Penis Survey - There is More to a Penis than Size?

For some it is surprising... The penis is more than a just a size?

This survey has been re-activated. It is open to anyone who is willing to take the time to write a serious answer. Women are also encouraged to participate in this penis survey if they wish to take the survey regarding their partner's penis.

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There is much more to this survey then penis size numbers.
We want to know how you perceive your penis or how you perceive your husband's / boyfriend's / partner's / spouse's penis.
Please fill out more than just the first three questions below.
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Below are some questions and ideas to consider while writing your response to the survey.
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  • Describe the shape of the penis, the texture, the color, etc.
  • Does it bend to the left or the right? Up or down? Anything else unique about it?
  • Would you change it if you could? Why?
  • Have you ever had anyone reject you because of your penis?
  • Have you (or your partner) ever given your penis a unique nick-name? If so, what and why?
  • Have you ever been made fun of because of it? Complimented? Reassured by a partner?
  • What are your opinions on masturbating? (Example ideas: How do you feel about solo masturbating if married or in a serious relationship? Masturbate only when absoloutely necessary or do it as a separate pleasurable activity?)
  • When it comes to ejaculation from masturbation, describe the semen? (Example ideas: During ejaculation, does it dribble, drool, shoot, squirt, spray, or does it vary? How much? What color?)

6. [Required]
Please use complete sentences and do the best you can so we can archive your answers on this site forever.
Describe your penis or your partner's penis below:

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Penis Pictures and Documentary
Newest Survey Results Are Printed Below:

-Submitted July 10, 2012

My penis is nice and straight, but not too thick. When flaccid, it is about 4 inches long, and when erect it is approximately 6.5 to 7 inches. It is smooth, with a few thin veins sticking out. The shaft is the same pale color as the rest of my body, and the head is a nice, pink helmet. When erect, my penis sticks straight out, but tends to lean a bit to the left. There is a small birthmark below my urethra and 2 small indentations that are on the foreskin I still have left. If I could change anything about my penis, I would make it slightly thicker, and make my scrotum larger and hang lower. I also sometimes wonder what it would be like to be uncircumcised. I've never been rejected because of my penis, and I have received a numerous compliments about it. I love masturbating, as I do it at least once a day. When I ejaculate, I normally spray 6 or 7 loads of semen everywhere, and it is normally a faint white color.

-Submitted July 10, 2012
straight as an arrow

My penis is straight as an arrow when fully erect. The one unique thing about it is when fully erect precum flows weather jerked or not. No one that has seen mine has refused to use it either male or female. I have been compilmented many times while deep inside a woman and my load shoots deep inside. My male encounters have all screemed when I ram in and hit the prostrate. I love to masturbate anytime throughtout the day even if I know I'm going to get laid that night. The precum is clear and man is it sweet, the cum ranges from milkey liquid to a full white cream the taste is sometimes salty and sometimes bitter. I don't usually eat the cum but there are times I have dabbed the last dribble on my finger then ate it. If I'm in a hurry and jerk-off quick then I get a bit of a squirt but if I let it ride a bit then there is a fast squirt and then a flow live lava.

-Submitted July 10, 2012
Big Boy

My boyfriend's penis is perfect. It is smooth and silky and light tan in color with a purplish red head. It bends up slightly, and has a large mushroom head. I wouldn't change ANYTHING about it, it does a nice job. I've never rejected him for it. I call it Big Boy, because its quite large. I compliment his penis on a regular basis. He masturbates and watches porn sometimes, it doesn't bother me. Sometimes he masturbates for me. When he ejaculates, he has a mixture of shooting and drooling out. Usually he shoots it, then it drools out slowly. He ejaculates a lot of milky white thick semen, that tastes pretty good too.

-Submitted July 7, 2012
penis guy

My penis is a little over average in size, in length and girth. Has a slite bent to the left other wise is stright and smooth, light tan in color with a larger than average head. The head of my penis is smooth in texture with a larger slit opening than most.The base of the head of my penis stickes out more than the shaft is round. I would not change a thing about my penis except maybe the length..I would love to have about 1 to 2 more inches added to the length other wise I like the way it looks. I have never had anyone reject me because of my penis. I Have turned a few heads with the woman while skinning dipping in hot pools before. I have been given compliments on how long my penis stay's hard after sex it has never gone soft right after sex like most men do..I do not have an opinion about masturbation, that is I do not masturbate often. I would rather not but it is rather nice at times.During ejaculation the semen shoots\squirts and this vary's depending on how long its been sence I'v had sex. The color is more clear then white as I have no sperm comming out with the semen. One unique thing about my penis is that when I have a hard on I release alot of preejaculation juice's, of whitch I rather like.

-Submitted July 7, 2012

Soft silky and brown, thats all my penis. the head is pretty big and wide, and its pink in color. its pretty much straight when it is erect, it sort of curves upward, but only a little bit. I would like my penis to be white and pink because i think that one is cuter. I havent been rejected by my penis, thank goodness because that would hurt the ego so bad! No name for my penis, i think masturbating is great, i love the feeling, it gets real close to having sex (yes have had sex!!!!) my semen is sometimes clear, but you can definitely see the white creamy stuff in it. it doesnt smell like anything and i dont know wat it tastes like.

-Submitted July 6, 2012

The shape is straight,the shaft is usual skin texture and the head is purple and silky smooth.i masterbate regularly and i usually ejaculate around 3/4 teaspoons of smooth creamy cum which shoots powerfully from the tip and lands mostly on my chest.

-Submitted July 5, 2012

My penis is Medium brown, sort of like the color of caramel. It is very soft to the touch and it is velvety also. It's shape is sort of like a mushroom, except with a longer stem and shorter head. My penis doesn't bend or curve any direction, it comes right out of my body in a 90 degree angle. It is also veiny, and since my veins are green, it's pretty colorful (if you ask me).

If I could change it? Yes, I would make it so it's about 2.5-3 inches longer. I would change it because I've always wondered if women prefer longer or smaller penises, so I've just assumed longer. I've never been rejected because of my penis, that would be very cruel.

A unique nickname for my penis? Yes, it's name is: The Truth. Why? Because you can't handle the truth ! It's pretty self-explanatory. I've never been made fun of about it's size, I'm only 18, so it's not like I should be 12 inches by now. Never been complimented either...

Masturbating? A fun activity that should be done by anybody, single or not. A woman is not always there to pleasure you, or she simply won't. It's never necessary to masturbate, it's just when your En Calor (Spanish for in heat) and you have no other way of taking care of it. While a masturbate, the ejaculation varies. By how often I've masturbated/had intercourse in a day... If its the first time today, then it would be white, and it would shoot out in streams... If it was after I've done it more than twice in a day, then it'd be clear and dribble out of the hole p, so to speak. But one factor remains the same: There's ALWAYS enough to go around,

It was fun sharing a little but about The Truth, I've never done something like this before. It's exciting -no pun intended- and I plan on doing this again. Enjoy!

-Submitted July 4, 2012

I did not realize that I had a large penis until I compared mine with other boys in the class at school, up until then I had seen some penis in magazines, so they looked about the same as mine, so I just thought that was the normal length of a guys penis. But when I compared mine with the other boys, they had smaller penis than I, they all compared mine with men in these porn magazines, it was only then I realized that I had a penis which was in length and circumference larger than average. When brick hard my girlfriend measured it as 9, this is a bit bigger than I thought, but girls have that magic touch in making a penis bigger than its owner, she thought it was a bit too much to accommodate her vagina, but when I made love to her gently, things were OK, I managed eventually to get my penis fully into her vagina without hurting her. Since I married her I can make love to her 6 to 8 times a week without any problems. My penis is very hairy and straight, I thought the hairiness might cause some problems, but it did not.

-Submitted July 3, 2012

I basically have a normal penis witha curve upward slighlty to the left. Very rigid when erect. Kind of a darker color for a white boy. I would like for it to be about an inch longer. I don't have a nickname. I have been complimented, never rejected. I love masturbating, and have done so since I was eleven. I think it is an important part of life. My ejaculate is white, thick and when I come it usually driblles out. I have squirted a few times, the furthest being to my shoulders.

-Submitted July 3, 2012

Darker than the body,Can see the Blood Vessels when erect, It Bend towards the left,no would i love it ..... not yet ... no nick name,Masturbate only when absoloutely necessary that is when i am tired of life and shoots, maybe 10-12 ML ... colors like lime water but much thicker and sticky

-Submitted July 1, 2012

My penis is mainly straight with a soft textured foreskin and a purple coloured tip. My penis does not bend to the right or to the left just up and down and there is nothing unique about it. I would not change my penis as it has always met every challenge with success. I have never had anyone reject me because of my penis. The nick-name for my penis is Percy after the film Percy. I have never been made fun of because of my penis. There is nothing wrong in masturbating whether it is solo or with a partner. If I have not got a partner and feel in a sexy mood and want to get rid of any built-up tension then I will masturbate or sometimes I will masturbate just for pleasure. When I ejaculate it sometimes shoots out and sometimes it oozes out. The colour of my semen is of a creamy colour of which I usually produce about a teaspoonful.

-Submitted July 1, 2012

shape: thick, even size to the head, head bit bigger and mushroom , big vein along the top, slightly pronounced shaft on the underside from balls to head

curve: up but only slightly

wouldnt change it

have had many people refuse to give me head or be fucked because of the size

grower and a shower... about 4.5 cut and thick

LOVE masturbating with other guys... have had both straight and bi and gay jack off buddies

I cum ALOT quite thick and i shoot very far

I have a piercing in my penis.. a PA

-Submitted June 30, 2012
my dick

My penis is long fairly soothe and white, you can see the outline of the veins it has a very large head and the head is very pronounced. It is uncircumcised but has lots of extra skin so i can masturbate without lube. When I ejaculate the seamen shouts out fast and far i squirt a large amount but it depends on when i last ejaculated. It is always a white colour

-Submitted June 30, 2012

My penis when erect stands stiffly upright, and is normally very hard. The color is a pinkish purple color and the skin is soft. It curves out and then points back up towards my chin, and is circumcised. I am very satisfied with what I have and have never been rejected due to size. No nicknames and have never been made fun of. I have received compliments from women on my penis size and and girth. I masturbate regularly and when I orgasm, 4 or 5 contractions and the fluid shoots out in a stream with a lot of force is very white and the smell of the semen is quite strong.

-Submitted June 28, 2012
bjb's pritty penis

It's very soft even when erict. It feels like a soft shaft that throbs with every stroke. It has a slight downward bend. It sits in a bush of hair atop large balls. The color is pinkish red, it's shaft has veins and natural lumps for more stimulation. When its at rest it's cute sitting in it's nest.

-Submitted June 27, 2012

it's Long, with very thick corded veins, two tone with a caramel and pinkish color with a subdued pink head/crown, the tip is as wide as the shaft, and the head is shaped like a helmet and fat all over/very thick shaft with balls the size of racketballs, heavy to the touch, slightly hanging down straight, i would change nothing about it!, yes I have had some run from it, i've heard some call it a log or call me Horsehung, I have received many complements including my Urologist I don't really have any thoughts about masturbation, when I come it's always thick and gooey and I was told by a fertility specialist to masturbate always before trying to make a baby because I cum alot, I've also been told that my semen is very sweet

-Submitted June 25, 2012
big japs eye

My penis has an upward curve and also the head is bigger on the left side. I have foreskin which I can pull a good distance out, maybe 2 inches, when flaccid. I would say it it very thick at the base, narrows, then the head is quite round and big. My frenulum is also offset to the left, and my japs eye, which I think is abnormally big, about 1.5cm long. This means my cumshots are often not as powerful as perhaps they should be, and the cum will pour out rather than shoot. I have quite a hairy shaft, hairs growing up it about two inches, I will sometimes shave this to give deeper penetration. I was worried about this during puberty as I thought it was going to get totally covered in hair. Also, during puberty I developed pearly penile papules which also troubled me greatly. I actually removed these by pinching them off with my fingernails - a process which took some time and some pain!. I am happy with my cock, its seven inches long and 6 inches around at the base - but another inch would be nice. I love masturbating and looking at my hard cock, I like to pull the foreskin down hard and this alone can make me cum. My partners have liked my penis I think, they like it when I force it hard when I am inside and pulse like I am coming, and the upward curve means I can rub them nicely inside. Two of my exes made comments about it being an odd shape ie not totally straight, but they still gave it a good loving suck.

