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-Submitted April 8, 2006

My penus bends to the down and to the right. My penus is a peach color. it feels smooth. I woundntt change it because i like it just the way it is.I haven't had any body reject my penus. I call my penus Dicky Because its a dick.My ejaculation is ok. when i ejaculate it shoots it, sprays, and it drools. when my penus becomes ferm it tends to wiggle alot.

-Submitted April 8, 2006
Anon 159

my penis is a shaft and is smooth, it is the white like the color of my skin. It bends to the left. If i could change it i would i would like a larger penis. No i havn't had anyone reject it except me. My ejaculation is very good. As in feeling. During ejaculation it shoots out a lot of sperm. The color is white.

-Submitted April 8, 2006

My penis is the same color as the rest of my skin, has a few large veins, the head is about 3/4 of an inch wider than the shaft. There is a slight upward bend, and erection angle is about 2 o'clock, sometimes erection angle is high as 1 o'clock. When angle is that high the lenght increases by about a 1/2 inch. I have never been rejected for penis, but had complaints from women during and after sex.

I have no names for it nor does my wife.

My ejaculation varies depending on the last time I ejaculated. If I go as long as a week I shoot and have a lot of volume. If I had sex the day before I usally shoot, but not with force and volume is less.

-Submitted April 8, 2006

My penis is curved to the right. I have never been made fun of because of my penis, but I don't show it to many people. My penis isn't smooth, but it's not rough. I wouldn't change it if I could because, it is an average size. When I ejaculate, I shoot far to the top of my chest. I dribble after ejaculation, after I spray and the semen is white.

-Submitted April 8, 2006

long hard and full of seamen it bends in all birections when erect i would have less sperm comeing out because it gets to much to handle. i give 3 ozes avery time (i have waghed it) it is wwhite annd it sprayes over 1/2 a meter

-Submitted April 8, 2006

I'm pretty happy with my penis. It's a little over 9 inches long, 2 inches thick, and it hangs a little when erect. It bends a little bit to the right because that's usually the pant leg I stuff it in when I get dressed in the morning. The only thing I would change about my penis is foreskin. I'd love to have some and feel what it's like. My balls are probably average size or a bit bigger, not too sure. My penis when flaccid is about 5 inches. When I ejaculate, I shoot a few feet of thick, milky white semen. I have, on some occasions, accidently gotten some semen into my eye or mouth (not joking.)

-Submitted April 8, 2006

My penis has no noticable curve, there are many colors on my penis especially at the scar line. My partner loves my average size and the fact that I am circumcised. When I ejaculate sometimes I shoot, other times I squirt. I usually shoot or squirt about 5 spirts. My semen is white in color. I do not drool precum like some guys.

-Submitted April 8, 2006

This Penis is Quite average i would say. It does it's job. Im happy with it. At 15ish CM It is the classic curved banana shape, angled upwards. Not cut. Nice large head to it.Good and wide overall . The right testicle is significantly larger than the left , Its name is Pete:) heeh No woman has ever had a problem with this penis, good thing , as it is the only one i have got .. My woman calls it Mr Squidgy, since it is just that, squidgy, most of the time, but comes to attention when needed(a small bit of titty in my mouth is enough) She makes fun of it now and then but probably only because she would like a nice 25CM long one to test drive, with the hope that it would give more satisfaction. I doubt it would. Most women need tounge and fingers to fully come in my experience. Ejaculation with this particular penis is great. Loads of liquid, often various colors , depending on the amount of stimulation the pressure can be quite strong and it can be ejected upto 150CM across the room. It gets lubricated reasonable well during sex but condoms do not agree with and they often kill the erection. :( All in all, all you pussy-lovers out there, don't think too much about your dick's , just use them. And after you have used them, use your tounge and fingers on your woman to make sure she comes as well. Its nice as well, aint it. The dick is supposed to be a good thing, regardless of shape,size or effectiveness. Enjoy it while you can guys, cuz once you get old, it will shrivel away and hide, and be gone forever. Keep it up! go get laid . peace

-Submitted April 8, 2006

Penis is average. It has always got the job done. Ejaculation is usually a squirt. Average volume. White in color.

-Submitted April 8, 2006

My penis is smooth and white. It bends to the left. My ejaculation is white sometimes shoots, then dribbles. There usually is about two ounces of ejaculation. I wish my penis could be bigger.

