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penis ejaculation

masturbation ejacu lation

penis ejaculation

male ejaculation of the penis

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TITLE: the rod

my penis is nice. So i've been told. Long, thick and has a bend in the middle like a bananna with curve to the left. It's tan and has large veins an a nice large head. It's also cut.

TITLE: bubba

long and skinny ittle bit lighter then my arms brown like kinds ring aorund it bends to the left make it fatter no never had anyopne rejct it no nicknames ive been complimented bye different girls long very arousing squirts alot white


my penis is white. it bends slitly to the left, and downward. if I could change it I would. I think its way to small. I have naver had anyone reject me because of my penis, but I am afraid to show/ be with anyone becasue i thiks they would make fun of it. my ejaculation is like amazing. During ejaculation it shoots out.

TITLE: Chuck

It is an even light brown color with a head that turns dark bergundy when I am very aroused. I am not circusized but I don't have too much foreskin either, it just covers my head when it is hanging. My balls tend to hang a bit close to my body. I am not very hairy so I don't have too much hair on my balls. I have distinct viens on my penis and when it is erect it curves slightly to my left. My wife thinks I am too big sometimes and I can only use 2/3 of its length sometimes (we're both asians). I shoot far sometimes, my record has been about 3 feet. My wife really likes to suck on it, she thinks it is a very good size to suck and lick on. I tends to get extra firm when I am about to ejaculate and even my wife can feel it when we are having sex.

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