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TITLE: Scotty

My Penis is slightly darker than my normal skin colour, rough, and thinner at the bottom slightly than the top. It bends just a bit to the left, and I would only want to change the girth of my penis, a bit too thin...I've never been criticised about my penis, and my ejaculation is normally a mixture of shoot and dribble of creamy white cum.

TITLE: billy

My penis is quite a pale color very much a normal skin color. The head, not huge considering my overall size ,becomes mildly purple in erection. The veins do not stick out much. In a full erection there is a bow in it but it goes straight not one way or the other. My size and control is normally enjoyed very much and can I now achieve non squirting orgasms before a big blast where I shoot out abnormally large amounts of slightly cloudy fluid.

TITLE: andrew

I think I'm blessed with a seven inch penis its long and about five inches thick it hangs to the left when its soft and when its hard its so straight with a nice plumb head. Its very dark right now because I tan in the nude.My partner cant get enough of it I'm cut and he is not which is fun.I still shoot my load pretty far laying down I can reach my upper chest I have very thin cum but a lot of it.All my sexual partner have enjoyed my penis and I always get checked out by guys at the gym locker room and most of them have wedding bands on. shame on them

TITLE: dan

the shape is quite normal, its thick and long (7")and it curves a bit. the texture is soft and smooth. the colour is a bit darker then my skin colour(white). it bends a bit to the left and points down. I would not change nothing about it. no one has ever rejected my penis. never been made fun of it but have been complimented several times. ejaculation is sensational! it shoots out but sometimes varies. quite a huge load usually comes out but when I jack off a lot only a little bit comes out. the colour is whitish.

TITLE: midazza

I have quite a firm erection and its pretty straight. When I shoot my load I usually splash about a tablespoon and sometimes a bit more if I have not had it for a bit. If I have not had sex or a wank for a few days I shoot up to my neck or top of chest. My wife likes it even better now as I have lost some weight and am around 170lb which has added a centimetre or so to my length.


Mine has a slight upward tone is tan with a dark ring around it at about half lenght.i would change the lenght of it makeing it longer.I think it would be better.I have never been rejected, but have had comments like, Yours is smaller than i,m used to.The large head and girth,5.5 around make it enjoyable for my female lovers.Most say they would not change a thing that it fills them up and are satisfied with it.


When erect it is 6.5in long and 2 in thick goes rock hard very quickly straight up with no bends to either side. My balls a slightly darker shade than my shaft. My balls sit very tightly in the sac when cold or full of sperm but otherwise hang loosely. I have never been rejected although when I see other men in the showers mine looks smaller as it tends to shrink in the shower I would like a longer and thicker one than I have.


My penis is not big at all. I feel self concious and it really bothers me. I am gay and do not like others seeing it. Although, I am told it is cute, at 6.1' I feel like I was shortchanged..

TITLE: stud

it is kinda curvy bends to the left at a 90 degree angle, it is purple in color. I would definately keep it exactly the same if givin the chance to change it. girls love it. it seems to tickle the right spots inside

TITLE: samuel jones

my dick is extra large great you may say but I was always big at school and the other guys use to stare at it because it was so big it hangs to the left its quite soft and im uncut. I have very large balls too! I find it difficult to find underwear to cover it as boxers dont keep me in and breifs enhance my bulg even more.

TITLE: Barry

My penis is cut with marks stil showing. It is straight and does not bend up or down, left or right. I would like it longer and thicker. 8 to 10 inches would be nice.

TITLE: Justin

It's long and thick with a smooth brown color and it's pink or purplish-pink at the tip of my penis. It bends slightly to the right when erected. I would not change it cos i'm quite happy with my penis size. No one had rejected me so far and I got complimented by my friend for having a huge penis while masturbating with him

-Submitted April 9, 2006
A typical Guy

My penis is pretty normal, but everyone that sucks it tells me I have an amazing one. Both men and women.

I have a nice upward curve and a big head on the end of my shaft.

-Submitted April 9, 2006

My penis is average, I think, at about 5.5 inches long, and 4.75 inches girth, and it is the same color as my skin, I am a normal pigmented caucasion. When I get hard it curves upward and a little to the right, and when I push it against my body it is about 1.5 inches from my navel. You can see some veins through my skin, but it doesn't make much of a difference in the texture. My ejaculation is like none of any other guys I know. When I'm having intercourse I need to have constant movement until I cum, or else I will totally lose my desire of ejaculating, same happens when I get head. When I do get the luxury of cumming it is very powerful and it shoots out in spurts, then the rest dribbles out. My ejaculate is not very thick - I think it's because I masturbate so often and don't give my body enough time to fully recover - but it is abundant, and varies between clear and thick white.