-Submitted June 22, 2012
Bad Boy

I would say my penis is perfect. It is straight has a nice shaped head just right, not too large or small. Texture is soft, the color is bronze, I sun tan nude. Change it, Maybe I would like it a little thicker. No, I've been told I'm more than adquete. Bad boy, just for fun. Complimented and my wife loves it. Masturbation is when I feel the urge to do it and my Wife is busy, she knows this. We also love to masturbate each other. I love it! I shoot one or two right out and than dribble some more, color is creamy white. About a teaspoon ful, sometimes more.

-Submitted June 20, 2012

Normal looking penis,head larger than shaft. It bends slight left. The change would be to be at least three inches longer and at least 2.5 inches across. This would make some intercourse positions easier. Penis has never been rejected and has no nickname. I masturbate every night when do not have intercourse. I love the feeling but it is so much better when inside vagina. Semen squirts about 2/3 inches. Color of semen is slight whitish in color.

-Submitted June 20, 2012

Longer, in-depth, and serious answers will remain published on the site forever. -- Short, lazy, and frivolous answers get deleted. -- Please take your time to seriously answer the questions above - or else skip this survey. -- Please try to spell words correctly so everyone can understand your entry. -- This is not a chat room so please do not use chat room abbreviations. -- If you can not write in complete sentences, please skip this survey.

-Submitted June 19, 2012

I have a great shape no bends.I love the shape and would not change it. Long with some dark colored marks at the top below the head tanish in overall color. I have big head,this is pleasurable for my partner, however I find it makes no differance to me. I do masturbat,one or to times a week. (I am married but we have not had sex for 12 years now) When I cum it Shoots about one oz color is milky white.

-Submitted June 18, 2012
Columbus cumberland

My penis is what I consider a little below average in length. its 5.25 inches long with a white shaft, brown circumsision scar, reddish head, and is brights red beywen the scar and head. Its straight as an arrow, with a very loose circumsision , when limp it looks like I'm not even cut at all! the head is not big but the corona is very notable. I also have a small brown line from the right of my hole to almost the bottom of my head. The head also has these very small cracks on it. If i could change it I would only make it slightly longer. I have never been rejected because of it, but 2 friends of mine and I used to jack of to porn together and we were suppost to only watch the movie but we would at times check on each other we mutually understood I was the smallest. Complementing, not per say. But1 of my jack off buddies did cum while watching me, the only light n the room was the tv,so he thought I couldnt see what he was looking at but I could, Ive never seen him cum so hard, I take that as a complement! I like to jack off with others the best because the smell of sweaty, horny, hormone filled, bout to cum peopl is every where!!! :) when I cum it isnt really that much (probabley because I pre cum sooooo much) but it just kind of pours onto my dick head and gets in my pubes. It looks like precum with some white stuff mixed in.

-Submitted June 17, 2012

My penis is smooth and the head of my penis is of average size some may say it is a mushroom heade and when I am hard I tend to leak a boat load of pre-cum. I am always horny and ready to drop a load. I have always been like that since at the early age of 14 when I had my first sexual experience. I will masturbate several times per week. I love my penis and yes, it does bend to the right a bit but it is as straight as and arrow it does not have any curve upwards as I have seen with some penis's while watching porn. When I do shoot it depends on how stimulated I get and do I want a fast and right away cum or do I want to take my time and really lay back and enjoy the feeling of my hand at play, when I do I shoot a whole lot and it can get prettty wild and wet. The whole time dripping much pre-cum and lubricating my penis.

-Submitted June 15, 2012

im really small when flacid but still grow into a full 6 inches with some girth to me, wish i hadnt been circusized and so make due with what little foreskin i have. im happy with my size, im big enough that i have a phaze where i feel myself grow, when fully erect and my balls tighten up i feel my shaft in its entirty when i masterbate i rub my thumb hard againt my coronal ridge, and over the years i can see my ridge is curving forward now. My ridge is 8 mm now, and was 7 a few years back, you can see its streched a little from all my rubbing. I love to masterbate, i love to rub my ridge, long strokes where you bring all the foreskin up from the base of your shaft, to roll over the ridge, or just tiny strokes, where the thumb basically falls back and forth over the ridge, getting nice and deep into the ridge (rubbing all 8mm of it) The other way i masterbate is hard on my ridge to as i basically rub my inner hand right over it in a curling motion, its much more rough than the soft forskin in the other way i was describing i masterbate, so i ussualy like to rub it that way when im starting, and after playing for a while and im rock hard and my ridge is rock hard aswell. Rough when its most sensetive you get the drift. I concentrate on the contractions during my orgasm to really get as much feeling as i can out of each spurt of cum. Ive had all types of orgasms from spurting amazingly feeling long ropes of cum, to not much distance at all. Its best to edge for as long as you can, on a good session i can get up to 7 or 8 spurts and a few dribbles, but normaly about 4 spurts and some dribbles with still decent contractions during my dribbles

-Submitted June 15, 2012

I am 15. Around 5 and a half inches in length. My shaft is slightly darker than my skin color. It's a soft,smooth texture. The head is a pale pink. I am circumcised.

My dick is straight, no bends. There is a fairly thick vein at thestart of the shaft.

If I could change anything, it would be thelength of my flaccid penis. It's like two inches or so, but is a decent erect size.

I am a virgin, and only a few people have seen my penis. I was not made fun of or rejected. I have no nickname for my penis.

I masturbate often, and think that in a case of marriage it's still good to explore your own body.

I normally masturbate while I'm laying down. So when I cum, it shoots and then drools. My cum is normally thick and eggshell white. Ironically, it tastes like egg yolk. But sometimes it smells like bleach. If I don't masturbate for around two weeks or so my cum is yellow and watery with jelly like stuff. I think that's the actual sperm.

-Submitted June 14, 2012
I Love My Cock Part 2

Part 2:

What are your opinions on masturbating? I've been masturbating since I was 11, sometimes 3-4 times a day back then. These days I do it 1-2 times a week. I love masturbating -- did it solo in early relationships, and even though married for 24 years I've continued to masturbate through it all. Sometimes I masturbate alone (mainly in front of the computer watching porn videos), but my wife loves it when I masturbate in front of her and she can watch up close. She says that she likes seeing the range of techniques I use, that it gives her ideas about what to do when she's hands-on with me. And she's a very good student, because she's just as good at doing me as I am, plus she loves trying variations to surprise me -- and there's NOTHING like being surprised and losing the control you have masturbating yourself. Other times we're next to each other, facing each other, and we masturbate together. I almost always do whatever it takes to both give her a good show and to hold back as much as possible so she cums first (and she squirts maybe one time in five, which is SO COOL to watch) or we cum together.

When it comes to ejaculation from masturbation, describe the semen? The semen is always pearly white. As for what it does during ejaculation, it all depends. When masturbating solo, it typically shoots a couple inches at first and then usually dribbles out. The overall quantity is extremely variable, and it seems to depend on how long since the last time and how turned on I was. I like to watch porn on my computer and store up my erotic feelings, almost always works. Maybe one time in 4-5 I like to eat my cum. I got into this when lovers would tell me how good I tasted and I wanted to know what they were experiencing. I agree with them -- I taste good to me. Although I've never tasted anyone else's cum for comparison, lovers have told me mine is among the tastiest.

-Submitted June 14, 2012
I Love My Cock Part 1

Part 1 (split because of space limits):

Describe the shape of the penis, the texture, the color, etc. My cock is the same color as the rest of me (I'm Caucasian, so vaguely pinkish). There are veins and capillaries visible all over except on the head. The head is very soft and smooth, and the edges a little darker than the rest of it. The part of my shaft next to the head is a different texture than the rest of it; it will wrinkle up towards the head with movement (when not hard). The rest of the shaft does not wrinkle when I manipulate it, and if (when not hard) I push it all upwards toward the shaft from the base I can completely cover the head and nearly make my cock disappear.

Does it bend to the left or the right? Up or down? Anything else unique about it? It's perfectly straight. As for unique, there are a couple places where I have some sort of whitehead-like bumps. Now and then I can squeeze some thick white non-sticky goo out of them, and this I like to eat (putting it on my tongue -- it tastes good).

Would you change it if you could? Why? I wouldn't mind it a little longer, maybe another half-inch, so I could penetrate even deeper. Have you ever had anyone reject you because of your penis? No, on the contrary my penis has been much beloved by every lover I've ever had.

Have you (or your partner) ever given your penis a unique nick-name? If so, what and why? No, never. But it's been called pretty and even beautiful.

Have you ever been made fun of because of it? Complimented? Reassured by a partner? No one has ever made fun of me or it, nor has anyone ever felt the need to reassure me about it. I've had MANY compliments from a wide range of women who have said that it's their dream penis: long enough to fill them up (with most, the tip has easily touched their cervix, which they love) but not so thick that it's painful. And no one has ever complained about my technique.

-Submitted June 13, 2012

small penis but everyone ive been with hasnt said anything, fairly thick and normal in colour, fairly veiny when hard aswell. I masterbate nearly everyday and when i do the cum normally shoots out and then dribbles and its usually quite alot. I always eat my cum once im donee

-Submitted June 12, 2012
My adolescent cock

My average-sized penis seems to be OK for my age. It is about 6 inches (15 cm) long and curves very slightly to the left. I wish it was straight and maybe an inch bigger. I avoid to masturbate because of my religion but sometimes I get very horny and have to commit sin. I shoot and dribble several spurts of translucent or white semen which is not very runny.

-Submitted June 11, 2012

My penis is on the small side, it is 2.5 flaccid and 5 erect. I am circumcised. white skin with brown circumcision scar. I have never had complaints about my penis although I do wish I had a few more inches. Mine is straight out. I shoot anywhere from a dribble to 4'. It is pearly white in color. Masturbation is a necessity for men. I am 42 years old. I decided to get circumcised when I was age 21 because of not fitting in. I was wrong! I appreciate that my parents gave me the choice to decide what to do with my own body. Cutting was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life. Take it from me. The feeling of sex with an uncut penis is far more intense than a cut one. If you have a male child don't cut him. Give the kid the option on what to do with HIS own body. The cleanliness issue used to promote cutting is bogus. You teach your kids to wash his/her body, vagina, armpits, and anus with some soap and and water so why is cleaning the foreskin any different ? This is a total non issue. If you don't bathe you will be dirty and smelly male or female, with or without a foreskin...go figure! Circumcision is a common opinion of those who have been cut at birth but do they realize what they are missing? No, especially those who have not experienced the natural penis. Good money for doctors and hospitals. We always hear the pro circumcision opinions, I felt I needed to speak up for the other side since I spent half my life with and without a foreskin. I regret cutting it. If you are uncut and thinking of doing it ... please take it from someone who experienced both cut and uncut. DON'T. I wish now I had never mutilated my penis and kept intact what I was born with. DO not do it! The body evolved to what it is for a reason. Ladies, I wonder how would you like it if your parents circumcised you ?? cut all the hooded skin around your clitoris and lips...Let your kids have the option what to do with their body.

-Submitted June 9, 2012

it's not thick and bends slightly to the left. it is smooth. if i could change probably the thickness. no rejections. no nicknames. complimented yes. masturbation is a separate pleasurable activity that both married men and women can perform as well other boys and girls. during it shoots the first 2~3 spurts and then the last few just drool out. its slightly greyish in colour.

-Submitted June 9, 2012

My cock is a nice shape. Very slight bend to the right. And a realy nice upward curve. Im happy with my penis if id change anything id make it an inch longer. But girth is plenty! I have a hanging lenght of almost 5 inches which is nice. I love to play with it and masturbate! When i cum it deffinatly shoots! Very far! Ive actualy shot cum over my head laying down before. Ive never had any problems making ladies cum. But im also very oral and have good stamina so its not just my penis or its size that makes things happen.

-Submitted June 8, 2012

My cock is cut and is five inches soft and get up to six and a half to seven inches hard.. five inches in diamiter nice large head.color white with pink head it is stright no curves, when I cum I shoot one or two ropes and then the cum runs out and down my cock and is almost clear, little yellow tint,as I drink a lot of pineaple juice which gives my cum a sweet taste. I like and enjoy sex and still enjoy masterbating two or three times a week while watching close cocks cumming on the webb also enjoy girl friend jacking me off she also like's to give me a blow job and likes the taste of my cum I also have a friend whom wants me to Dock with him he said their is nothing that feels better than when you cum while your cocks are locked togeather.I have never had sex with a male but it sounds like it would be fun I just might try it one day.