-Submitted April 7, 2006

My penis is circumsized and has one huge vein in it. The head of my penis is very large and is the widest ppart of it. My penis gets very hard when erect, and gets a dark ring around it. My ejaculations vary most of the time. My wife and I have sex occasionally, but after about a week of no sex it shoots out like a rocket.

-Submitted April 7, 2006

It is straight, and fairly thick, or so I'm told. It is smooth, and the head is large and quite pink. What would I change? I'd like it to be longer. And I would like to get it up as often as when I was young. No one has ever rejected it or made fun of it; it gets plenty of compliments. Ejaculation is pretty much a squirt. Volume doesn't vary much, about half a teaspoon. Color is milky white.

-Submitted April 7, 2006

My penis is straight, slightly cigar shaped, tan in color, uncircumsized and smooth. No bending. I would not change it. No nick-name. Ejeculation varies but is usualy about a table spoon or so and shoots about a foot.

-Submitted April 7, 2006

My Penis is of average size, it is a tanned color with a pinkish color head. There is little bumps on the base of the penis, which most guys have I guess. I have hair up on the side of my penis which is sometimes in the way. The hair is everywhere so it is hard to control. It bends to the right a bit, and throbs alot when I have an erection which happens almost frequently. I would change it by making it a bit larger and getting rid of some hair. No one has ever commented on my penis before, but it would be great if they did! My ejaculate comes out thick, usually 6 squirts, creamy and white, just depends how much i wank. It usually shoots out with lots of force making it feel great! The only downside is cleaning up after, its hard when there is hair on your penis, balls, and but. I like my penis, it makes me feel like a real man.

-Submitted April 7, 2006

it is light in color has upward bend nice soft skin when hard its like a rock its very good looking limp or hard .if i could change any thing .it would be to make little longer definitly fater.and to stick out horizontalwhen one has ever rejected or complained.never made fun of but often told very good looking.when i cum it defintly shoots

-Submitted April 7, 2006

I am small when flacid but fairly large when erect...When I had new partners before I was married, most were surprised it got that big. It is straight and mesures over 7 '' if a ruler is layed on top of it when erect. As I have gotten older it does not point upward anymore. I used to shoot cum but now just expell. About 1 teaspoon if I am having daily sex....maybe 3 teaspoons if I go for a few days... I am circumcised and resentful because I feel I have lost alot of sensitivity. I still have sex often...5 times a week....but need more stimulation than when I was young...

-Submitted April 7, 2006

i am uncircumcised.I first relised that my penis was fairly big for my age when i went to the toilet at school. I always try to see my classmates penis's in the urinals so i can see how i am measuring up. Most people in my class have about 5-5.5 erect penis.(i know this because when they see my penis in the urinals they get erections. When erect my penis is as hard as a rock.The colour is the same colour as my skin. I have a black bush of pubic hair. fairly hairy balls. Most people compliment my penis when they see it. I masturbate everyday and when i orgasm the cum mainly oozes out but on rare ocassions shoots about 1 inch into the air.

-Submitted April 7, 2006

i am very happy with my penis it has an even color it bends to the left and just a little bit down, i am very proud of my BIG penishead and never heard a complaint about it. I masturbate a lot 4-8 times a day and i get boners everywhere without wanting it and that can be very imbarrasing sometimes.When i come i shoot out almost too much cum but the girls i have been with loved it!

-Submitted April 7, 2006
Jason ET

My penis is mostly straight when erect. I'm a pale caucasian to begin with, but my penis is a slightly darker tan color, the head is tinged a lighter purple that gets darker after ejaculation. I am circumsized, and it is relatively smooth when erect. I don't think I'd change anything about it, other than maybe a little more girth - to help provide that full feeling that I've been told, by some, that women enjoy. I've not been rejected because of my penis itself...though the time it takes for ejaculation varries so wildly that some days it takes 30 or 40 minutes, other days will take 30 seconds. This causes some adequacy issues for me; even though my partner has reassured me of my's still disappointing. My penis does not have a nick-name. It has been called some names, but they've never stuck. When I ejaculate it normally comes out as a dribble. On rare occassions it has been known to spurt a foot or two in distance. The ejaculate is a mixture of a bright white, thicker part, and an almost clear thinner part. I'd guess it's about a teaspoon or one and a half teaspoons at most normally.

