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penis ejaculation

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My penis smaller than average but i dont mind...its just that when its not erect i barely have nething hanging out which embarasses me

TITLE: Johnny

My penis is pretty think but not to very long. It is straight, no curving. I have nevr been rejected, because most ladies are usually intrigued by its width. A few have been scared of it. I would not change my penis. I usually call my penis by the name of 'bud'. I have never been made fun of, and most ladies love the stretch once they get over the shock. My ejaculation is more of an does not shoot out...but kind of just flies up maybe 3 to 4 inches.

TITLE: Interested

My penis is almost sraight when erect. When I was young it scuck out a a 45 degree angle, now it is almost straight. It is uncut, and when the foreskin is retracted it is a bright red color around the rim, then turning brown when flacid. When fully erect it gets darker, sometimes becoming a purplish color. I always liked my penis. When I was twelve years old it was almost the size it is now and got hard very easily. I was often made fun of by my peers; as a result I became very shy for it. (Now I realize it was mainly envy, as most of the other kids had very small penises). Also I was rejected by a couple of girls. As a result, although I was very sexy my experience was limited to a few homosexual erperiences and to a great deal of masturbating. When I grew into adulthood I lost interest in homosexuality and have never had another experience. But I became more interested in masturbating. I married at the age of 29 and have been happily married for 37 years. My wife and I have had a happy sex life. Mainly we like oral sex and _____, My wife likes the shape and size of my penis and paricularly enjoys sucking it, which she will do anytime. I still enjoy masturbating and my wife doesn't mind how much I do it (she likes to watch). I think she is kind of amazed how sexy I am. As I am ready for sex anytime and masturbate anytime, sometimes to ejaculation and sometimes not; sometimes for a short time and sometimes for a long period of time. Nowadays I find it equally pleasurable whether I ejaculate or not. Whe I was younger I mainly squirted when I ejaculated, now the ejaculate only flows or dribbles out. When I masturbate to orgasm I have to squeeze it out of my penis in order to get it all out. The ejaculate is mostly white or yellowish-white, although it can be semi-transparent if I am not long beween ejaculating. Also now I have only a few drops. When I was younger my penis was more hard and I ejaculated much more; many times several times a day, almost every day. Now I only ejaculate two or three times a week. I find my penis mostly gets semi-erect now. I think I enjoy my penis more now, as I don't feel self-concious about it anymore, also have an understanding wife, and have the time to masturbate as much a I like. I wonder if very many people have masturbated as much as me? I have done it on almost a daily basis for 54 years, and for the past 28 years an hour or more every day. Now that I have retired, I play with my penis almost all my private time.

TITLE: nyiqin

My penis is curved downwards, with a rather tight foreskin which is hard to pull back. The texture of it is smooth and e colour is e skin of tanned asian. It is bent down. I would like it to be straight coz it would be easier to masturbate with a straight penis. Have been made fun of it coz it bends downwards while others are straight. My ejaculation is white, creamy and thick. I shoot and dribble during ejaculation with quite a fair bit.

TITLE: senior

My penis is mainly straight, but twists a little to the left when half erect. When I was younger is stood up straight when erect, but now sticks out level. It is quite colorful--uncircumcized, reddish color around the rim; the skin on the shaft is brownish (I am caucasian). I masturbated a lot during my life and still do so the foreskin is quite stretched. When I was younger I received some compliments because of its size. Have also been teased because was easy to get hard and was quite noticeable. My partner likes my penis because if its size and shape. When I was younger my ejaculation squirted out for quite a distance, lessening as I got older, Now at the age of 66 it dribbles and there is a lot less of it (I have had a vasectomy many years ago). The ejaculate is mainly white, but will be a transparent color if I go a short time between ejaculating. The main difference I notice over the years is that when I was younger it was hard a lot more; now when I am sexually excited it is mostly semi-erect. But I enjoy it a lot more as I can take my time coming and son't feel pressure to have an orgasm. If I could change one thing, I would add another inch or two,

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