-Submitted June 7, 2012

My penis is darker than the rest of my light skin and when erect bends upwards towards my stomach. When it's soft, it is very small with a large amount of skin seeming to bundle up towards the head of the penis. When my dick gets harder, it grows quickly. When I am extremely aroused, it has a barely noticeable curve to the left. I love my dick but I wish it could be just a little longer. People always say my dick is huge, but it just seems big because I'm such a small person. I masturbate all the time and love the feel of anybody's hands on my dick. When I get an erection, it almost never goes away unless I masturbate, so I often find myself in a locked bathroom stall. When I ejaculate, there is normally a solid stream that shoots upwards to around my nipples, then two or three smaller streams that land near my belly button, and then it dribbles for about five seconds all over my hand down to the base of my penis. My sperm is a cloudy white, but sometimes if I masturbate multiple times in a row, it gets more translucent.

-Submitted June 6, 2012

I'm a 76-year-old caucasian with a beautiful 6-3/4 circumsized penis and low-hanging testicles. It's very small when cool and flaccid, only an inch or so long and looks like I was uncut, with foreskin covering most of the glans. But it grows remarkably when arroused, rising to horizontal (when standing) and is fairly straight with a slight left-hand bend. The glans grows much more than the shaft in girth, giving it a stimulating mushroom which is rather purplish in color. The base of my shaft is much larger than its 5 average girth, and MAY have been the cause of my wife's painful reaction to my deep thrusts. She never told me if it was that or bottoming out in her petite-sized vagina that caused her the discomfort. Although it's not my preference, I love to masturbate myself or another person, or have another masturbate me, with little preference to gender. I've always fantasized having a larger (8-10) penis, and in my old age I find myself attracted to the large (uncut) penises of other guys. I love helping a guy masturbate his foot-long penis, especially if uncut but clean. In my youth my ejaculate was thinner and would squirt at least two feet horizontally. Nowadays it's thicker and only shoots an inch or so on the first shot and then dribbles the rest of a teaspoonful. It is a mixture of milky grey and clear in color.

-Submitted June 5, 2012
smallone 56

rather short and quite thin, veinless but a very cute helmet.I hang down a bit but mostly it sticks out. I'm very pink in color. I've been turned down often in my life until my wife, she named it TD while talking in public ( toddler dick ) when we are at home she just tells me to bring puny to bed. She makes fun of my penis every time I get out of the shower. We have bought many dildos to satisfy her as I am unable to do so except with my tongue, which she loves. She has been teaching me thatmy pleasure should be to please her. Sometimes I ask for an orgasm and she is kind to lay beside me and give me a slow finger and thumb wanking. When I do get to cum it's usually into a condomso she will not get mwssy. I do masturbait in front of her sometimes when she is tired. I usually have one small squirt and then I have to milk out the few last dribbels. She says I have the most watery cum she has every seen and she always reminds me that she has seen alot.It kind of humiliating but I enjoy knowing I'm the smallest man she has ever had

-Submitted June 5, 2012
Mr Softy.

My Penis is small,and it bends strate up. It stays soft most of the time,and it's not easy geting a hardon. If I could I would shrink my Penis very small. I also Masterbate alot! I perfer masterbating to having sex. Yes Women have toled me I have a little Penis,more often than not. I also wish my balls would shrink. Having my Penis be the size of a clit would be awsome.

-Submitted June 3, 2012

my penis is 6.3 inches long with a girth of 5.5 inches the head is larger than the shaft with a big vein on top of it.the head gets red to blue when i 'am hard. i love my penis and had some great fun with it,i would not change it if i could. all my girlfriends love the size of it and say that it is big and thick.i have never had one to try to take it all the way to my balls without gagging.when i come it comes out pure white and thick in streams.i love when she plays with the precum and the head is slick

-Submitted May 31, 2012
Iggzter's Cock

I love my cock!!!! It feels right in my hand as far as size. It's curved up a bit, but that only makes it easier to hide if I'm hard but difficult if I need to piss lol. I've been complimented for it twice actually, by both my ex and my current bf, he loves it too. He sometimes calls it Sweet Dick since he loves giving me head. I shoot when I cum, which with me can be very soon sometimes lol. Sometimes it's a lot, sometimes it's a decent amount and it varies in color and smell depending on what I'd eat before. Overall I wouldn't change my cock or anything about it at all!!!

-Submitted May 29, 2012

Can't stand how small it looks flaccid. I feel like a boy. It's close to 7 hard and that's ok but I'd like it bigger. When I first got married I could reach bottom in any position. I have to say I liked that. Now, after 3 kids, my wife is a bit deeper and I feel inadequate cuz I can't do what I once could. Wish I could get past that. She loves my size; says I'm almost too big sometimes (music to my ears) but I don't believe it. I WANT TO BE KING! Would love to be 8.25 long and 6 girth.

-Submitted May 29, 2012

when hard I'm straight, no curve or bend. color = its the color of my skin (IM white) the shape no I wouldn't mind it being longer or even wider though, it's about as thick and long as a crayola marker. no although the fact that I am a Pre ejacultor and the fact I have a low sperm count has caused a second thought nope, never saw need to same answer as 4 but 1 girl did tell me it was long (in a good way) wish I had someone to do it for me but yes I enjoy it, O and I'd rather a blowjob any day. when I cum I more or less drool, my first spurt might jump but no more then 1/4 inch, and its very little and few spurts, and as far as color it's pretty clear

-Submitted May 28, 2012

My penis is 6” in length & 6.5” in girth. It is normal skin colored and smooth. I am circumcised. There is no bend in my penis & when erect it angles upward at about 45 degrees. The head of my penis is about .25” more in girth than the shaft. I really would not change anything about my penis; I enjoy it as it is. I know a guy with a penis about 2” shorter, he has had complaints about lack of size from partners. I also know a few men with larger penises. The largest I know is about 10” long & 8” around, he also gets complaints. So I feel mine is about right. I have never given my penis a nick-name. I’ve had several partners compliment the size of my penis, it was just right and they love the fact that it gets (and stays) very hard. I believe that masturbation is very important. I masturbate at least once a day and often 2 or 3 times (in a relationship or not, alone or with a partner). I use masturbation as a training tool for my “tool”. I often maintain my erection for hours, edging many times before ejaculating; this trains my body to handle extended sessions with a partner. I also masturbate in quick sessions to train my body for quickies and to improve recovery time between erections. My ejaculate is usually about a tablespoon in volume and has a consistency about that of hair conditioner. The semen is generally milky white in color in a much clearer fluid. My semen generally tastes slightly sweet. My ejaculations are usually 3 spurts that come out in think ropes & travel 3 to 6 inches, but it can vary a lot. Sometimes the semen will dribble out. Other times I can easily shoot 2 or 3 feet up to about 6’.

-Submitted May 28, 2012

The shape of my penis is uniform from the base up 'til right below the head. There it is narrowed slightly before it becomes the head. There are no bends left or right to my penis but it does bend up when fully erect. It seems to be the perfect penis for having sex with... Straight, 20 cm, and slightly tilted up. =) It is slightly darker tan and redder than the rest of my body, and only has one malformity on the upper side of the shaft. My crotch hair has a 3 radius around the base of my shaft, And I have a whale tail up to my button, but no other abdomen/chest hair than that. I'm 20 and although that concerns me slightly, I'm not too worried. If there were one thing I could change about my penis, I would want to have it be uncircumcised. My parents made that decision for me and although I will not circumcise any of my boys, I wish that decision would have been left for me to make. I love to masturbate and I do so about three or four times a week. The most amazing feeling madturbation I do ( and I experiment with many different techniques) is the mushroom technique where you hold the shaft and just rub the head. You might involuntarily urinate, but just keep rubbing. It's the most pleasurable sensation and ejaculation I do. When I ejaculate, usually it's one or two spurts that fly a foot or so up my abdomen, and then the rest just dribbles out as I have the rest of the contractions. It's usually 2 tbsp worth of semen, it's part clear and part opaque. Occasionally the last bit of it will come out as a clear jelly like substance. But other than that, I think I have an awesome penis and normal male sexual attfunctions and attributes.

-Submitted May 26, 2012

Normal average sized uncut straight penis. Oncebeen told it was too small, otherwise no complaints. No nickname apart from Little man. Used to masturbate frequently, but now prefer a womans hand, especially mutual masturbation. Ejaculation is greater and better orgasm when a womans hand is involved.

-Submitted May 26, 2012
Small Dick

My penis has a soft texture when flaccid and slightly rough when hard. It is straight both hard and soft, thankfully I've had nobody reject the advance of my penis. I have had a few disparaging remarks about its size from a few better endowed males but have recieved a few good remarks about the way its used especially from my wife who calls it her best friend. I enjoy masturbating whether I'm alone or together with my wife who enjoys it spurting cum.My cum isn't as thick as it used to be but still spurts well which my wife enjoys when its aimed at her breasts.

-Submitted May 24, 2012

Nice shaped, classic circumsized,dark brown shaft with lighter brown head and pink ridge. Bends slightly up to left with erect. I like how it looks but I would like it a little longer (from 8 to 10+) and much thicker. I have never been rejected because of my penis, some ladies think my 8 x 2.5 is 'big'? Must be sarcasm but they always come back. Masterbation is a penis need, like breathing air is to living. One should masterbate daily unless their needs are overly met all day! First time masterbation of day semen shoots out bright white while later ejaculation varies, mostly dribbles, drools and is usually clearer in color.

-Submitted May 22, 2012

My penis is 17.5 cm when erect but only 9cm when flaccid. Since I'm circumcised the glans is a bit wrinkled and exposed at all times. The shaft is a little bit thicker at the middle and the glans is a bit bigger than the shaft in general. İt is perfectly shaped and neither too little, nor to big. My penis and my scrotum are slightly darker in color than the rest of my body, but it's very hard to notice the difference and it is quite veiny. There is one vein that goes from the base of my shaft all the way up to my glans and branches along the way. When I'm very erect, you can even fell the veins on my penis with your hand. It slightly bends towards me. I have never been made fun of because of my penis, but I have received some compliments. I think that sex and masturbation are two entirely different things, since sex is very intimate but masturbation is usually only used for satisfaction, so I believe that it is of no harm to masturbate while married or in a serious relationship. When I ejaculate, the first two contractions cause the semen to shoot out, but the rest just dribbles out. It is of normal amount and completely white.

-Submitted May 22, 2012
not hard to much

6.5 inch long perfect mushroom head,not dark but not real light.when he cums its not a shot but its more like a pause then shoot,its light and creamy,i have not ever been rejected by a partner,i've been complimented,i think masterbation is fine,even if your married i think its still ok to masturbate alone,or have ur partner watch.would i change my penis if i could,yes,i would make it a little longer and thicker.

-Submitted May 21, 2012

Its just a bit over 6 1/2 inches long when erect and as fat around as its long. I have been fascinated with my size for years because I'm a bigger guy and to me it seems small. Mostly I'm ashamed of it in the locker room setting. I'm a grower not a shower. My flaccid size is a mere 2 q1/2 inches in length and the lil guy likes to hide a lot. When hard and when I use a ruler, I can press the ruler into my fat pad above my penis and doing so I can measure as much as 7 1/2 ! I have a 4 gauge prince Albert piercing. The head is slightly smaller than the girth of my shaft. Its never been given a nickname but I've referred to it as mr willie. In school I was fairly fat and was called stump dick. I've tried a few lengthening exercises. One was stretching with an extender. They helped my flaccid length look bigger. I would not be afraid to post a picture. I enjoy the feeling when it flops back and forth when I ride my bike. If I could change anything... I would make it longer and less hairy.

-Submitted May 19, 2012
Slutpuppy - Part Two

Masturbating with others protects those involved from sexually transmitted infections. Nothing is wrong with solo masturbating by those in relationship, though partners should understand the reason for it. A partner can feel hurt and threatened upon learning of the partner's solo masturbating. Often, this is the female in a male/female relationship. She sees her partner enjoying sexual activity without her, and not needing her for satisfaction. Men who masturbate likely know that solo masturbating is not all about having sex alone. A guy may need to release tension from his body and there’s no time or place for a lovemaking session; a quick masturbate calms him. Ever get blue balls? One morning, I felt the discomfort coming but, late for class, I waited. When class was over, I could hardly walk. My testicles hurt like they’d been kicked repeatedly, and the pain went to my stomach, making me nauseous. Who wants to wait to relieve their aching balls? No one. A partner may want to get off when the other is not in the mood (or only wants to watch the partner get off). As my mom (!) once told me, There's nothing wrong with masturbating unless it keeps you from what you need to do or have to do.

