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penis ejaculation

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TITLE: myk

my penis is not too long but pretty fat in girth---my wife never has complained and I know how to use it...i try to keep it shaved of most hair so it looks bigger ana feels better for her..when erect it point slightly upward and has a large cap --i am older so I don't cum as much as I did when younger but no complaints-----don't leave as big a wett spot as I used too!!!!!!!!!!!

TITLE: jono

My penis is almost perfect. It is thick and long and has a nice soft texture and a very large mushroom head. It is well-veined and compliments two frim testicles. It is nice deep color and the corona is purple with a lavender/pink head in an excited state. When erect, it is straight and stands at attention ready for action. I would change nothing about it as we have become good friends. I have never been rejected by anyone because of it or its size. I notice that I get looks of approval from other guys in the locker room. Several women have stated they like the softness of the head as well as the firm feel of the skin on the shaft. My ejaculations are usually pretty powerful and manage to shoot quite a distance resulting in puddles of silverly white liquid glass. Love it ...

TITLE: Mongo

smooth with lots of veins showing and a medium brown color. Straight as an arrow. wouldn't change a thing. Never been rejected by male or female. been complemented many times about the size and performance. my ejaculation is mostly clear and large volume. It shoots every time and a considerable distance. volume has been measured at over 15 ml.


Mine is long, light pink, soft, mushroom or helmet head, curves up and in towards my belly button. I would not change it at all. Girls like my lips and penis. I have never been rejected. Yes he has a nick name of Wee-Willy-Winkie. No making fun, compliments yes for its size, hardness, soft velvety texture. I used to have explosive ejaculations but as I've aged it now oozes but the orgasm is the same. It is copious and is the same creamy color. Girls like the way it tastes.

TITLE: NateD0gg

My penis Bends to the left a bit. I haven't been rejected for the size or shape. My ejaculation shoots kind of far. My semen is of a Normal color It smells like chlorine a bit. It's what I would consider average. My penis is of a grower variety. It's not too big when flaccid but even when I'm semi-aroused it gets to be a nice size.


My penis is circumcized, but I still have a bit of a foreskin. It kinda looks like a turtleneck that bunches up behind the head when I'm soft. It has bend to the left for some reason, but other than that, nothing too unique. If I could change it, I would add an inch to it. When I ejaculate it shoots. I have shot over my head before. Usually I just shoot on my chest.

TITLE: bobby

My penis is well rounded, soft and a light brown color. When it is soft in hangs straight down. When it is hard it used to stand straight out but now it hangs down about 45 degrees. I am quite satisfied with my penis. It has met the needs of my wife. Any that has seen my penis has been interested in it and wanted to touch it and suck it. I do remember when I was in high school before I matured some of the guys in the locker room would laugh at me and say "You must have had a lot of toys to play with because the size of your penis indicates you haven't played with it. I enjoy before, during and after my ejaculation. The first of the ejaculation comes out with a lot of force and will hit my mouth when it shoots. It is followed up with three or four weaker squirts. The color is white and the taste has been described as salty but at the same time sweet.


To be honest I wish the thickness of my shaft was not so full...It usually inevitably causes problems for my partner during intercourse. I am not a shooter however I have a PA Piercing and that does affect my orgasm.

TITLE: howie

it has a couple of big viens that run on the top and is smooth the head is a dark shade of red .it bends toward upwards when hard. I never been rejected for my penis.i have no name for iti never been made fun of . my wife always tells me it a nice size and it gets her ejaculations shoots out like peter north it is a lot of cum and it is a whiteish cream color to

TITLE: hugeload

Now, I've noticed that there are a lot of people talking about their cum loads. I have an average penis and I shoot fine, but I want to talk about my boyfriend. He shoots the biggest load I have ever seen. He has to jerk off every day so that he shoots smaller loads. One time, he went away for a couple of days and didn't have time to jerk off. So that night, when I 'welcomed' him home the sex was awesome. He had his penis so far up my ass that night. But when he shot, he could've drowned an army!I wasn't able to sit down properly for a while, not only because my ass was so sore from the flogging it received, but because I had cum dribbling out of it and still running down my legs!

TITLE: ball tastic

Mine is a decent size not that thick sorta reddish at the top doesnt bend yes I wish it would be at least 2 inches bigger and thicker because I like the idea of havin a big dick no no she doesnt care I think thats y I like her I ejaculate a lot! shoot/spray then dribbles at the end :a lot :white

TITLE: Tricy Dicky

My penis when erect is rather veiny, with a slight hint of redness, also when erect my penis bends slightly to the left. I think every mans dream would be for a larger penis, I would be happy with at least another 2 inches in length and another 1 inch in width, not too big I think. My ejaculation tends to be slightly watery but white, I would love to ejaculate like the porn stars in the movies and with alot more. I dont think the amount I shoot is little probably the usual amount of around 1 tea spoon. Dependant on the amount of time I masturbate, this can lead to alot and also, I have this fascination of cumming over my face if I prop myself up against a wall whilst lying on the bed, but when I finally come to shot I lose interest and think it maybe sort of gay. I have tasted my own cum before and didnt think it to be too bad, compared to the usual remark from women if the a giving blow jobs. I hope this gives you an inside into my own habits.

TITLE: Robby38

Smooth, light colored before getting hard. I would make it bigger if I could because all my friends a a lot larger than me. NO Junior in school my so called friends would call me shorty. hard and long feels like an explosion in my balls. when I ejaculate it shoots sometimes in my face and hair, it seem like a lot and it is white and off white.

TITLE: scott

The shape of my penis is straight, the texture is smooth and this color is tan. It is not unique, just striaght. no, I like my size, nothin to change. I have never been blown, so never rejected. my ejaculation is amazing, ihave white cum and it shoots out about six ropes.

TITLE: tim

I hope my penis will keep on growing. Its pinks and circumcised, and doesn't look very big but my balls are good sized and I've got some curly pubic hair now. My sister is 5 years older than me and when I was small she used to tease me by saying that my willy was too small, especially after swimming.She gave me a bath once when I was 9 and was fooling around drying between my legs when my penis got all hard - just then my Mum came into the bathroom and told her off and she never bathed me after that. When I have a wank my come shoots all over my chest and it seems like a lot.

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