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I'm am white, heterosexual, married, 40yrs. old and my penis is about 6"long erected and has a slightly downward bend to it. It's smooth and the tip almost makes a dull point at the end. When I was younger I thought all penises were the same until I started seeing other ones. I thought that there was something wrong with the other ones because they weren't shaped like mine. Then I thought there was something wrong with mine because it bent down and not up, as most do. I fretted about this for many years and felt inadequit because of this, even with the constant reassurance from all the women I have been with. I do have pubic hair but wished it was thicker. It wasn't until recently that I've moved past this obsession with the shape of my penis and just accepted it as it is. I now feel more comfortable with it and have enjoyed a great sex life. I have never been made fun of because of my penis nor have I ever made fun of anyone else. I have had many compliments on it and also many compliments about how big my scrotum is. When I ejaculate it usually spits out at first then dribbles. Once, when I was with my ex-girlfriend, I pulled it out of her and shot it way over her head. Those are to far and few between though. I enjoy the feel of my penis. The soft underside, the way the skin glides over the erect shaft, and the sensitivity around the head and rim. I feel my penis every day and really enjoy masturbating. I try to masturbate at least 4-5 times a week.

TITLE: Christian

Its long and thick, also its glans is pink purple. its bending 90 degrees up. I wont change it, I already did. I call it biggie, cause I made it big. i often get rejected because it is too big to fit. I dribble, cause its been manipulated and the muscles arent fit so..

TITLE: Georges

My penis is rather well proportioned even if it bends slightly to the left. It has served me well so I would change nothing about it. I especially appreciate my foreskin and use it a lot in intercourse and masterbation. My ejaculate is not large but I squirt relatively far. My semen is usually quite white though it can sometimes get a bit yellowish if I haven't ejaculated for a while. It is usually thicker then too. The head of my penis is quite a bit wider than the shaft. this means that one can clearly see it's outline through my foreskin even without an erection. With an erection, it makes the foreskin veins pop out and looks rather cool, I think. I have a few prominant veins, one running the length of my penis along the upper side. It forks into two more over the foresin. Of course, that all changes when I retract my foreskin. I also have enough skin that when I retract, it forms a fairly prominant ridge even when my penis is at its fullest extent. I find this particularly good for sex. It feels great inside my wife's vagina and I think she appreciates it's rubbing up and down the length of her vagina. I have two curiosities about my penis that my wife likes and I find cool. I have a large dark blotch on the upper side of the shaft. My wife says that if I were in an accident and only my penis survived, she could still identify me. I also have a hole in my frenulum. It is large enough to pass a padlock through it but I don't like anything too heavy in it because it pulls too much. My wife thinks it looks a bit freaky but not in a bad way.

TITLE: Patsy

My intact penis shaft is darker than the rest of my body but the glans is more red. This could be due to spending much time nude with the foreskin covering it. It hangs normally when flaccid and is straight and just above horizontal when erect. It seems much the same as other penises as seen in changing rooms. I have been quite content with what I've got and so have most of my partners of either sex. My wife calls my penis penisle-Ockle for no particular reason. I have always called him Little Willie because, when a kid, it was smaller than most other peniss in my class at school. By the time I reached 13, it was longer and thicker than most others in the class and that cured me of my feelings of inferiority. I ejaculate most days, thanks to my wife being one of the most highly sexed girls or women I've had. We either have intercourse practically every night; otherwise it's a case of mutual masturbation. My ejaculate is rather viscous with white streaks in clear liquid. The first few drops can shoot up to two feet but the rest just drools down the shaft.


My penis is rather fat but has one large vein going up the side. It dosent bend much, Um no I think its good just as is. No. No. No. It is very powerful. I shot at least 9 ropes of semen,

TITLE: Anonymous

My penis is perfectly shaped. The head is wider than the shaft but not blunt. It is a cone shaped head. It stands straight up, and when excited, can stay hard for twelve plus hours during sex. I would not change it in any way. I have never been rejected because of my penis. I have had women and men, when in groups, want me first because it is so beautiful. Nicknames? I had a girlfriend call my penis 'Master'. She wanted to be my sex slave. That was a fun relationship. When I ejaculate, I squirt and spew forth a large volumn of semen. Though, if I'm having sex for hours, the volumn does dissipate.


