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TITLE: young hubby

I know My penis is considered very small because it is short and thin. However, it is smooth and looks cute...not like some big dicks with gross veins. The funny thing is that when I am soft I am around 2.75 to 3 inches long, but it just doesn't grow when I get hard. My wife use to ask me if I was hard or not when she would feel my size...but she is a good sport and looks deeper than penis size. She often will tease me in front of her friends about my "little weiner" and some of them tease me seems everyone knows about my lack of endowment in our town. But, I don't care....actually I kind of get a kick out of being small. I have been laughed at before, both in gym lockerrooms and by girls who have seen it....and from those experience I kind of developed a liking of being humiliated.....weird but true. During sex, I can please my partner...but I slip out a lot and can only do missionary position good. We have used extenders before and they work great! What sucks is I often finish way too quick...(maybe size is a factor)...sometimes I even finish upon first touch because I am very sensative down there when I have not been done in a wife does not enjoy that! When I finish, my ejaculate does not kind of drips out. Sometimes there is a lot and others there is basically nothing. Sometimes it is clear and sometimes it is white. If it wasn't for my wife I probably would have been laughed out of many beds by now....she is awesome. But I would totally understand if she has fantasies about bigger guys because although I love having a smaller penis.....sometimes it is just not practical. -Young Hubby-


My penis is about average size when erect, but pretty modest-looking when flaccid. Another inch would be nice, however I've had no complaints. My penis is straight and points a little above 90 degrees when erect.

TITLE: hung

 i have and cock that my hand doas fit around and it hard to find someone to take it up there ass they say they donn't want to have it up there ass its going to hunt them so I need someone to help me


My penis is fat,average size, smooth and pretty much the same color as the rest of my body. It bend to the left slightly. I was the victim of a circumcision blooper, and I'm half circumcised. I'm kind of insecure about it, but I've never had a partner complain. Nick names never stick, but I sometimes refer to it in the male gender, as in "he doesn't like that". I have been complimented on its uniqueness. My ejaculation is a high pressured squirt, pale and sometimes clear.

TITLE: niceonez

The shape is standard, texture is smooth, color tan. It bends to the left Would not change it No rejections No nicknames that I am aware of Ejaculation is jolting, electrical and tingling. I shoot first, the drool, then slowly oozes. The quantity is, I believe, average (as average I think it should be). And the color ranges from bright white to mildly yellow.

TITLE: dick

My penis is straight, no curves up or down left or right, and is darker in colour than my body skin, I am told by partners I have a perfect penis and when I ejaculate, I shoot up to 3 feet with a large amount of cum.

TITLE: nasty

big head, color-white, bends a little to the left, and curves slightly upward, I would make it a little bit thicker and longer.....never had ejaculation is full, thick and white, and it varies on how it comes out.

TITLE: Jeremy

My penis uncircumsized, just over 6 inches when erect, average width in accordance with the length. When I cum, it shoots out very fast at first but then at the end it starts to just dribble out. My cum is the average colour and there is usually about a couple of tablespoons of it.

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