I shoot when I ejaculate but the amount and distance depend on how much has dribbled out in the process, along with how long since my last ejaculation. Seated, I can shoot over my head. Masturbating with someone else, I have some semen control if I am lying down. Ejaculating forward, my semen easily travels 6-7 feet. If asked to ejaculate on a guy's chest, I warn of the danger of being hit in the eye. Every guy who’s asked has received...a shot in the eye! My semen is mostly thin and clear. A few days without ejaculating, the semen is whitish and runny. After a week, the semen may contain whitish chunks.

-Submitted May 19, 2012
Slutpuppy - Part One

My penis is 7½ inches in length when erect, thicker than average, and was circumcised at birth—the norm for American boys. From the base, it gets thicker to the thickest point at the penis shoulders, just before the head. My flaccid penis is unremarkable, except that the skin appears a bit tanner than when erect. When erect, the skin is lighter and the shaft curves slightly to my left. I used to wonder why it curved like that. Then, while masturbating, I realized it curves to the left because I masturbate with my left hand in a backhand grip. I have never had a nocturnal emission, and although my spontaneous erections had stopped, recently they have begun tenting my shorts once again!

I am satisfied with my penis, although, when I was younger, I was furious that I had been circumcised as a baby. I sent away for instructions to restore the foreskin. I tried it for a while, but decided it was more trouble than it was worth, with no guarantee it would work.

Two guys have nicknamed my penis: one guy named him Charles. When asked why, he said, It just looks like a Charles. My first boyfriend discovered that his description of my penis really irked me, so he used that description as often as possible: Little-Cut-Dick. That nickname made me self-conscious and embarrassed with the size of my penis and its circumcised state. His thick, 8½-inch, uncircumcised penis did make my 7½ inches seem small. Later, I learned that mine is quite attractive and bigger than most. Many were impressed. My third boyfriend found it a bit daunting. He refused to ever let me fuck him because its size would hurt too much.

Masturbation is much maligned, and that's a shame. Even from a theological position, it can be beneficial: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens...God has made everything beautiful in its time...there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. (Ecclesiastes 3)

-Submitted May 19, 2012

Nice hard on. Thick stiff. dark cock with visible circ. line. Cock darker than rest of me. Luv it. Looks like black cock. Big dick that stands straight for daddy. Always fantasize about being uncut. Love uncut cock shots. I have had a couple of guys walk away from my cock size. Very thick. I wouldn't want to try sucking it. Love to Jack off. Do it as often as possible; Would rather someone play with it instead; but a hand is a hand. Will cum as many times as possible. Nice thick load will end the fun. Great Spritz to start. Long rolling cum to end. Love trying to self suck.

-Submitted May 14, 2012

My penis is 6.22 inches when erect, and 4.65 inches in girth. It is darker in tone than the surrounding skin. A number of freckles are mid shaft. I have a short foreskin, which leaves about half the glans exposed when soft. When erect, the foreskin retracts, but is enough to comfortably masturbate the ridge of the glans. I've had one partner who called me pencil dick. It is slightly thinner than average. When flaccid, it is quite small and thin. But I've also had compliments from other females who said it was nice looking.

-Submitted May 12, 2012
Like my dick

I have a dick that is uniform in length with a slight upward curve. Colour is white all along with a little more red in the largish head. My wife has no nick name for it, in fact she says very little to me at all these days. We still fuck a few times a week but she only likes to be taken from behind which I am not so keen on as I am very attached to her and can't kiss her from behind.I am cut sadly, I would love to know what it's like to have some skin. I have to see other women from time to time because of my wife's cold approach to me in order to keep my sanity. These girls have never rejected my penis or me and a number have said it is a perfect size and very nice to look at. When I come there are usually 3-5 spurts, a thick white liquid that I love to look at. First spurt usually flies about a foot away. I don't wank often unless I really need relief. I love a good blowjob but that happens very little these days... Unfortunately I had a vasectomy about 10 years ago. Very bad move on my part. I find that I get quite sore in the testicles now as a result. Don't ever get this done to yourself!! Seems they can't put me back together now either without huge expense.

-Submitted May 7, 2012

I have neen restoring my foreskin for 5 years. My penis is now much softer than it used to be. The glans is getting a bit more pink and the whole head is very soft. When erect my penis is straight(when standing) and looks upward when I am lying down. i have been trying to change it by growing the foreskin back and it is now totally covered when flaccid but not at all when erect. I am a widower and, not being promiscuous, I have not had sex for 16 years but I am a regular masturbator. In age I am nearer 80 than 70 so my libido is not what it was and masturbating is less frequent but I enjoy it. On ejaculation my sperm does not shoot out like it used to when I was young but I can feeling is coming and it gently pours out. I have always hated being circumcised and wish I had discovered the possibility of foreskin restoration years ago but I do love my penis.It is a constant and comforting companion.

-Submitted May 7, 2012

Depending on the ejaculation, semen either shoots out as a thin clear liquid or dribbles out as a thick creamy white paste. Color of penis is tan--darker around the scar of circumcision. Masturbation is fine penis doesn't bend to the left or right. Shaft is semi-veiny and somewhat smooth.

-Submitted May 5, 2012

My penis is slightly bent upwards with smooth skin and a light pinkish skintone color. If i could change it it would only be to add maybe another inch, i have never been rejected because of my penis. I have also never been made fun of for it, but told several times that it was just right. I like to use soft fabric for masturbation. The semen is usually sticky and everywhere it squirts then drools.

-Submitted May 5, 2012

Quite beefy shaped, not really smooth but smoothis and a normal skin colour

It doesnt really bend but tends to point upwards

I would change it because I want to have a foreskin

Never been rejected because of it

No nick name

No bullying because of it

Masturbating is great and shouldnt be discouraged

Cloudly white, stringy and sticky. Tends to be about 10-15ml in quantity and shoots far.

-Submitted May 5, 2012

My Dick is small, but! gets bigger when playing with it. Myson and I do materbate together. He was a father 13. It was bigger in my younger days I grew up in the 70's & 80's In the 80's wear people were whereing tight pants. That made me get hard right away. I am 45 and also a grampa. My Dick is smaller now. But I go to local peepshow watch a movie and gets bigger. I started to Jack off when i was 11 years and all my male class mates will go to the restroom and play with our dicks' One day 4 of us stay in from recess and decided to take our dick's out and had a big dick and one girl was in front and the teacher went to have a smoke.

-Submitted May 3, 2012

My penis is just over 7 inches long and straight when erect. Although it is straight it points up slightly when erect. It stays very rigid when I am excited and according to my wife grows even bigger when I am about to orgasm. I am very pleased with the size and shape of my penis and do not have the desire to change anything about it. I have been complimented by two of my wife's female friends that we have had sex and swapped wives with. Both said something to the effect that it is nice and even commented that they were pleased with the size. As for masturbation, I enjoy it alone and with my wife when we are both in the mood for mutually pleasuring ourselves or just want a quick release. When I orgasm from masturbation my semen has gone as far as to hit me in the face while laying on my back to just shooting a short distance on to my stomach or running down over my hand.

-Submitted May 2, 2012

My penis is cut and there is a black ring on the cut it is red with a big red ring on my cock head. when I am horny my cock stands out and twitches. i like sucking uncut cocks. I suck the foreskin into my mouth and run my tongue inside the foreskin hole. many of my friends say it drives them crazy and prolonges their orgasim.When they come in my mouth we suck the cum together, and sometimes there are three of us with me sucking my friends together.

My cock bends to the right and it is a strong vibrant cock. I would like to be un cut but that is not ppossible.

I know my uncut friends love me sucking their foreskins and going inside thier foreskins to their cock heads and further down as far as i can go with my tongue.

No ne has rejected me because of my penis. My friends like sucking me and want me to fuck them. I frequently fuck one of my friends and suck the other, it is an amzing feeling. My friends suck my cock head and say it is the best cock head they have tried.

Masturbation is a lonely waste of time and not very easy for a cut cock.

My semen is thick and white.

Recently I met an asian lady and told her I was gay. She asked me to suck her clit which was a big one and her pussy lips were big too. She sucked me while I sucked her. It was fun and now we meet regularly and sometimes I fuck her too but my cock is big and she says it hurts as she is small.

Big red cock with a big red head and a black circumcision scar. I like my cock and I like uncut cocks and my friends big twitching clit and her hig pink pussy lips.

-Submitted May 2, 2012

Circumcised when I was a teen, thirteen to be exact. Average shape, head a bit bigger than shaft, it's not smooth but not rough either, color is pinkish white (but darker than my usual skin color) with some dark skin under the head where there are some circumcision scars.

Bends right, upwards 45 degrees or maybe higher.

If I could, I would like to clean up the circumcision scars and make the skin tone the same with the rest of my body.

Never been rejected because of my penis yet, but I never had that many sexual partners anyway. Just maybe 10-15 people, none complained about my penis that I know of.

Haven't given my penis a name yet.

I've never been made fun of due to my penis. I haven't shown it to a lot of people after all. My closest male friends haven't seen my penis.

I'm single and haven't been in a relationship for years now. I view masturbation as a necessity. It's something that's natural and casual, like scratching an itch. Except, of course, it must be done in an appropriate place and time.

When ejaculating, my semen does not shoot as strong as before. Before the shot could reach my chest, my face, and sometimes even beyond my head. But now, it pretty much dribbles from the tip to the base. Maybe because of excessive masturbation.

-Submitted April 29, 2012

My penis is a little under 6 when fully erect. The color is fairly tan with a pinkish tint on the head and glans. There is one freckle on the top of the shaft about half way up. There are small bumbs on the base of the shaft where hair will grow if I don't shave. It is completely straight and when standing is erect at a 90 degree angle with the floor. If I could change it I would make it longer and ticker even though it is average. I would also like to have a slight upward curve. I feel like I would be more confident if I had a larger penis. When it is fully soft it shrinks down to just over an inch so I am self concious when changing infront of others. I have never had anyone reject me because of my penis but I am also a virgin so it's hard to say. I enjoy masterbating on an almost regular daily basis but sometimes I let it build up over a few days for a more intense experience. Depending on when I last ejaculated I either will shoot out in thick white-yellowish ropes sometimes all the way to my face when lying down or dribble out to the base.

-Submitted April 28, 2012

My penis is curved fairly smooth looks tanned ,bends up and left when hard loves to pop out and stain my stomach .My partner likes the curve as it hits the right spot when fucking in the foetal position.i would love it to be thicker,longer,and straight.Some people have laughed at its shape but it still managed to satisfy them,some have used the nickname squirter as 5 or 6 squirts is normal for me, colour is white/yellow and quite runny.Masturbation is a must love experimenting with toys or household items.Only once whilst lying on my bed have i ever orgasmed just using thought process great experience just wish i could do it more often

-Submitted April 27, 2012
Small Uncut Dick Sucker SUDSVery small when soft. Covered with foreskin.

Very small when soft. Covered with foreskin. If it gets hard, the head is still covered with foreskin. When he is lucky enough to cum, the cum is not white but clear. The amount is very small as well. May be because his balls are so small? For him, wanking is his only means of relief. It's fun to see him just ready to cum and then stop him. Or , just as he's ready to cum, squeeze the end of his dick shut.

-Submitted April 25, 2012
Fire dog

I am cut, am a nice fleshy color and the same size the entire shaft. I have very nice furry pubes. When I am erect, my penis stands straight out. I still have nice balls in a tight ball sack. I like my penis just the way it is.

My wife and I named it Herman when we became intimate. I like it being called any name during sexual times.

I had a female I was fooling around with tell me I was perfect and filled her up and made her climax fantastically. What a boost to my ego and she got anything she wanted sexually.

I love to masturbate and think it is so great when others also enjoy pleasuring themselves. When I cumm it squirts and then oozes out. I like to shoot all over my belly.

I enjoy my penis and like to use it and have it used with others.