I'm 38 and my wife says I have the cutest little dick she has ever seen. I used to worry a lot when I was younger, in locker rooms etc, about my smaller size. I am perfectly comfortable with it now. As far as a spouse, partner, whatever, if both of you really care about each other, size is not an issue. My wife does masturbate with significantly larger, life like, sex toys, but this is a turn on for me. She has plenty of orgasms when we have sex. Sometimes none during penetration, sometimes two or three or more. Usually she is on top or in a position where she can play with her clit. Sometimes she orgasms with no extra clit stimulation. So if you are reading this and worried about pleasing your mate with a smaller penis size, stop worrying and just enjoy! There is an unusual trick I have learned in recent years - multiple orgasms. Not for her, for me! Yes, multiple orgasms. I'm not talking about cumming loosing your erection and comming again in a short time, I am talking about a series of orgasms from 2 to 12 in a short time and never loosing your hard-on. Naturally after about the third or fourth orgasm your orgasms won't bring forth much as far as ejaculation, just a drop or two. Usually what I do is start out slow, I use a penis ring usually and K-Y. I may built myself up for 30 minutes or more before the first orgasm. When I feel it coming on I relax a bit and enjoy it slowly rather than having the gritted teeth pounding my dick hard and fast like I used to. Try to control your squirts, I'll only squirt cum two or three times then stop. Sometimes I may even need to let go of my dick for just a few seconds and enjoy the orgasm. I'll shoot an amazing amount of come sometimes doing this, squirting myself in the face or on the wall. But sometimes it is more normal and less, you never know. After I come, I slowly keep stroking again until I reach the point where I can feel the cum swelling inside and let it go again. I blew my wifes mind the first time I showed her what I could do! And it took me 35+ years to figure it out!! There are multiple male orgasm sites on the web, search and read their tecniques too. I only searched after I found out I could do it more recenlty. I do remember a very few times when I was a late teen having sex and comming twice without taking it out, but rare. One more thing I really enjoy is anal, prostate, stimulation. I love it when my wife puts one of her toys in my ass. hint: use a condom on the toy to keep it fresh and clean during anal. Last thing, has anyone ever made fun of my small dick? Yes. Mainly my ex-wife. The key word there being EX. And of course ignorant guys in the locker rooms and showers.

TITLE: attractivo

my penis has never been critisised but most of us would like the extra inch i suppose if we're honest... I'm 6.5 to 7 inches depending on which way the wind is blowing. I consider myself to be slightly bigger than averige.I'm 5.25 in circumference. It bends upwards slightly. My ejaculations can vary depending on how turned on I am.somtimes a dribble sometimes a spray but always quite a bit!.

TITLE: billy

I am a white maried man, 32 years old. My penis is 6" when flaccid and 9 inches when fully erect. I am 5.5 inches around and I am uncircumsized with a thick foreskin. My penis hangs down over my low hung testicles and I get alot of stares in the gym locker room. I love my penis as does my wife who loves to take it deep in her vagina. She peals my foreskin back slowly and inserts the head against her vulva. I slowly push in until I'm firmly imbedded in her womb. When I'm ready to ejaculate my penis swells up and throbs when I deposit my semen against her cervix. I usually shoot 4 or 5 squirts of sperm which is creamy white. I'm very fertile, having fathered 3 children with my wife. She loves to feel my rich seed in her womb. We are nudists and are often nude around the house. My 2 daughters and son are comfortable with nudity and we answer their sex questions openly. My young daughters love to stare at my penis especially when I have an erection. My son seems to have an erection all the time. I taught my son to masturbate by showing him how I do it and he learned very quickly. He shoots large amounts of seed and doesn't lose his erection. He is also uncut. I have showed my daughters my penis and explained to them how a penis works. They saw me give myself an erection and ejaculate sperm. They know that sperm is what makes babies and that a penis must be hard to penetrate their mother's vagina. I love to masturbate and sometimes we all get together to masturbate and see who can orgasm first. Then my wife and I have intercourse while the kids watch. Sometimes I withdraw from my wife's vagina and show them my ejaculate. I am very happy with my penis as is my whole family.

TITLE: tommy

it stays to the left side all the timei have lots of vains I am uncut I can pull my skin back all the way.if I dont bath for a few days it smells bad not many girls want to have sex unless it is oral I am bi sexual and men like it more than girls do in school I got called horse dick or abnormal by my friends I never dateed in high school very much I am a cronic mastrubator i wish my penis was half the size it is I dont like haveing all of this it is hard to hide I never wear tight pants most of the time when I mastrubate i squirt but if I am real hard spray or sprinkle my cumm is usualy thick white mixed with thin yellowish liquid like somtimes a lot outher times med

TITLE: Davie

My penis is nice looking, it is uncut and bends down. I think if I could change if anything I would want more length. When I ejaculate it is very intense, it ejaculate very high and far, sometimes over my head, I usually ejaculate alot and its very clear. I like to swallow it sometimes.

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