-Submitted April 9, 2006

My dick gets hard all the time. if I think about my girl it gets hard. If I think about others girls it gets hard. It is hard and the head is shiny. Girls like it alot. I use it to make them come. Most girsl have really liked its shape and hardness. When I come, its white and shoots a long distance. I have masturbated and had come shoot up to my shoulder.

-Submitted April 9, 2006

My penis is not very long, but it's thick and straight. The head is dark pink and pointed, althouch it gets rounder when I have an erection. When I was a teenager I was very skinny, so my penis looked huge compared to my body. My friends used to make fun of it, although they envied me a little, too. They used to call me tripod. The way I ejaculate depends on how horny I am and how much I have dalayed orgasm. If I edge long enough, it's two or three long shots and then some smaller ones. If I do it quickly, like in the morning when I get hard before going to work, it kind of drools. Whatever the way, it's always great. I have a good relationship with my penis. I have realized that I like to rub my penis and scrotum not necessarily for sexual release, but just because it feels good, like when I'm watching TV or reading in my bedroom. I have masturbated with friends several times and it's also a great feeling. It creates a very special bondage and it's a lot of fun to compare my penis with theirs and share such an intimate moment.

-Submitted April 9, 2006

My penis is very much the same colour as my inner arm. Slightly tanned. My head is a dark pink. My penis bends down and slightly to the left. There is a big vein along the left hand side that goes underneath it.

If I could change my penis in any way I would make it bend up or go straight out. I would also like it 2cm (1) longer. Quite a few women think I have a very nice looking penis and I have gotten plenty of compliments. My balls are average size but I'm happy with them. When I take a long time jerking off or I get a blowjob I squirt quite far. But when I do a quick job then generally it either dribbles out or just squirts a bit.

-Submitted April 9, 2006

My penis is smooth and not so vieny, circumsised. It has a distinct bend upwards back towards my abdomen. I have had no complaints only compliments. I would say I normaly squirt my ejaculate and it is usually at least a tablespoon.

-Submitted April 9, 2006

My Penis is bigger than most I would say. I'm not circumcised, so I still have all the extra skin attatched. My penis curves up a bit at the head, which most people have said they like! I have a lot of veins that pop up on my penis durring erection. The head of my penis isn't smooth. It has small cracks in it from stretching I think, but i'm not sure. Over all, my penis is above the average size, and can sometimes be painful for the person who is taking it for the first time. The head of my penis is very sensitive due to the fact that I am not circumcised. Often times in high school, I could cum before anyone else could in a circle jerk or some masturbating contest. Due to the fact of the extra sensitivity, I am also able to cum more than once durring a masturbation session.

-Submitted April 9, 2006

My penis has a light texture, the circumsized head is light pink to red when engourged. Bending slightly left when erect, some slight upward twist.

Ejaculation is normaly several quick shots, followed by several pulsing squirts. The texture depends on how often I have recently ejaculated, but usually quite thick and creamy in texture. I have been told very sweet taste, somewhat thick to swallow.

-Submitted April 9, 2006

My penis has been cut since I was a baby. It's got quite a distinct mushroom head and the skin is really soft and smooth.If I could change it, I would like it to be maybe an inch longer. It's got a slight upwards curve when erect. My wife loves my penis because it's so wide. I'll never forget the noise she made when it first eneterd her. My ejaculation is thick, white and heavy. Depending on how turned on I am, it can shoot quite a distance in large amounts. I have a great relationship with my penis. I love touching it at night when I'm lieing in bed and am always aware of it, whatever I do. Catching sight of my penis in the mirror in the locker room or seeing it erect at home makes me proud to be a man.

-Submitted April 9, 2006

my penis is fairly smooth other than the usual bumbs from veins especially if it's really hard. the color is usually fairly tanned since i normally tan in the nude, but this year it's back to it's pale caucasion self since i have no time for tanning (lol).there are no bends to speak of since it's fairly straight. one unique thing i think is the fact that when flaccid it hangsto the right and i hear normal is to the left.if i could change one thing about it it would be thicker since i feel it's a little on the skinny side.never been rejected by it, as a matter of fact i have gotten alot of compliments on nick name ever.when i was going to junior high scool i was teased in the locker room because i was a late bloomer. when i was younger my ejaculate went far with copious amounts depending on arousal. now at 44 it will usually dribble and occasionally squirt about 2 or 3 feet if i'm aroused enough. it's a yellowish off white in color.

