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This site attempts to be as nonpornographic as possible, but it shows the penis in the erect and flaccid phases throughout the site. By clicking on any of our links, you will
be exposed to some male nudity.  If nude penises offend you, please leave now.

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The purpose for this site is to allow people to see penises in many different forms WITHOUT being subject to any unnecessary subject matter (such as sexual intercourse pictures). We feel this is an important adult documentary because there are hundreds of companies that are trying to convince men that their penises are not the right size, that their penises are somehow abnormal in shape, or that their ejaculations are not good enough. These things are simply not true. In an effort to sell scams, marketers try to convey the message that every man needs a bigger penis. Hopefully we can dispel some myths about penis size and shape on this site. We also hope to show that the picture, angle, and position of the penis can cause a man to "look" bigger or smaller.The truth should be known -- Penises come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Many have a natural bend or a curve. Ejaculation amounts normally range from a few drops to over a tablespoon and can range in consistency from a thin clear liquid to a white or dark yellow jelly-like substance. All are normal and functional. Did you ever want to research phallus pictures without having to join a porn site? Do you want to research and compare penis pictures for free? If so, you have found the right place. We have documented the erect penis from many different angles. There are some in the masturbation process, some in the ejaculation process, and some flaccid. Photos and pics in this penis documentary are all free. The site contains 1,000+ free pictures. We have white ones, black ones, brown ones, big ones, average ones, and some little penises too. We do not host pictures that depict individuals in sexual actions. However, by clicking on any of our links, you will be exposed to free nude penis pictures without further warning.

This site does not depict penises in the puberty or adolescent phases.
We would like to remind remind viewers that this or any website cannot proclaim to report an exact average penis size because the men who pose for these types of pictures sometimes consider themselves "above" average. However, we have tried to include a even variety of adult sizes. It should also be known that the penises represented on these pages are men over the age of 18, which means they are typically fully grown. Although, some men do experience penis growth after age 18. When viewing, remember that all of these penises are adult.
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Penises - Random Viewing Format
In random format, the pictures appear by chance (ever-changing) to enable easy comparison between all of them. If a page is reloaded, a new set will appear. After the last page is reached, the cycle will automatically start again at the first page.

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Results of the Penis Survey
The Penis is More than a Size?


Historic Penis Stories:
Penises in the News
and Penis Anomalies in Photographs

Penis Scams Get Sued



Male Ejaculation from Masturbation Pics

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Penises - Stationary Viewing Format
In the stationary format, the pictures appear in fixed positions (permanent) so that all of them can be seen in order. If a page is reloaded, the same set appears. When the last page is reached, the site has ended.

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