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TITLE: undertaker

It is normal shape it bend up its head is bigger than the shaft ,no one had reject for my penis .well I had some problems with my ex girl friend she said that that it was feeling pain some time when we had sex ejaculation is like spray and the color is white and some trasperant liquid .

TITLE: hairy and lovin it

My penis is cut and about 3 inches soft and 6 inches hard iam white but I fake tan so im fairly dark everywhere my head is pinkish red shade when horny otherwise same colour as rest of dick when soft it hangs to the right and when hard sticks straight out with a slight up curve but nothing to severe I really like my penis the only thing I would change is thath I would like to know what it is like to have foreskin my stepbrother is uncircumcised which sparked my intrest in uncut peniss nobody has ever out right insulted mt little buddy nobody man or woman has ever complained and ive never been rejected based on size. when I cum I cum hard and the first shot explodes out of me sometimes clearing my shoulder when im laying on my back after the first shot it calms down a fair amount my jism is thick white and creamy occsionally it has a yellow tinge.i love my penis it has and will always be my bestfriend.

TITLE: casper

I am happy with my penis as is. With the exception I wish it would hang longer when soft. It is about four inches soft which is fine, just that I'm 6'6" tall it looks kinda small to me. However my friends all like it and I get complimented a lot. My wife loves it. Good enough for me. I am a medium tanned white dude and my penis is the same color as the rest of me. I have blonde pubes and large balls. Thank God I am cut. I masturbate daily and have for over twenty years I have no problem with it. I have a good volume of semen. I am happy with my penis.

TITLE: Al9999990

It is actually quite thin, I bellieve, and the "head" is quite large (height). During ejaculation, it tends to either shoot or dribble. It takes on a silky, satiny type sheen when dry, and is quite soft.

TITLE: rycher

My penis is pink with a perfect shape head. ive been told I have to perfect shaped penis. I always cum hard, always a strong shot, at least 2 feet up, sometimes less. soft texture. ive been told in the past that I have to perfect penis to stimulate the prostate and I can usually feel it as im banging it. I would never change my penis for any reason. no complaints here. im very aware of my sexuality and how to use it.

TITLE: matty5

It points str8 up, is white with a nice pink tinge. Thick but small, would love it to be another couple of cms bigger. have had several girls tell me it is small or the smallest they have had. I tend to drool/dribble out when shooting my load

TITLE: Doster

My penis is straight. When erect it points up but does not point straight. It leans to the left a little. My balls are a little below average. They have not dropped. They are still high up. I am very hairy all around. But I trim and shave occasionally. I am not circumcised but wish I was. I have white bumps on my penis. When I ejaculate it dribbles out white. Not that much though. My left ball is bigger than the right. The color of my penis is brown, but not dark. And the tip is pink. I have more foreskin on the left side than the right, so the right side goes back easier and faster, without me touching it.

TITLE: Justin

My penis is straight up when hard, a right hanger when soft.A beautiful set of good sized testicles. He is shaved, pinkish, smooth with dark head,a beautiful mushroom shaped head, smooth as silk, shiny especially at point of ejaculating a hot load of cum.My boy is attractively thick and has a beautiful long foreskin which can be worn in many positions, back, head fully exposed and pulsating, halfway, and right over the head, loose enough for tounge and forefinger to slide inside and play. That is the best foreplay for my penis which produces copious ejaculate, a real big load of smooth ,creamy white cum,2 tablespoons or more on average,sweet and salty. When horny a real load, ejaculate shoots up to 3ft+ with hot stimulation, capable of multiple orgasms each progressively more intense. My cum hit the ceiling once when I was lying on the bed and my partner was masturbating me. My best cum ever., Lots of precum, slippey, smooth and tasty,that makes sliding into any hole very easy.I get lots of compliments about my BOBO. A lot of guys are afraid of his size but go wild once he is inside.

TITLE: junpepe

Shape - a little curvy - Texture - soft Color - light brown and red - It bends to the right, down. I would change it for a straight one. Sometimes it's difficult to penetrate someone with it bending to the right. My ejacultation is like spurts from three to four. It's creamy and light white.


I have always wondered if I was in the normal range, it was'nt until the internet that I started to compare.My penis is very straight with a 45 degree angle up the head has a small amount of foreskin left from being circumcized.At times when I hav'nt had a orgasim for a few days my dick will stay hard almost all day unless I take care of business,and during this time I leak precum a little during the day. (Earl),what my ex-partner nick named it I guess for the Duke of Earl,has never complained and always commented on the how the circumfrence is so even all the way down to the base. My penis always hangs low (unless really cold)so I do get some looks in the locker room.During ejaculation I always start out with a few dribbles of pre-cum and than shoot up on my chest with a afterflow of drool.I'm a health nut and try to eat well so in return my girlfriend says I'm abit sweet tasting and very clear.Duke

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