-Submitted April 8, 2006

My penis is nice looking but I think it is too small. It has a good proportion and the size of the head compared to the shaft is attractive. It is circumcised, but still has some foreskin. The frenulum is very sensitive.

-Submitted April 8, 2006

My penis is circumcised and 7 inches long when fully erect. It is a little bit darker than the rest of my skin, but I guess that is because of the blood flow in it. When it is fully erect, it sticks straight out and up a little bit, don't know why it does that? I personally would not change anything about it, it is part of me and I am not ashamed of it, it is what God gave me. No one has ever rejected me for my penis, my girlfriend doesn't even look at it, because she along with me does not believe in sex before marriage, and we would like to keep it that way. Durring ejaculation, it throbs up and down, and gets very hard. All of a sudden right before it comes out, it gets thight and hard, and my body collapses and it shoots out probably about a tablespoon about a foot away. It is creamy white.

-Submitted April 8, 2006

My penis is small when placid - two inches or less. When fully hard it is just over 7 inches long measured along the top with a ruler. It bends slightly up and to the left. Even when hard, it is only average in girth, about 5.5 inches at midshaft. I am uncut, but as I become erect the head becomes fully exposed. The head has a very rounded shape, almost like a military helmet and is a very bright dark red, almost purple - this has great contrast with my shaft which is very fair skinned. The base of the head is the largest diameter place along the length of my penis, a bit larger than midshaft. I have not had very many comments on it from women (I am pure straight), but when they have remarked, the length and the color of the head are the features that draw very positive comments. I generate a lot of pre-cum. If aroused for a few minutes, a large stream will ooze down the entire length of my penis to the base. When I ejaculate, especially if it has been a few days, the cum will shoot a long distance. If I am lying flat on my back, for example, I will certainly squirt to my mid- chest or neck. Sometimes even a bit further. I typically have about 3 strong squirts. The first, as I said, to midchest, the second to the bottom of my breastbone and the last to between there and my naval. The final 3 or four weak squirts drool to my belly just below my penis head. If I have not squirted for a few days, the cum will be straw colored and have the consistency of skim milk. With more frequent ejaculations it becomes milky white with a color and consistency about like heavy cream.

-Submitted April 8, 2006
Willy John Thomas

My penis is not big but it's not small either. When erect, it is slightly curved up and points a bit to the left. The head is larger than the shaft. It looks a bit like a soldier wearing a helmet that's too big for him. It is circumcised. I am Caucasian in color and so is my penis. The head is a ruddier color and there is a ring of flesh for about an inch or so down the shaft below the head that is a tone darker than the rest of the shaft. When I was young, I thought that ring looked like a scar. Now I suppose it is what's left of what was once foreskin. I guess my main complaint is that when flaccid, it looks tiny. It still amazes me how much it grows when it becomes erect. When it is erect, I like my penis but would still be happier with another inch or so in length. I think that with seven inches, I wouldn't have a little voice in the back of my mind wondering if it's big enough for her despite what she says. Whoever she may be. As far as I know, I've never been rejected because of my penis. I did have one girl tell me it was a good thickness but not as long as she prefers. (I asked her honest opinion. She didn't just blurt it out of nowhere). Another told me she thought it was pretty big. I wondered (that little voice again) if she might just be saying that to be nice but I think she was being honest because she told a friend of hers and it got back to me. She did name it Rodolfo, which had a double meaning. Rod is a nickname for Rodolfo and also Rodolfo was the name of her favorite opera character. When I ejaculate, it is almost always two or three squirts of about a teaspoon worth of white fluid about four to eight inches in distance. Occasionally, if it was really built up, it will shoot a few feet. But this is a rarity. I think this is a great idea. If there is a similar site where women are describing themselves, please post a link.

-Submitted April 8, 2006

My penis is straight, fairly smooth with some hair on the scrotum. I love my penis - wouldn't change anything about it.

Most people say I have a very nice looking penis (of those that have seen it). I shoot when I ejaculate if I haven't masturbated for a few days. If I masturbate more than once a day, it just dribbles out (white).

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