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penis ejaculation

masturbation ejacu lation

penis ejaculation

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TITLE: SweetDickMatty

My penis cut, with a nice mushroom cap. It's pink and velvety and leaks a lot pre-ejaculation. When I cum, it's usually an average amount of jizz unless I've been teased a lot beforehand, in which case I'll shoot far and shoot a lot. My dick is small and soft when flaccid, and is definitely a grower, not a shower.

TITLE: Burining leo

I have an uncircumsized penis. Its straight and smooth like a brown bar, except for a lil curves. like a dip in the middle. I wuld like it to be maybe an inch longer and thicker. all the females that I have shown my penis have liked it, they didnt all make a fuss about the size but I got a few who said that it was big to them. When I come it fantastic, I guess my orgasm varies from how excited I am at that poin to how im position, ive shot out, aquirted sprayed, and dripped. I like my penis and I guess females do to because ive neva been rejected because of it, well not that I kno of.

TITLE: flexx

Its thick at the base and then gets thin at the top.Its dark brown in colour, its bent to the left. Yes I would change it I want it to be thicker. NO! Complimented most times. Well according. Varys alot sometime, creamish.

TITLE: Ridge

I love describing this, by the way. I will masturbate when done. Mine is straight and hard, cut. I am 63 and need to masturbate daily. My ejaculation dribbles unless I am very excited, like when I am in my car at a shopping center parking place and see young sexy women pass by; then it spurts six to ten inches.

TITLE: Charlie

I am 82 years young, and my penis has been my best friend for years. It is about 1 and 1/2 inches long when soft, and about 6 inches long hard. It is soft most of the time now, but I still like to masterbate, and would still suck any penis if I had the opportunity. I am uncut, and my friends all said that I was the best at sucking. My wife still sucks mine, and I still lick her pussy. Hmmmmm!

TITLE: Commando penis

I am uncircumsized and hang straight. The skin is very soft whether I am hard or flaccid. I am white but my penis is a pale brown colour. It is very veiny when both flaccid but even more so when hard. I am 7" when hard and the girth is 5" and it protrudes outwards at a 90 degree angle. My girlfriend calls my penis "Commando penis" because both it and me are always ready for action!! My girlfriend is always playing with my penis because she loves it so much and has never said anything bad about it, she's always told me how it's a really nice penis and she loves it and I always please her. When I come there is a always a small shot before the big shots which can hit the wall sometimes, after that the last bit dribbles out and it is normally always very thick and white but sometimes transparent. When I come it is like a volcano erupting which is the only way I can describe it really as it's hard to put it into words. I really love my penis and wouldn't change it for anything.

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