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penis ejaculation

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TITLE: bigjohn

My penis looks like a normal penis I just wish that it was bigger... I have never had anyone reject my nickname for it ejaculations are great... mine shoots...

TITLE: donky kong

My penis is a redish color with a purple head. It bends slightly to the left and up.I never had any complants about the size or shape of my 2.5 by 8 inch penis. all my dick is called is donky kong. I only get ohh ohh ohh that feels great. hard and strong with a varying shootof hot off white cum.


My penis texture is nice and smooth, veiny and kind of a pinkish white color, and when I have an erection it sticks straight out in front of me, not favoring left or right. I am cut and I have a helmet head with a nice slit and I do precum a lot before I climax - nice and moist. I wouldn't change my penis if I could because I like it and other people like it too. I have never been put down because of my penis but I have been complimented about it and have had positive feedback about my penis and how I use it. My penis has never had a nickname! LOL!!! My ejaculation varies from white and creamy to light yellow-white and creamy, pretty sticky and thick. During ejaculation I shoot, drool and dribble!

TITLE: Daveyno

Bends to the left and bends upwards a bit. My penis has a nice tanned colour a bit darker than my skin and the head is a healthy pink. If I could change it, would make it straighter and slightly longer. No-one has ever rejected it, many lovers have said it is big. My ejaculation depends on how long I have been "going for" and how long since the last time I ejaculated. It varies. There is quite a lot. It is a white colour.


When erect, it is straight it doesn't tilt to any one side it is just straight. I would make it bigger, really 14 inches when it is erect and 3.5 inches wide, is not good enough for me or for my boyfriend (I am gay). I haven't had anyone reject me for my penis as far as boys anyway. One time, my partner and I wanted to have a threesome with a girl. We were going to have her suck our dicks, but she said no because they were "too big". I personally think we were lying and that she was too scared to suck such a large dick. I have been complimented by most of my partners, but I have also given away my own share of compliments to boys that have had larger penises than mine. My ejaculation is amazing. I love it, and so does my boyfriend. During ejaculation, it varies. I can squirt it, spray it, shoot it, do pretty much everything with it. It is white and my partner says he loves it. I have him swallow mine, because I swallow his. I love the taste of it.

TITLE: Archie

I have an above-average penis in size, almost 7" fully erect and just under 2" in width. The shaft is smooth and straight, not too veiny, no bends when erect, though it hangs slightly to the right when in its flacid state, probably due to the fact that I "dress" to the right. It sticks out horizontally to slightly upward. The shaft is light brown, darker than my skin color (I am Caucasian), except for the glans and about an inch above it which is pinkish-brown. The glans is well-defined, and I am uncut. When very aroused the corona is prominent and I like to "ride high" to use it to advantage on my partner's clitoris--getting it as close as I can to that ill-located female pleasure zone (why didn't God put it inside the vagina?!)than do rapid, shallow penetrations to give her the best possible chance at a clitoral orgasm, alternating with deep thrusts which give me the most pleasure. My mouth or her vibrator are usefully employed to finish her off if necessary. My testicles are normal, I guess, with the left one hanging a little lower than the right. They are very hairy, and I keep the scrotum and base of the shaft shaved for my partner's enjoyment. I have never been rejected because of my penis. Ladies have complimented me on its size and appearance and how I use it. It's not big enough to attract attention in locker rooms--at least that I'm aware of--but I don't mind strutting around with it a little. As a pre-adolescent I was convinced it was too small. My father and some of the other guys looked so well-hung to me by comparison (my father is still bigger than I am), and I wondered if I would ever catch up. I was a late- bloomer, and it was awkward for me, but I did eventually catch up and surpass most, though that shouldn't be anyone's objective. I certainly accept my penis now and am very happy with it, but the competitive spirit in me wants it a little longer and thicker, but not too much. My fiancee, when I pressed her, mentioned that although I am the longest, she's had one that was thicker. I don't think size has been at all important to her, nor do I think it's important to 90% of women who are far more concerned about their bodies and sexual adequacy. At 51 I have an unusual libido for which I am grateful. I masturbate a minimum of two times a day. Somedays I can do it 8-10 times, in the absence of my fiancee, as I use masturbation as a quick stress reliever. My lady is fascinated with how I look when I masturbate, as I am her. If I haven't been too careless with my semen I can still shoot a respectable load. It's usually a combination of a few squirts, followed by oozing. I have a copious amount of pre-cum which she also likes. Since I have been lucky to find a very evolved sex partner, we have both felt safe to experiment with vibrators, strap-ons, role-playing, etc. I encourage young men who might be discouraged or anxious about their penises or sex in general to be patient with themselves--both in their physical and emotional development, to ask women (or men) what they want in bed (and listen) and to use their imaginations as well as their bodies in safe and non-adulterous adventures. If this former band geek, who did his fair share of self-loathing and self-doubting, can evolve into the man he always wanted to be, so can all young guys.