-Submitted April 25, 2012

My penis is curcumsizd. My length is a lil over 9inchs. My head is much larger in diamiter than my shaft. My shaft is long and bends up and a lil to the left. My shaft ir about 3 or 4 incher in diamiter. However my thick part of my head is about 7 in curcumfrence. My lower thicker part of my head erea is quit soft and silky. My tip is a lil harder with a larger size pee hole. I like to feel tips of tounges etc try to insert down it. I often pre.cum a little if my head is being teased. When i ejaculate i mostly cum alot for a gud minute. I mean alot 2. But lot less if self masturbaiting. Also have a desire to taste my own semen out of a girls mouth. Vagina. Etc. I shave my ballz and penis for myself az much az anyone else. I enjoy the smoothness

-Submitted April 24, 2012

Texture - smooth Foreskin - yes I love to play with it!!! Colour - light brown Penis Rejection - no Nickname of penis - cheeky Masturbation - yes I love it when she jacks me off. But I normally do it once a day!!! ;) Semen - it squirts but not like porn stars!!! probably 6 squirt spread. Colour is off white.

Its 5.5 long but wish it was an inch longer. Girth is fine in my opinion.

Would have been easier if I could upload a pic of my penis!!!

-Submitted April 24, 2012

My penis is white with the head sightly pinkish. I would change the size girth because any American condom fits very baggy, which tells me I'm too small in the girth. I'm ok with the length at 5.5 inches. I need more than the inch measurement when flaccid also. My wife never admitted it was small but I believe that is why she had the 20 yr affair was because I wasn't pleasuring her due to my small penis girth . Since my wife is in a nursing I have to masterbate at least once a week because the edgieness gets too great. The semen is thicker and comes out much slower than in earlier years.

-Submitted April 22, 2012

My penis is straight, I have a foreskin the retracts when stiff. It is above average size and men look at it in gym showers. My wife likes the shape and size just as is, says the best dick she ever sucked on. Despite healthy sex in our marriage I masturbate more than I have intercourse. This was always like this, except when I entered a new relationship and the fucking is more intense. In general I find that women do not match the desired frequency of men. But I also admit, that I enjoy the solo job

-Submitted April 21, 2012

My penis has always been straight and points up at about a 15 degree angle. I am uncut and 7 to 7 and a quarter inches long...If I were able to change my penis it would be that it were thicker. Never had a rejection and have never named my penis. I have masturbated for over 60 years and think it is ok to masturbate if you feel the need to do so, whether married or in a relationship as sometimes a man just has a need to masturbate. Ejaculations vary depending on mood, need, and time

-Submitted April 19, 2012
horny dude

when erect it turns slightly upwards and slightly to the left, it is pinkish in color but turns red when erect, and bright red when I am ready to cum. no, I would not change anything about it .I have had many compliments on it and my performance. I have never been rejected or made fun of, only compliments from men in showers and women Ive been with, I love everything about it. I love to masturbate as well as sex with women, I feel good with both I hope to keep going for many more years I started masturbateing at age 6 and my first sex with an older girl when I was 13. when I ejaculate it is white or creamy looking and has a pleasant smell to it.

-Submitted April 19, 2012
old cock

My cock is circumsized. My cock is curved when hard,upwards and in towards me. when my cock is soft it is 5 inches long. when my cock is hard it's 8 inches. My cock bends to the right when its soft as well. The haed of my cock is purplish in color when hard and mostly pinkish when soft. I shave all my pubic hair. I love the feeling of my smooth hard cock and I love to show it to others. I have never had anyone reject my cock although i have had a couple people tell me it hurts them when we fuck. i like the size of my cock but i would love to have a couple more inches as im sure all men would like to have a bigger cock. i love to jerk off. i do it everyday. my cum is mostly thick and it shoots to my face if i am lying on my back. i love the taste of my thick white cum. i would love to add a picture of my cock to this website but havent figured out where to send the pic.

-Submitted April 18, 2012
Not unhappy neither is my wife

When I am flaccid my penis is about 4 1/2 inches in length. When I am fully erect it measures a genuine 7 3/4 inches and it was my wife who measured it. I am not circumcised and have an average foreskin which still just covers the glans when I am erect. The penis shaft is the same colour as my body but the glans is just slightly a pinkish purple. I have one vein which runs down most of the length of my penis and it becomes distended when I have an erection. My testicles are quite tight against my body beneath my penis. I can get an erection quite quickly especially when having foreplay with my wife. We still have very regular love making and she is now 73. One of the best attributes is that during intercourse I can usually stay inside her vagina until she has her orgasm and then I mostly ejaculate at that time. I like to leave my penis inside her after we have climaxed and whether I am still inside her or have withdrawn, my penis will stay semi erect for up to two minutes. This is a second marriage for both of us and I was 59 when we met and soon married after that. We always talk when masturbating or making love and describe what we like about each others bodies and she says that my penis was made especially for her. I was without a partner for over wto years before remarrying and I did not have full sex with another woman in between that time but I did quite often wake up in the morning with an erection and have to admit I sometimes masturbated and found that my orgasms were very strong. Sex within my first marriage was satisfactory but this time it is perfect

-Submitted April 18, 2012
tomb rader

My cock is perfectly straight with a few very pronounced veins. It's darker than the rest of me. I've been told it is very nice. I've never had any complaints. I LOVE it and play with it daily and even though I am in a relationship and get plenty of action, I still masturbate alone at least once a day. I have a thick white semen that I can still shoot quite far, especially when I take a couple hours to pleasure myself. I enjoy rubbing the semen into my body after I cum. I started to masturbate when I was 10 years old, before I could even ejaculate, I remember just having the feeling. 26 years later, Still love it. Happy Jacking! (=====B

-Submitted April 18, 2012
my shaved little cock

My cock is kinda pointed. it is bigger at shaft then angles towards the tip. The head is pretty big though considering i think my cock is too small cock bends to the right when its semi hard, but when completely hard it curves upwards and towards my stomach.then only thing i would change is of course for my cock to be fatter and longer as i think its very small size. my cock is around 6 inches when absolutely fully hard. the head of my cock is pretty much pink but when its hard it turns more purplish. so far I've never been rejected because of my penis. I have been told before that it's bigger than others but I've also been told that it's skinny too. I jerk off almost everyday, even on the days I fuck i jerk off. my cum sometimes is pretty thick when I've fucked recently. if i jerk off after fucking my cum is usually fairly thick. either way I love to eat my cum. I love to eat my cum from pussy as well. my favorite thing to do outside of fucking or jerking off is showing my cock to as many people as I can.

-Submitted April 17, 2012
C D1zzle

My penis is kinda big. I'm proud of it but it has a kind of a bulge going up the whole shaft on the bottom. It bends up towards me and almost touches my belly button. I would not change it because if I was having sex I would want the penis in my ass to be like mine. I love masturbating, I do it just about four times a day on weekdays and I also love give handjobs and blow jobs.

-Submitted April 16, 2012
Dragon Dix

My Penis is 3 to 4 inches soft and about 6 inches erect, it is brown and feels smooth. I do not actually have a name for it and refer to it as my cock or dick. most people who have seen it think it's good looking. Guys seem to find it more interesting than women do. Guys want to touch and feel and play with it and give me more compliments, Women take more of a casual attitude to it. One woman thanked me cause she said it was the first kind of it's type she had seen. (what she meant i'm not sure she refused to say) I would not change anything about it. i am not circumsized and i love to play with it often. My penis also has birth marks on it that you have to really look at it to see them. My cum varies sometimes it shoots out hard, sometimes it shoots softly and not to far, other times it dribbles out. Masturbation is my favorite hobby both solo and with a friend, if i could i'd masturbate more often. when i am home i am always holdin it or playin with it or just doing something with it. i often hold it while i read or surf the net,or watch t.v. even if it's not about sex there are times when i talk to it and i will show it to almost anyone old enough to look at it especially guys Thank you for this oppoutunity to talk about my c***. p.s my penis seems to get harder during the full moon and the nights leading up to the full moon

-Submitted April 16, 2012

Long and pink cause I'm a redhead. Head is purple in color standard/helmut shaped and the biggest part not quite a mushroom head though. It curves up and is pretty straight except a little bend to the left with a big vein on the top and it's circumcised but wish it wasn't. Most girls said it was big, one ex said it was huge and was afraid when I tried to put it in. No one ever rejected me for my penis but I think the girls were surprised by the red pubes, all loved to play with it though. I love to masterbate feels so good probably one of the reasons I wish I was not circumcised and that would be the only thing I would change other than that I like my penis and girls do too. When I was younger I used to be able to shoot cum pretty far with lots of good spurts, now not as much, comes out like a big drool and it's kinda yellowish white in color with different concistancies but mostly thick, never thought I was a big cummer compared to some porns I've seen girls said I do leak a lot of precum though which some like except when giving a blowjob.

-Submitted April 15, 2012

My penis is not all that big, in fact I wish it was bigger. Having said that I love the way it looks, it has a big mushroom head and curves a bit back toward my stomach when erect. I keep my balls shaved which makes it look a bit bigger. I used to worry about size but I have gotten to the point where I enjoy my penis and don't worry about size.

-Submitted April 15, 2012

My penis is somewhat thick and smooth, although very hairy. Color-wise, my penis is a bit darker than the rest of my skin. It bends very slightly to the right and up. If I could change anything, I would much rather be uncircumcised. Luckily, I've never had any partner reject my penis, however none of them have given it a nickname.

My opinion on masturbation is, that it's primarily a private activity. Even in a sexually active relationship, I believe partners should be given the privacy to masturbate alone, but with each other as well if they desire.

During ejaculation, I experience a very nice orgasm. Depending on how long it's been since my last ejaculation, will factor in as to how much semen is ejaculated and the force in which it's ejaculated.

-Submitted April 14, 2012

I have a great shaped penis; with a nice length and a nice, thick head. Its got a subtle bend to the left, and a small birthmark on the right side of my shaft. Its a little above average when flacid, sitting around a little under 4 inches. But it is not much of a grower, but stiffens up to around 6.5-6.75 inches when erect. I've been complimented on it before, from a few different people. One person stated to me that it was a strong penis, with another complimenting my balls. When I shoot my load, it comes out in a good amount, with (what seems to be) a lot of distance, sometime hitting 3 feet. If I could change anything, I would add 2 inches in length and 1 inch in Girth, for sure. The type of penis I would want is a longer, coke can penis. Masturbating is amazing in my opinion, somewhere you can try out things on your body without anyone judging. For instance, im not gay, but anal play feels fantastic, especially when you hit the right spots.

-Submitted April 14, 2012
little shavecock

the shape of my cock is kinda flesh colored torpedo like. it is circumsized too. my cock bends to the right when its hard. my cock also curves upward when its hard. of course i would like for my cock to be longer and fatter. no one so far has ever turned my cock down because of its size. i am the one who thinks its too small. my partner says its plenty big enough for her pussy. no one has ever made fun of it . i love to jerk off. i jerk off almost every day. sometimes after i have fucked i will wait a couple hours and jerk off again. i also love to let others see my cock as i am quite an exhibitionist. of course i make it look accidental but its really on purpose. its a great feeling. i love the feeling of my cock when its hard. when i cum i squirt sometimes a fairly good distance. i usually try to catch it in my hand so i can eat it. i love my cum. my cum can sometimes be thick if i have fucked recently. if i havent fucked in a while it will be more of a watery texture, you know thin. i call my cock little richard.

-Submitted April 13, 2012

When flaccid, my dick is anywhere between a little button to 4 inches, but usually 3 to 4 inches (like when I'm peeing). Interestingly, when hard, it only grows to 4.5 inches long so I would say I'm more of a shower than a grower, though it doesn't grow much. I like the overall shape. I would describe it as having a pronounced head with a good flare on top of a short, thin shaft. The tan color is consistent and my circumcision scar is faint when erect. If I had to change anything about it, it would be to increase the length and girth of my shaft to match the head proportions. I've been rejected on more than one occasion due to it's small size and have been chastised and teased by friends of ex-girlfiends I've slept with. One woman I worked with immediately pinned me down as as having a small dick and would constantly harass me with comments like I can totally tell you're not packin' when you wear those pants, and Don't ever take steroids - you'll end up with nothing for a dick if you do. I did have one woman say that I had a nice dick and that it was very nicely shaped. My wife calls it Mr. Shorty because she says it's the shortest she's ever had in her. I enjoy masturbating and am not shy in letting my wife know that I do. She's okay with it and I occasionally do it in front of her. Whether masturbating or having sex, it doesn't take me long to come. When I do, I get a squirt and a dribble, typically for about 5 of 6 pumps. When I was in my 20s, I would give 3 of 4 squirts and then 8 or 9 more pumps that dribbled, making for a rather big load for such a small dick. In addition to my dick being small, I have small balls so I was rather proud of my big loads. Overall, I like my small dick and find myself touching and fingering it often. I enjoy talking about my small size with whomever wants to discuss it and I'm not embarrassed by it at all.