-Submitted April 7, 2006

bends to the left. looks nice. would have liked if it was 1/2-1 longer. call it the 'it'. looks very lickable.

generally squirt, depends totally on how excited i am. not too much, hav'nt figured out how it 'weigh' it correctly. white- yellow-transparent.

-Submitted April 7, 2006
Da Redhead

Description: Straight, cut, pink Change: thicker maybe Nickname: Rocky because it's hard Ejaculation: varies from religious experience to mundane At my age is is mostly a dribble and drool (grin), not very much and the usual color (milky white)

-Submitted April 7, 2006
sexi boi

well, id say its nice n smooth as i moisteris. its lyk darker as i go the shaft, colour wise. its erm same colour as my body. it bends upwards at quite a angle and hangs a tad the the right. if i could change it id have a larger foreskin n more veins as i find penis tht look lyk tht very sexi! ! lolz, ive never had anyone reject me but then ive never had a lot of people lolz, my ejaculations varries. if ive been wanking alot then theres not so much of it but if i leave it aloone for a couple of days i have loadsa, it sortta shoots n drools. n the colour is norm white to whitey see through.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

my penise is very small,only 3 in. hard and almost invisible soft.when hard it sticks out at a 90 degree angle.i wish it was 7 in. and my balls were hangers.i've had many gay guys comment on the size & i feel it prevents me from having a meaningful relationship. my orgasms are good,but were GREAT until my mid-40's.i would like to be able to wear bikini swimsuits,but this only emphasizes its interesting thing is my scrotumis pierced with 2 bars,which actually give the impression of 4 studs.these seem to help my self-esteem for some reason and i have received some positive comments on these.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

my penis is fairly large to be my age ive only been w/one guy and he just gave me head he said that im the only big one that he has ever had. my head is slightly pointed upward it is amazeingly soft my balls hang low they are quiet big i cum about a tea-spoon in a 1/2 and i am only 5 foot 1

-Submitted April 6, 2006

I am a little wider at the base, with a slight taper to the glans. I am loosely circumsized, although I would prefer not have been cut at all. I have a mild upward cuvre starting at about 2/3's of the way up the shaft.

I have a couple a fairly large viens near the base that kind of wind around and blend back in near the top. I have a scar along the urethra, having to be cut to re-open it due to a childhood infection sealing it closed and causing the inability to urinate. Unfortunatly this often causes a split stream or spray during urination.

I am pretty satisfied with my build, and function well.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

I thought my five inch penis would turn into a larger erection than the eight inches it usually is, but I read that soft size is not necessarily indicative of hard size. I love to go to nude beaches and show my penis (soft). I also have a large scrotum and testicles. I have learned that while a 10 inch erection sounds great, most women cannot handle it, so I am very happy with my equipment. My semen is very thick and comes in large quantities, particularly when my wife jacks me off and when I jack off with her. I assume the quantities are the same when we have intercourse, but it's hard to measure my ejaculations then. My wife thinks that during oral sex I do not ejaculate as much as during vaginal sex or masturbation. The distance I ejaculate varies, particularly if I have had some sex experience more than once a day or for a few consectuive days. The amount varies, too, from tablespoonful or a little more to half a teaspoon. The consistency of my semen changes, too, from very thick and milky to think and nearly transparent. My wife has no nicknames for my cock, but she loves it.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

long straight and un cut, pink in color and nice head. wouldn't change it for the world nickname willy, never been told anything but go things about my penis. it varys when i cum

-Submitted April 6, 2006

I consider my penis to be quite normal. It is straight slightly bent up but no longer has the erect up angle it did when I was younger. It is 6.5 inches long and about 5 inches in girth. I was born uncut but got pretty tired of it and got myself circumcised at age 38. I really like it now and have been complimented on it. Someone said it was a perfect cock. I am white and my cock is white with a pink head all of which are nicely proportioned. The only thing I would like is more girth - length isn't all that important to me. Shorter and thicker is better, I always admire them and like to look at them when erect.

