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penis ejaculation

masturbation ejacu lation

penis ejaculation

male ejaculation of the penis

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It points streight up its very strong. It has no bends aside from the upward curviture. I happy with my length but in all honesty I would like alittle more. I dont ejaculate alot but when I do it comes with quite a force.

TITLE: big buckaroo

i have to say that I have a very nice penis. its size is equal to the length of my hands. so it truley is a handful.i have been complimented by both men and women. mostly men because I have a fascination with penises. all sizes, shades, angles,widths; they are allwonderful to look at and play with. i guess because as men we know what feels good we know what to do better than women. now back to my penis, as I prefer to call it, I am circumsized (which i wish I wasn't)i have a rather large head, (big but not too big) my shaft is larger than the head and slightly narrows on the way down. I angle downward slightly because of the erections I gave to hide in my jeans. I tried to keep it in the upright position but two things happen. either I get erections way to easily and frequently or because of the length soft I just fall to the side and end up pointing down again.i have a few nice veins running ontop of my shaft.they do not look ugly. I masturbate often so my semen varies upon time in between ejaculations. I can shoot my face,pour out into pool,or my favorite squirt and spray hundreds of drops.i also have to say that my penis is not as sensitive as I would like; this at times can make keeping my erection difficult.

TITLE: Anonymous

during an erection the the foreskin completely disapears which leavs a thick ridge around the head of be penis, it is soft to the touch and pink in color, it don't bend to the letft or right just point straight up touching my navel. if I choudl change anyhting would be the size during the soft stage, when not erect it is not much over 1.5 inches. no one has complated about the size becasue usually the erections comes very quickly and somewhat slow to go down, ejaculation shoots out three or four times, white and creamy

TITLE: Big Tee

my penis is viney, pumpy, it is darker on the base lighter shaded color at tip maily due to my forskin. I can bend it in any direction with no pain Yes I would change it from being nowhere when flacid to hanging at least 4 in and when erect 8 in lenth and 3.5 in wide yes it is too small for almost every one. no nick names during school I was known as the penisless boy wonder meaning no sign of a penis when flacid my ejaculations very some days it is intense and lots of fluid other days I bearly till if I even unloaded it is an off white color when I do ejaculate

TITLE: rman

its is about a normal with. it gets huge when I jack off. its a good texture nothing wrong there. the color is brown. nothing unique about it. I wont change it I like it alot. no my buddy said that it was a good one. when i come its awomse. I start to moan and then sake and then it all comes out. it shoots all out.its a huge load. but the felling is heaven.

TITLE: jo-jo

My penis is short and skinny. It is 1.5 inches soft and 3 inches erect.When it is erect it points straight down. I wish it was bigger. whenever I am in a change room people always say that I have a small penis. My penis is called short stuff by my partner. Because I am uncut when I ejaculate it dribbles out.

TITLE: lovemycars56

My penis is of an average size. It is shaped just like any other penis is. It is a little thicker at the base of the shaft than towards the head. The skin on my dick is darker than the rest of the skin of my body, which is weird because it has never seen the sun. It is smooth when hard, and wrinkly when limp. When I am hard, I am straight, but my head twists to the right a little, not perfect in line with the rest of my penis. If I could change my penis I would of course make it bigger in length and girth. To too much bigger, but just enough. Maybe about an inch in the girth and an inch and a half lengthwise, because I not small but not big either. I am saving my first pleasurable experience with a woman for when I get married. My ejaculations vary. Sometimes It will shoot out pretty far that I don't know where my seed went, but most of the time it driibles out. I have to keep stroking myself for a while in order to shoots loads of it out. Usually I am very impatient and I just want to come that I just do myself as fast as I can. Other time when I don't want a big mess to clean up, I use the start and stop method. After I do that for a while, I can have a dry ejaculation which still feels pretty awesome.

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