-Submitted April 13, 2012


-Submitted April 13, 2012

My penis is a typical shape about 10 centimetres hard and about 2.5 centimetres thick. Same colour as my skin(white), but when hard, it tends to change the tone a bit darker. Bends a little to left, so it kind of looks like its going diagonally upward. I'd change it by making it bigger so I wouldn't feel so insecure about it. Never had anyone reject it as I'm still a virgin because I dont feel comfortable with the size(about 10cm erect). My opinion on masturbation is regularly, it kind of relieves stress for me. My semen shoots out , never experienced any other action for the ejaculation. The amount varies on what masturbation technique I use and how long Im masturbating for(More semen for longer time).

-Submitted April 12, 2012

When flaccid, my penis is about 3.5 inches in length and grows up to ~6 inches when erect. And it bends slightly to the left. I am circumcised, and that is the thing that I want to change if I ever had the chance to. I want to remain uncut since uncut men tend to feel more pleasure due to the sensitivity of the glans behind the foreskin. I'm satisfied with it when masturbating though. I do not oppose on masturbation, I like it rather since it can help me loosen up some tensions. Besides, it's natural for men to search for pleasure. Lastly, when I cum, it shoots far if I'm standing or it bursts into my body and face when lying down.

-Submitted April 12, 2012

My penis is average when soft, the colour on the end is pink when soft once hard the colour changes to deep red and purple around the end.It bends slightly upwards.If I could change anything I would like to take away the bend.I have never be rejected by any women,however, I would like to try with a man. As I have never been with a man before I am curious. I would like to try a blow job. I used to like to masturebates when I was young, now I like my partner to do it,she does it very well and it feels wonderful.I like to try and hold it as long as possible before I shoot my semen.Normally my partner sucks and masturebates me at the same time.Sometimes I finish in her mouth other times all over her tits.She likes to see it spurt out,lots at first then less and less.I am a heavy finisher so there is lots of sperm.Sometimes she wants it taken out of her pussy and I have to wank myself to finish on the outside of her pussy, she likes this a lot.She does not like anal as mine is too thick,however, with a thin cock she can manage.She likes to feel the sperm up her arse.At my age I feel that sex is better because I take time to enjoy all aspects and ensure that my partner has been well serviced.

-Submitted April 10, 2012

I used to be very insecure about my penis when I was younger, around 13 years old. This was because I am not circumcised. Then Jr.high came and of course gym class. Everybody else's were cut, but then I noticed that except for one other guy I had the largest penis. It is 6 inches long while flacid and nearly 2 inches wide at the shaft. The circumference of the head is 8.5 inche when erect and the shaft is 7.5 inches around, and the length is 8 inches. When limp the head of my penis looks elongated while under the foreskin but when I'm aroused the foreskin just rolls back and exposes the large head of my penis. This is why my girl friend calls me HEAD This has caused problems for intercourse only a handful of times, and only scared one girl away . It is not veiny at all and sags down and slightly left when hard. The large head of my penis has made it very difficult for me in the oral sex department as it usually lasts for about 30 seconds before any girl I've been with can no longer fit it into her mouth. Just to give you some sort of reference my penis head is roughly the size of a tennis ball when fully engorged. But the women I've been with all have said that because the head is so big that once they got past the initial pain that it delivered the most intense g-spot orgasms they've had. Needless to say I've had a really exciting sex life. Masturbation now, I very rarely do it. But when I do its a large load that is colored like creamy marble and the consistency of it is like saliva. To me masturbation is a.natural part of.growing sexually. And in a relationship it can be very erotic foreplay to watch your partner pleasure themselves and let them watch you. You will learn a lot from this experience. As for me I.realize that I have been blessed with a uniquely shaped penis that pleasures the woman I love so much that that it brings me pleasure just to please her in such an intense way. I wouldn't change a thing.

-Submitted April 8, 2012

I have a nice well-proportioned dick when hard, but it is small when soft - I'm definitely a grower! The shaft is the same colour as my body in general (just a little more flushed when hard), and the head a pale rose colour. The head is a classic shape. Although I'm not circumcised the head of my dick is always visible on top when soft, but I've got foreskin at the sides and frenulum - everything retracts of its own accord when I'm hard.

-Submitted April 5, 2012
sexual volcano

my dick is seven inches and curves to the left i wish it were straight never been rejected but my wife got scared to have sex with me because i cum too much i would leave a big puddle at her but after i cum.i love masturbating i take it to the extreme i,ve masturbated in apublic fitting room twelve times.when i masturbate my ucm is milky white im getting turned on telling yal this.i like to flaunt my dick by wearing tight shorts i get looks too by hte way

-Submitted April 5, 2012

Shape: uncircumcised, healthy skin brown colour, gland is nice pink colour Texture: texture is smooth, colour is nice skin brown, healthy major and : and minor veins are easily seen all over the penis externally Colour : gland is nice pink colour Bends to: Right and Up, perhaps tucking in after toilet and dressing etc placing the penis in that direction thinking way back to primary school. Perhaps this has had a definant impact on penis toe-in or toe-out Penis Uniqueness: Yes, it's Mine... and, oh yeah contains a: Prince Albert piercing :-) Change penis Yes: Flacid 2-3 inches longer, Erect gain 1.5 maybe 2 inches Rejected: not that I have been told... hmmm... really good question... Thanks Nicknames: Nop Fun, Complimented or Reassured: Nop, not even with the PA Masturbation: if married, the partner should be doing this, or increase the sex incursions daily, daysex? parksex? beach sex? Something could be amiss. Ask, perhaps the wife may like to masturbate solo for some reason. Semen: dribbles, drool, shoots, varies daily, thick white to runny pale whitegrey. I really thick that perhaps the amount and viscnis?? of the semen is 'directly' related to the stimulus.

-Submitted April 4, 2012

My penis is short and fat, pop can width. The primary color is a reddish pink, with a dull lite brown to white on the shaft. Due to the fact that I masterbate with my left hand, it tends to go to the left. However, it is bent up mid-way down the shaft at about a 30 degree angle. I definitly would like the length to match the width, maybe an extra inch, from six and a half to maybe seven and a half. I am gay and a top so sometimes I am rejected due to my width for anal sex, but man does it get a lot of oral attention, I suppose it is a very suckable dick. No nicknames, except just pop-can. I have been given many compliments by loyal cocksuckers. I love masterbating, I can do it for hours. I do it from one to maybe four times a day, when I was younger it was much more, but I am thirty now. When I edge I shoot massive, far reaching ejaculate shoots, that being said if I am not as horned up or masterbate as long it will only dribble. My sperm tends to be thick and very sticky, however after a few masterbation sessions, it will be more watery. That all being said I love my penis, its thick hairy and pink, I love it!

-Submitted April 3, 2012
Pleasantly Surprised

My penis is uncircumcised and smooth. It usually bends to the right with a seam: on it. I think it was from a surgery when I was young. I was always made fun of until the first time I had sex. My girlfriend at the time was surprised by the size and look of my penis (7 in. erect) and she loved it when we would have sex. She said it filled her up and she would have crazy orgasms. When I masturbate, my semen dribbles but since I have been losing weight, it has been shooting out.

-Submitted April 3, 2012

Very typical shape, Pale skin tone same as over my body with a Blueish red head. Mild bend left very close to base so it goes straight when in use. Would not change it in any way. Always been told its impressive. Willy is its name and i believe it has its own mind. Married but masturbate upto 15 times a week as the Wife is not as keen on sex as I. I really hammer my Fleshlight. Pale white sperm that sometimes dribbles and other times shoots a few metres and normally about 1 table spoon.

-Submitted March 31, 2012

I am circumcised and my penis curves slightly to the left and downward. My wife and I named my penis Ted. The texture is fairly smooth and lighter in color than the rest of my lower body. The circumcision process was not entirely complete, I have some extra skin. I have always been wary of health and physical education classes because of some of my classmates making fun of me back in grade school. If I could change anything about my penis, I would like to be uncircumcised and have greater abdominal muscle strength and muscle tone to help my penis appear to point more upward. I masturbate regularly even though I am happily married. The semen is white to milky white and shoots out but can vary.

March 30, 2012

I have a very small flaccid ((2 inches), so I am a big grower. My eerection is smooth and straight with a tight foreskin that needs to be pulled back manually. I have an erection angle of about 20 degrees below horizontal (4 o'clock). I would increase my girth as I'm very thin and found it hard to fully stimulate 1 former girlfriend, but the others reassured me they didn't mind my size3. The main embaressment is due to my flaccid size in swimming pool changing rooms. I have small testicles and dribble. I produce less than most of my girlfrinds previous partners. One tgf called my penis 'hoodie' and anothrt the3 'pocket rocket'

March 28, 2012

I am living in Canada. I have german heritage. My penis is uncut and about 7.5 inches long. It curves to the left and why hard it doesn't always stick straight out, but sometimes points down. It's fairly thick and can get veiny at times. My penis' colour is darker than most parts of my body, and has a pink head. I wouldn't change my penis at all; I'm happy with the way it is! Nobody has ever rejected me because of it, and nobody (including me) has given my penis a nick-name. I'm always complimented on my penis, but once got a comment that it was way too big.... I think that it's definitely alright to masturbate solo even if you're married or in a serious relationship because it's a natural thing that we do, and we shouldn't be limited to doing it with our partner, but if the relationship or whatever needs more spice then for sure, masturbate with your partner. Masturbating as a separate pleasurable experience is fine too, as long as it's not taking over your life.... When I ejaculate, I always shoot semen really far unless I've already masturbated the same day. I usually shoot about 6 thick creamy ropes of white semen but sometimes it's clear, watery, and sometimes it dribbles a bit too. Most times though, my ejaculation is very strong.

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March 27, 2012

I have a cute Penis! It is not veiny like many are and is very well proportioned. It does not curve at least that I can tell. It has been circumcised and has a head that is similar in width to the shaft. The head is slightly wider but not by much. If I could change anything I would only ask for another inch or so in all directions... I have never had anyone reject me because of my penis, I'm usually well on my way in or out way sooner than them seeing my penis! I had a girlfriend back in high school who used to call it Pauly I'm not sure why - I guess Pauly the Penis was just funny! I used to make fun of my size in the past but I think it was more related to my self esteem than my penis size. I'm older now and realize that it really doesn't matter. I don't make fun any longer and much more often brag about my size than make fun. I like people thinking it's huge - even if it's not. Masturbation is simply natural. Everyone does it, I do, my wife does, my sons do. We joke about it but in a healthy way. My boys understand it's something to be done in private but hopefully, do not feel awkward discussing it with me or their mom if they need to or have questions. We just ask that they keep their own bathrooms clean! I personally masturbate solo weekly if not more. I also do it in front of my wife as part of our lovemaking sessions and she does it in front of me. We both find it very sexy to Jerk off in front of each other.

March 24, 2012
Proud Prick

Proud Prick

When soft my penis is 4 inches and erect not quite 6 inches. It is not bent but does point upwards when erect. Whilst I am not happy with its length my wife says itis beautiful. Whilst I am uncut my glans are always exposed and when full erect te foreskin is retarcted at timesit feels like the frenulum is going to break

Sometimes my penis is so Hard it feels like it is going to explode with a large mushroom silky exposed glans. I love to masturbate and my semen is nice and white I normally shoot over the top of my chest sometimes in my face and head and occasionally over my head.

I adore my penis but wich it was 2 inches longer when erect

March 23, 2012

I am happily married and have a fulfilling sex life, but I also love to masturbate, either alone or with my partner. I love my penis as it is! And my wife complements me frequently on it's shape, and size. I enjoy Masturbating at least once a day and find that through different excercises my penis continues to grow thicker. I shoot my semen , which I find very pleasurable.I would love toejactulate o my wife, but she will not allow me to. By the way, absolutely adore all women!

March 20, 2012

My penis is a healthy penis, it is soft almost like silk and has a tanned shaft head. My penis bends a little to the left but its not that noticiable. I would change the size if I could, I have just begun jelqing to give me that extra 2 inches! I have had one partner comment o n my penis size? She called me small... So I have decided to preform this jelqing so no one can call it small any more!, I have not had a nick name for my penis. Also I like to solo masturbate!

