intervals between. A week without sex I can come up to my chest, frequent sex or wanking 3 or more times times a day I come in shorter bursts, on the 4th wank it may only be one drop of come. Definitely the more aroused I am the bigger and further the load. Intercourse - my penis throbs and seems bigger than just wanking. I have been told I have an awesome looking cock by guys and girls. If I could change it maybe add another 2cm on. However I still think I have a small looking cock when flacid(12cm)but realise that the bigger your thighs are the higher your balls rest and thus make your package look bigger - I wouldnt look good in a superman outfit.

-Submitted March 20, 2006

I rather like the shape of my penis - it hangs straight - it would be nice if it were a little longer - but I'm happy. I'm uncut - when by the age of 18 - the skin just disappeared - I look cut. I can get it hard in about two minutes - & I'm ready to ejaculate usually in abother 2 or 3 minutes - my seman is cloudy - & there isn't a lot.

-Submitted March 20, 2006

More About Wiggy Wiggy is only 1 3/4 inches long when soft, with his foreskin peeled right back, of course. When soft, with the foreskin well forward and bunched up at the front, my partner says he looks like a teapot. When he's had a shave, he really does look like one - the ball sac is the pot and the hooded penis is the spout. Why hasn't anyone made a teapot like a cock and balls? When Wiggy is hard he is 6 inches long from base to the tip of his glans at the urethra. Wearing a cock ring doesn't make Wiggy any longer, but he does get much, much fatter and his blue veins really stand out. Fantastic. Even though he has a long foreskin, when he is rock hard his foreskin automatically peels right back behind his glans, exposing the knob. I have often tasted my own semen, even though I go right off the idea immediately I shoot. My partner usually makes me. We both find the taste pleasant, slightly salty and very, very sticky. It's not as salty as pee.

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