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TITLE: thdave

My penis is uncut and has the same skin color as the rest of my body. It very definately has a slight curve to the left. It has a couple of nice veins that pop out when it is erect. The head is completely covered when flacid, but I have no foreskin overhang. When fully erect the head is completely exposed and the foreskin will only cover about 1/2 of the head. No one has ever made fun of my penis. In fact, most of my partners have complemented the shape and look of my penis. My dad and I always called our penis "Peter" a name I still use. I would change very little about my penis. I have always thought it would be nice if it were bigger around and darker. I have some precum during masturbation and I enjoy both dry and wet masturbation. During ejaculation, my cum is very white and I generally shoot 3 to 5 shots. The shots are any where from 1 foot to over 3 feet. I have very little drool after shooting. I love masturbation and edge for hours. My Peter loves for me to make it feel good and in turn it give me great pleasure. My most pleasurable orgasms are laying back and shooting those white ropes from my chest to my face.

TITLE: Randman

My penis bends up and has the same color as the rest as my boby except for my head that is more pink. If I could I would make it bigger by two inches and I would in crease the girth by 1 1/2 inches. Ihave never had anyone ever reject it but my girlfried said it was the biggest one she has ever seen. My girlfried named it Mr. Man. when I am in the locker room the guys think that I have a very big penis because it sticks out but I don't have an boner. My ejaculation dribbles down botton of my shaft and all the way down to my balls and it feels great when I rub it in.


I have a normal size penis and love masturbating and cumming everywhere. One time a friend wanted to see my penis and compare erections (neither of us are gay) and as we were sizing them up , he grabbed my penis and started pumping and it felt sooo good having someone jack me off. My friend complemented my size and feel of my penis in his hands. My usual ejaculation is explosive and my erection gets even harder as I cum. I hope you enjoyed the description about my penis, and I hope you post it.


I am an uncut male. That caused me embarrassment when I was young since the other boys were cut. It may me feel different and small. We can also see our penis as small when we look down on it. Seeing it in a mirror gives a better prospective. I wouldn't change mine now for anything. I have been told by women that it is a good looking penis. It is fairly straight. I have had squirting ejaculation when masturbating, shooting several feet. I am older now so am not getting near the amount of ejaculate I used too.

TITLE: Lucifer

Shape: Thicker towards the middle of the shaft Texture: Fairly smooth skin, head has some ridging Color: Light tan, same as rest of skin on body Curves slightly upward. Size varies with excitement level. It seems to have shrunk in length, maybe because of major weight gain(360 pounds). It used to be approximately 7" long by 6.5" around, now unsure due to weight and maybe age(less hard?). I would like it to be longer, but then who wouldn't? I have been rejected by guys for thickness, but not by a woman. My wife and I jokingly called it "Mr. Ed" for a time because of the thickness. I have hardly ever let anyone see it, so no ridicule has happened. Once my girlfriend held up my erection for a couple of friends(male and female), and their reaction was a loud expletive, and a comment about it being big. My wife reassures me when I feel self-conscious. I never had this problem until a couple of her friends had made comments about the size of her ex-boyfriends penis. My ejaculate is the consistencey of thin yogurt, or maybe a smoothie, translucent white, maybe a teaspoon or so. Ejaculation ranges from short squirt to shooting past my head during masturbation.

TITLE: freestyle4369

It is tannish,circumcised with the same girth from the base to the middle and thinner at the head(which is quite large by the way). It bends slightly to the right and curves upwards.If I could change my penis I would make it thicker because it would be a new sensation which would most likely be good. During ejaculation, it varies between drool and shoot, but not a large amount of semen. My semen is a pale white.

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