March 23, 2012

My penis is curved like a banana and was circumcised due to paraphimosis about 7 years ago. It was a conservative circumcision leaving plenty of spare skin so that when flaccid, you wouldn't know it was cut. Although its size disappoints me, it gives me great pleasure. My partner seems totally unconcerned with how small it is, and she doesn't ever criticize it.

It ranges from 4 to 4.5 inches long when erect but almost disappears into my abdomen when flaccid. Combined with my small tight scrotum, it tends to attract the wrong kind of attention in the gym locker room!

Although me and my partner have a good sex life, I am an enthusiastic masturbator! on the days we don't have sex, I usually bring myself off. I tend to shoot quite far and can usually send a stream of semen several feet. I've even managed to hit myself in the eye while wanking on the bed lying down! My semen is quite watery, not like the thick sticky semen you sometimes see in porn movies. Sometimes there a jelly-like lumps in it too. Usually there's about a desert spoon full if I wank every day. If I store it up, it tends to get a little bit thicker and more volume comes out.

I like having a small penis and enjoy fantasizing about my partner with other well hung men. Although she says she has no interest in finding a larger penis, I get off on picturing her with a big fat penis inside her.

My own penis is thick enough so that she can feel it insider her, but it doesn't really penetrate very deeply and slips out a lot making certain positions difficult, for example with missionary, she has to hold her legs right back against her shoulders to allow my to enter her.

March 23, 2012
mr incher joe

I remember growing up as alittle I use look at penises at rest rooms and look at my friends to wen we would pee out doors next to each with are pants down we would also look at porno books that my friends dad had in a big box every time would look at them are dicks would get hard we would take are dicks out we did this all threw are teenyears an one day we got naked in his room he tolled me that my dick is long I got big balls he asked if he could touch them I said yeah go for it and he put my dick in his mouth it felt good his warm mouth on my dick an he would give me hand job nany where Id cum on his face ever since then I feel my dick is nice an big I let both sexes suck on it and I jack off to porn and thats all I got to say.

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March 22, 2012
pops pecker

Penis is smooth pink and slightly bend to the left when erect. Bends slightly to the left. No I'm very fond of it No, all my sexual partners have enjoyed sex with me and most have reached orgasm My wife calls it Peter but only because she does not like the other words used, such as penis or prick and penis is a bi like a medical term I was made fun of in puberty but only because I was a late developer. No one has actually complimented me on its size but I have been told that it looks nice. As I don't have any hang ups about its size my wife does not feel the need to reassure me I masterbate alone as a seperate pleasurable activity I dribble alot with pre cum and when ejaculating squirt slightly and then dribble this varies on how long it was from my last orgasm. Amount depends on how long since my last orgasm but is normally about 10ml and is coloured white

March 22, 2012

my penis is shaved as well as my scrotum.When erect it points straight out from my crotch.The head has a nice full red color to it which is redder than my penis.I am proud of my penis and will gladly show it when I have the opportunity such as changing rooms or shower rooms.Because I shave I get stares from other guys all the time.I am not gay but have gotten erections from other men watching me while showering after biking.The first time I got hard in the shower I was embarrased but that feeling quickly left as I felt proud and proceeded to dry off with my erect penis proudly sticking straight out.I have masturbated almost everyday since I was 14 years old!I will masturbate in front of my wife when given the opportunity. We where driving in the country when I was sitting in the passengers seat, got the urge, pulled off my shorts and started to pull on my penis.She never said a word but couldn't keep her eyes off of me! I was so hot I proceeded to cum all over my belly.

March 21, 2012
My tiny penis

My penis is kind of small but I have not gone through full puberty although when I masturbate I can ejaculate and a good amour of cum will come out. My cum is pretty normal as it it's white and has some element of liquid in it.I love to masturbate with my friend and he has a bigger penis then me so I sometimes will be made fun of but it is has a little curve to it and it doesn't take much to excite him.

March 21, 2012

My penis is circumcised has a well defined dark red head on top of a darker Caucasian skin colored shaft. It is straight with no real left or right curving with very noticeable veins. The circumcision scar is darker than the rest of the skin tone.

The skin is loose enough that while I am circumcised I can pull the skin up onto the head. I is always warm to the touch and when fully erect points upwards at roughly a 45 degree angle.

I have never been rejected because of the size. It is on the smaller end of the spectrum, but very functional. The only odd comment came one time when I was having sex with a gal who said after I had entered her Your penis is .... so hard. It seems she was searching for a compliment and while she really felt I may have been small, I was providing enough pleasure she felt it was necessary to compliment me on some aspect.

I love stroking it and masturbating. I have never thought anything bad or unkind about masturbation. The only piece of advice is something from my father, If you are going to masturbate then don't let it be the end all be all obsession in your life.

Although none of my partners have ever criticized my penis for being on the small side, if I could change it I would like it to be at least twice as thick as it is with a larger circumference. It is long enough to get most anywhere I have ever needed to put it. It is a nice size for ass fucking and for getting deep-throated. It is just that I think thicker would be better.

As far as ejaculation goes, I have experienced everything from a few pulsed dribbles to shots up out over 4 or so feet away. It is consistently a couple of tablespoons of volume and when I am very horny it tends to be thinner, probably due to more prostate fluid mixing in.

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March 21, 2012

His penis gets ectremely hard like a rock. It stands straight up like a flagpole with a slight curve. It has a brown circle pigment below the head and is red in color with many viens. His ejaculation is extremely strong, unloading a larhe amount of semen. I would like for him to be around 7 inches or longer, but his penis is very satisfying. I am used to longer penises ranging between 7-10 inches, I enjoy playing and being used by big penis.

March 20, 2012

I am told that the head is like velvet when being sucked. The color is natural and is neithe darker or lighter than the rest of my body. At times I have problems getting it up but when I do it is straight and does bnot bend left or right. If I could change anything about it I would add at least 5 inches to the length. I have never been rejected or made fun of by women, but, I have been made fun of by guys in PE in high school. At one time my partners called my penis Frank because that is my middle name. I enjoy masturbating both when I am by myself and while someone is watching. My wife knows of and approves. Sometimes she helps and sometimes one or more of her friends help! When I ejaculate I don't shoot or squirt like I used to do. Most generaly I drool. I can still put out a good tablespoon full and do it about 3 or 4 times. The color is a milky color and I'm told has an excellent taste. I tend to masturbate whenever I feel the urge no matter who is around as I think that masturbation is a very natural body function and it does not hurt or harm anyone. If someone wants to watch or join in I have no objections.

March 20, 2012

my penis head is alway bigger than the shaft hard are soft it feels smooths and soft the color is tan and head gets very red when hard hangs to the left when soft and a small bend to the left when hard some ladys say my penis is very preety and no one has refused it Masterubation is a good thing for all doing it together are by your self a big trun on to watch a lady do it as I do it I ejaculation about 2 tablespoon full and it is like cream I drool cum the whole time I am hard but when I cu I shoot a small amout the sand than squrit the rest

March 20, 2012
ashamed to show it

When soft its like a turtles head hidding in its shell my pubic hair sticks out more than it and I don't have much hair down there.when its hard at 3 inches it stands straight up its light brown with peach tinted head,has a couple of nice veins running down the shaft.I think my penis looks better then a lot of the ones I've seen other than being an 1\8 of size of all the ones I've fact I've never seen one smaller or even close to mine they have always been at the very least 2 inches longer,thicker and wider than mine most I've seen have been double my penis might look great but that's not what they are thinking they just want to look for somethig a lot bigger and better.I've been laughed had girls tell other ones that downthey come feel it some stil want to see it once they do most reply they where right just had to see for myself sorry don't want a snack right now I'm glad I've been whith the same woman for over 3O years she says my size doesn't matter I don't believe her but its nice to hear that

March 19, 2012

My penis is darker on the bottom half with a lighter clor head. It does not bend very notacibley but has a slight upwards curve. My penis can stay hard for hours and I wouldnt change it although I would add an inch if I could, but hey who wouldnt! I am circumsized and love it. When I cum it variers if I cum within five minutes it usually dribbles out alot but when I hold back for like an hour I shoot my cum so fucking far and so much like 7 to 12 squirts on average I love it sometimes I record it! I love shoot my cum everywhere !

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March 18, 2012

It curves down when erect. The shaft is light color, but the head is red, but since I'm not circumised the head is two toned red the foreskin rarely if ever cover the whole head, part of the head is exposed all the most of the time and that part is a lighter red and the covered part is a darker red. I have alway masturbated even when married, when I masturbated I don't have to worry about how my partner is doing am I going to fast or slow. If it has been awhile since I masturbated the first squirt shoot out some dictance, after that it kind of dribbles out, I use to produce a large amount, but not now. The ejeaculation is white color. I used to wish it didn't have a curve, but after I married I found my wife enjoyed the curve because it made her feel full. I wouldn't change it if I could.

March 17, 2012

My penis is about 8 inches long when fully erect. It bends slightly down and to the right. The skin of my penis is slightly darker than the skin on the rest of my body and it is very smooth. I have an average amount of pubic hair that is dark and curly. Overall, I am satisfied with the size of my penis, but I sometimes wish it were straighter. I have never been rejected because of my penis, but many of my partners have complimented me on it. Even though I enjoy sex, I also enjoy masturbating very much and do so regularly even though I am in a serious (regularly sexual) relationship. When I do masturbate (varying from a few times a week to once a day), I always do so until I orgasm and my ejaculation is usually quite powerful with several strong spurts of semen that shoot far (up to 10 inches).

March 17, 2012

I think my penis is good. I wish it was 10 inches...but I have heard from women that I have had sex with, if I was any bigger they couldn't have sex with me. What I have come to find out, is that normal woman really want a normal size penis that can stay hard and not cum quick.

March 16, 2012
UK matt

My penis does bend slightly to the right. When I masturbated when I was younger I always used my right hand and for years I thought the right hand was the cause of this. I started to masturbate with my left and have done ever since. I've never thought that this would correct the slight bend however as I'm right handed this leaves my right hand to do many other things during masturbation or with my various partners all female but I'm keen to masturbate with a male friend.

I would describe my penis as nice to look at. I shave my shaft and balls not to make it look bigger it just looks and feels nicer. I'm uncut and enjoy having a foreskin. I can always retract my foreskin and hold it there when masturbating and either spit on it or use lube to create a lovely friction. This way I seem to spurt further. I am a white male however people that have seen my penis think that it alone must use the sunbed as it's slightly darker than the rest of me ha ha.

I have thought about what I would like to change with my penis and my mind set changes all the time. Sometimes I would like it thicker but more so bigger when flacid. I have never had complaints with it's erect size but I would class myself as a grower as I have had comments when soft and found this upsetting.

In all my partners I have never had arguements in regards to masturbation. They knew I did and and still do as it's something I enjoy but it never interupts with a sex life. I love mutual masturbation and have enjoyed this with many female partners but have a desire to do this with another male and also want to masturbate him.

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March 15, 2012

It's a little whiteboi dick, below average in all respects at 4.3 long and a skinny 3.8 girth, bends a bit to the right. Of course I would want bigger as many women think it's too short and way too thin to satisfy anybody . Sometimes I've been kicked out when a new lady saw it. When I was married my wife said I was too little and either I let her get a lover who didn't have a tiny boidick like mine or she would walk . I let her do it but she dumped me anyway for a guy with a much bigger dick . She used to call it a Vienna sausage.When she kicked me out she yelled in front of the neighbors Take your baby dick and go! Since then I've only had sex a few times and only once or twice before they complain about my small penis or stop taking my calls. Now I'm mostly just masturbating and my semen is just a little squirt.I'm 5'10' so my boidick looks even more ridiculous.

March 13, 2012

My penis is circumcised and pretty much the same girth along the entire length of the shaft. The head does not flare out too much. It has an upward curve and when extremely aroused it is close to parallel with my torso. I constantly wonder what it would feel like to have had my foreskin left intact.

March 12, 2012

I love my penis. It is about 6 inches. It is soft and manageable. It is darker towards the base and he lighter past the circumcision scar. It bends upward a little bit. Very sensitive around the scar. I will never change it. Not many peoPle have seen it and none of those few think it small. I love masturbating and when I come to ejaculation it dribbles out clearing, sticky, warm, delicious fluid.