I don't cum very much nor shoot very far, a few inches, because I masturbate every day. Years ago when I first went into the Army there was no privacy so I couldn't masturbate. Much later, about several months, I was on guard duty and was all alone in an isolated place. So I decided to masturbate and when I came I shot four or five ropes a distance of about 5 feet which surprised the hell out of me. It was very impressive but it never happened again.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

I have always been dissatisfied with my penis. As far as looks go, it's shape, color, and texture are OK. It has a good flesh tone(I am caucasian). It hangs to the left and also aims just slightly to the left when erect, otherwise it is straight. I have never been rejected by a woman mainly because my wife is the only women I have had sex with (in other words, I lost my virginity on my wedding night). My big dissatisfaction is simply with its size. I have thought of trying jelquing, but at 70 years old, it is probably too late.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

I have what I feel to be a beautiful penis. It is about 4.5 inches soft, 7.5 inches erect - girth is between 2 and 3 inches. It is perfectly proportioned with a lovely head. I wear tight pants, and because I am pretty well hung while it's soft, I often catch both girls and guys glimpsing at it. My balls are beautiful also, and provide me with lots and lots of love juice - If I haven't ejaculated in a couple of days, when I do, it shoots above my head - and I moan and scream in ecstasy!

-Submitted April 6, 2006
Deral ray

Thick with a bend to the left going up. i have a big head. If i could i would change it because i dont like it the way it is. I havent had anyone ever reject me. I havent had a name for my penis ever. I have been made fun of but who havent. I ejaculate very strong but not a lot. It shoots when i ejeculate.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

The shape is roughly cylindrical and rounded. It doesn't bend to one side but is slightly curved upside. No, I wouldn't change it. It's like your face, you may feel like other looks would be nice but when you look around, you don't find too many people you'd swap with. I guess I'm basically happy with what I've got. No, I have never been rejected because of my penis. For that to happen, I think the said penis would have to be pretty extreme which mine isn't. No nickname, except a girlfriend used to call it a trompe(French for a trunk.) Never been made fun of. I've been complimented in the way most guys get complimented by their girls. I've frequently been told it is big but I don't think it was meant as a compliment, just a fact. My first girlfriend reassured me about my size though. I used to worry a bit about it. My ejaculation depends on my degree of arousal, from meagre trickle to a real flood:)! It normaly shoots a couple of long squirts and then a slight spray. Colour is a creamy white.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

I've got an average size penis, about 5.5 inches long and 4.75 inches around. For my age though, I continue to have extremely good erections for my age(late 50s). The shaft has a slight upward curve with the head slightly larger than the shaft. If anything, I wish I were just a little longer, with a little more girth, although, I've never been made fun of, and have satisfied all of my partners........

-Submitted April 6, 2006

my penis when hard bends up i love to pull my foreskin back and reveal a bullbous head even though it is 5 inches long i love it and so does lisa my girlfriend.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

Curves to the left when erect. I have been told that it is big. Not to many veins, but lots of hair. I do not find it to be special, but I like the way it makes me feel. I have a large sex drive. When I go to the bath room, my pee comes out to the left. I am also circumcised.

-Submitted April 6, 2006

My cock is long, thick, and with a very slight curve to the left. You can tell where I was circumcised pretty well. I would make it an inch and a half longer (7--)8.5) but not much wider, or my gf would complain. She loves the thickness though. My cum doesn't shoot out hard, but it doesn't just dribble either. My gf loves the taste- I think it's because of all the pineapple I eat.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

My penis is 7.5 inches erect. It goes to the right during an erection. It is the same color as the rest of me. My wife and I call it him Mr. Happy as he brings us both lots of happiness. Sometimes he makes me happy alone as well!!! Overall I am happy with my size, though I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a 10 incher. It does different things when it comes. If I masturbate for a long time it will shoot several feet, shorter distances to dribbles occur when I take less time

-Submitted April 5, 2006

just head, very small shaft, when erected bends upwards. Yes, very self conscious. Only had one sex partner because of it, wife. Wife lil thing. Because of its size. Yes family. very small amount to none. Drool, drop, white.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

Well, Fred, is a soldier. He is always ready for battle standing strong and hard. He is a relatively stocky penis. He never fails me, which is really important for the both of us. If I could change anything about him, i would give him his cap back that my mom had removed when i was born.

-Submitted April 5, 2006

It has a slight cuve to the left and is cercomcized. Big head and I would like it to be bigger. I cum far and alot and vary white and thick.

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