TITLE: Henry

My penis is considered large by mates at the pool, gym and beach. I don't think so! I'm uncut but have a very short foreskin, thereby giving the appearance of being circumcised. I'm definately a shooter! If I could change anything, I'd elect to be circumcised.


My penis is a bit darker than rest of my body. Erect it sticks mostly straight out with slight bend upward near the tip. My girl freind says that curve hits her joy spot and she climaxes repatedly. I ejaculate a large amount it shoots straight out the first couple of pulsations and then just runs out

TITLE: Squiggs

My penis is thick at the bottom and is slightly thinner at the head, im uncircumcised. My penis is a lot darker than my actual skin. Im tanned but my penis is more tanned. I nickname my penis 'monty' (pyhton). One girl said it hurt her, so we had to stop but ive never had any complaints about it. My cum usually shouts out like a squirt the length depending on how hard i squeeze it and how eager I am to ejaculate.

TITLE: And im

My penis is enormous. I dont know how it became so big but I think it is from masturbating at a young age. My penis is tanned and is straight and hard like a rocket. It slightly bends to the right. I would not change a thing. I am almost embarrassed for other men as when iim in speedos it seems like I have brick in my pants.

TITLE: sloppy joe

My penis is light brown n curves slightly upwards. if I could change it i would make it longer but girth is fine. wen I cum it usually squirts 5ml of white cream. I like 2 drink it!


I've been told by some women that I am big and some that I am small. I would like to see what some of the averages are. I could lie and say I'm six like a lot of guys do but these are true.


My penis is a dark tanned colour. My foreskin is removed and my glans are so hot and sexy, I have a darker line running down my underside of my penis. My penis is not unique at all...well at least I dont think it is. I would never change my penis... I love my circumcised penis and how it stands tall and stiff with pride. No one has rejected my hot penis, nor have I given a nickname... and I have never been made fun of my penis ^_^ My ejaculation is sweeet.. depending on the technique I use... it can shoot up and go past my head... or dribble warmly onto my hand.. I love my cut penis I wish i could kiss it but cant reach.. and I am from an Asian origin


My penis has no particular shape. it just stands straight up,If I could I would change the length of my penis and increase the girth a little bit; based up self esteem levels. It doesnt take very long for me to ejaculate but when it comes out it shoots a little far sometimes with a good amount.

TITLE: Averagejoe1

My Penis Is Tan.And im not circumsised.Veins everwhere looks muscular. Sticks up at a small angle and curves to left.The head is beet red. I would love for it to be maybe ten inches and a little wider.I have never beened turned down.When I bust a load it shoots out and I can get it out about 2 feet past my head.when im laying down and its milky white. My balls are lowhangers and girls love to suck on them because they are so big


My penis bends considerably to the left, looks pretty wide when viewed from the front, has a decent mushroom head and a large visible sperm tube on the bottom. It also seems to twist from the bottom to the top, i.e. skinny at the base one way but wide the other way, and vice versa towards the top. I've been complimented on the size by most who see it, they either say its large or they don't say anything. If I could change it I would make the curve upward instead of leftward, and I would make it just slightly longer and thicker.

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