March 12, 2012

I enjoy masturbation and do it at least twice a day. I love to do it in my bathroom or if alone at home than in the kitchen. My semen shoot out depends mostly on my mood. Whenever I am in kitchen and using cooking oil or olive oil (and sometime fresh cream) over my penis, and imagining fucking any of my siblings or close relations, the sensation build up great and when I reach orgasm, I shoot incredibly. My semen is thick and white. I love to massage my semen over my oily penis.

March 11, 2012

My partner who is 63 has a beautiful uncut penis.His penis when flaccid is about 5 inches long and just over 8 inches when fully erect. It stands up very straight and his foreskin still just covers the glans when it is fully erect. When his foreskin is retracted the head is about the same girth as the shaft and is slightly darker in colour. I can take his penis when I am fully relaxed and fell it touch my cervix during intercourse. When I masturbate him his ejaculation is very strong.

March 10, 2012

It is straight when erect . When flaccid it hangs to the left, but not when erect.If I could I would like a much thicker girth, because it is as thin as a 14 year old boy's penis statistically and it is way too thin to satisfy a woman vaginally.I have been rejected because the girth was so thin my partner(s) couldn't feel any pleasure.One partner called it a noodle dick beacause of my unsatisfactory thin girth.I have on occasion been made fun of because of my thinness.When I was married I had to resort to masturbation because my wife said she no longer enjoyed sex, but later I found out she was having sex with a much more endowed lover.I always masturbated some regardless. my semen is white and I would say it drools, sometimes shoots but doesn't seem to produce that much ejaculate, which is why I've started using a prostate stimulator toy.

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March 10, 2012

I am from Nigeria living in the UK and have a white English girlfiend both in our later thirties.. I am circumcised and shaven. My erection measures eight inches and is straight with no kinks in it. My penis is dark but has a pink head. We use boner as its nickname. I masturbate most days and the spunk is a dark cream colour and fairly sticky . A climax often produces two or three spurts, the first travelling about six inches. Oddly enough I sometimes wish my penis was an inch or so smaller because when very excited having sex with my girlfriend can occasionally hurt her at the cervix.

March 10, 2012
Action man

I am of English/Japanese extract and live with my English girlfriend, both in our mid twenties. We both enjoy very energetic horny fucking and mutual masturbation mainly at the weekends. My four inch flaccid penis surrounded by thick dark pubic hair increases to six and a half when erect but has a rather thin girth . When I stand with an erection the shaft projects upwards, has a slight bow towards my body but is otherwise straight. It is slightly darker than my white body skin. I am uncircumcised but the foreskin fully retracts into the shaft when erect. When flaccid it completely covers the tip which is pinkish. I have never been rejected and noone has made fun of me. The nickname for my penis is simply Action man. I am quiute happy with it.

When I climax the semen ejects maybe a foot. It is creamy white and sticky.

March 8, 2012

Its neither to large nor to small. My foreskin is always halfway retracted and when I'm fully erect it completeley retracts exposing the head of my penis. It gets very hard witha slight left curve. When I ejaculate it varies from small amounts to shooting quite ferociously....I am happy with it and wouldn't change it. the only thing I tend to do to enhance its lengt is trim down my pubic hair.

March 7, 2012

I like to think about my penis as the perfect model. It bends niether to the left or to the right. It may have a slight upward curve. The head is nice and well defined. It fits quite well in all the places I have put it. If I catch a partner without proper warm up I have been told to stop for a second. I love to bottom out but cant always reach. :( My balls hang well if the weather isn't too cold. My only wishes/complaints id that is is not as big as I wish it was. Never had a complaint but I'd like it HUGE. Also, I wish that I could shoot big loads. I'mm more of a dribbler and that sucks. I have shot a load a few times, usually after edging for a while, but nothing like a Peter North or other porn star. It tastes good from what I hear although I haven't tasted it myself since I was a kid. I like my penis. It suits me well

March 7, 2012

Mine bends upward, and is light colored on the top two inches of the shaft, and darker below on the shaft. The glans is purplish when erect, with a reddish element to the coronal ridge. Mine is somewhat unique, as I am cut but not --- I was circumcised as a baby, but most of my foreskin remains, and only the nozzle was cut off. Thus I can pull my remaining foreskin entirely over the glans when soft and two- thirds over when erect. I masturbate just like an uncut guy does, by pulling the foreskin up over the glans and back. I have masturbated regularly since my mid teens, when I am not with my girlfriend. The remaining foreskin bunches up just behind the coronal ridge when soft, and when hard there is a little excess skin which sits in the inverted v on the underside of the glans. This skin serves to stretch my frenulum (the stringy thing in the inverted v) on the inthrust when I have intercourse, which adds to my arousal and pleasure. My ejaculate is very gooey, and initially spurts out and then as more ejaculations happen (I usually have six or seven), they ooze out ultimately. I have never had complaints about the size or performance of my member. My partners often liked to play with the excess skin on the underside of the shaft near the glans, knowing it was very arousing.

I tell my girlfriend that I have a unique penis, not uncut but not cut either, and that if she was to be in a dark room with ten naked men, and had to identify which was me by feeling their penises, she would have no trouble identifying mine. I like the way it looks and operates.

March 6, 2012
judy 36G

My long-time lover (not my husband) is blessed with a penis that is very long and thick, even when flaccid. I have measured his flaccid size at more than 8 inches in length, and 6 inches in girth. When he gets hard there is a slight upward curve to it, but most excites me (other than its immense size) are all the thick veins that run up and down the shaft. The color is a light tan hue. After 30 years, I still get extremely turned on by simply looking at his incredible size. I have been with many men (too many, I suppose), but he still is the best for me. I know it's not unique, but I call him horsepenis, which he loves to hear! We both enjoy masturbating one another, and enjoy watching each other masturbate ourselves. When he cums, it does so in long thick sprays, and in tremendous volume, more so than any other man I've ever been with. I love to have him cum on my big breasts, but mostly on my face, and in my hair! I love that! I often go to work with his cum still in my hair. That really excites me.

Thank you.

March 6, 2012

I usually only wear underpants when my girlfriend and I are home or when I'm home alone. I like the freedom and the air on my penis and balls. I would wear nothing but sometimes I leak pre-cum and I don't want to mess the furniture. My girlfriend loves to see my penis moving in my underpants, she thinks I don't notice but I see her looking at it. My penis is fat even when it isn't erect, when it grows it usually gets a deep red color and stands almost straight out, just a little below that. The only thing I would change is the color of my pubic hair, and I do. Since I've gotten older some of my pubic hair has acquired some grey in it so now I color it from time to time. It's never been rejected but it has to be a real turn-off to see a lot of grey in the bush, so I won't take that chance. My girlfriend tells me my penis is the best she's ever had (she's been married four times, so she ought to know) and she certainly loves playing with it. Sometimes even after having intercourse I feel her playing with my penis until I cum again in her hand. I do masturbate even though she does it for me a lot of the time, but many times when I'm home alone I'll masturbate, it just feels so good. Usually after I give my penis a good rub the cum shoots out, sometimes it will vary and I will have a real handful and I rub it in. I'm proud of my penis, I wish I could show it to the world (well maybe not the whole world, I wouldn't want my daughter to see it, for example) but in general I think I would make a good show-off.

March 6, 2012

I am white with the skin color of my penis basically the same color as my body. I do not believe that my there is anything unique about my penis. I am circumcised and it bends slightly to the right when erect. My penis is relatively smooth when flaccid or erect. Throughout my life I have always considered my penis on the smaller size and if I were to change my penis I would like for it to be slightly longer with a slightly larger girth. My wife has said to me many times that she is completelyl satisfied with the length of my penis. If I were to change anything I wouldn't change my penis but would like to change my staying power. My penis is so sensitive that I cannot last very long when making love to my wife. My wife and I have never given it a name as we do not consider it an important part of our sexual adventures. When it comes to masturbation I masturbate on a daily basis. I masturbate almost 100% of the time I shower.

March 6, 2012
Marco NLR

My penis looks pretty standard. I'm biracial (white/black) so it's a warm caramel color with a reddish glans. My circumcision scar is about an inch from the middle of my shaft. My penis is thickest .5 from the gland then tapers as it goes down the shaft. There is a thickish vein that runs along the right side of the shaft and wraps around the back, just below the frenulum. I have about 6 or 7 pearly penile papules on the skin between the frenulum and glans and have had them since I started puberty. They're eye sores and constantly make me feel like I have an STD but thankfully, they're small enough to usually go unnoticed. Fully erect, it points straight out and slightly curves upwards. Honestly, I know people say this is average or whatever but I really feel like it's inadequate. Being gay doesn't help my perception either.

Gays want the biggest of the big! I find that most of the guys I'm attracted to don't like that mine is sosmall and in turn, reject me for it. I think because my penis is thinner than most guys (and I'm naturally thin as well - about 5'8 at 145 lbs and ectomorphic/mesomorphic) it looks smaller than it actually is. I usually choose to only bottom from fear of performing badly as a top or hearing the dissapointing phrase: Not big enough!

I whole-heartedly wish I had a thicker penis that was either 7 or 7.5in length - something that's more visually appealing to my prospective partners. I would want it to be uncut too - the way nature intended it lol. I just want to feel more secure in my ability to sexually satisfy my future partners.

I masturbate everyday. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. When I ejaculate, it shoots like a geyser. I usually produce at least 4 long shots of watery, creamy, white semen that shoots about nearly a foot or more, with around 4 or 5 dribbles/ squirts after the initial explosion.

March 4, 2012

It is pale. The cut glans is well formed, pale red in color, and very small. There are no visible veins on the shaft. When erect the skin is pulled tight, but when partially erect the skin looks like an accordion.

It is perfectly straight and sticks straight out when erect and is totally hidden when flaccid. Erect the shaft and glans become a shade darker. The urethra is barely visible.

I would change nothing, but I would love to get rid of the pad of fat deposited in my groin. As I've grown older I've come to accept my penis as it is; realizing that I am a man with a tiny micro-penis, but my penis does not define me as a man or my masculinity.

I've been humiliated, ridiculed, and rejected because of my penis. The only female who accepted my size was my first wife; my second wife seemed to accept at first; than she practiced SPH. I've had dates laugh at me and walk out or tell me to leave. Even my Mother when she caught me naked told me I had a very tiny one; she didn't think it was any bigger than when I was eight; I was 32 at the time.

My first wife nick named it My cute precious little guy which I've since shortened to My little guy for obvious reasons.

My first wife constantly reassured me that it was perfect. My second wife made fun of it.

There is nothing wrong with solo masturbation when married or in a serious relationship. Presently it is my only sexual release, but I, also masturbate for the pure pleasure of it.

My ejaculate just dribbles and is thin, watery just a shade milky and the amount is small. Sometimes when I cum only the head of my penis gets wet like a large amount of pre-cum. Up until the time I was about 60 my ejaculations were strong and the semen was thick and white and a lot would shoot out of the head. The orgasm feeling is just as strong and pleasurable as it has always been.


March 4, 2012

about 5 inches long, circumcised, normal head, flesh pinkish color and fairly soft skin.

It's straight, does not bend to the left or right but does curve very, very slightly upward when erect.

I wish it was bigger, although my girlfriends have never complained about it and all have said they were always satisfied during sex.

My girlfriends have always reassured me it's of adequate size whenever I've complained that's it's not big enough.

Masturbation is fine and healthy.

When I ejaculate, I shoot and squirt white milky semen. It's of normal and average thickness, and will dribble a little after the initial shoot. It always shoots with pressure and comes out fast at first. My girlfriend always yells when I shoot.

March 4, 2012
one life1951

Quite a large head in relation to its length, when erect a few veins show, the head a blue red colour still remains very hard! fairly straight a very slight upward curve. No longer slaps my stomack as it did when young about 30deg off vertical these days. We all want a bigger one don't we? No usually because of my height! No nicknames. I have been complimented by a lover (not wife) on its shape and hardness. Yes I masturbate it relieves tension as we do not have a sex life. White, depends on tiredeness it can shoot past head height but when tired a spurting ooze all still very pleasant. Also pleasant to orgasm and try not to ejaculate!

March 3, 2012

My penis is uncut and even in thickness. It's smooth just before the head and the skin is bumpy closer to the base. It's the same color as the rest of my body's skin. It stands upright with no bends or kinks. It almost touches my belly when I'm really excited.

If I could change my penis, I'd get it cut. I'm still in two minds about cut vs. uncut. I've never been rejected because of my penis. My penis gets the usual nicknames of penis and dick. I've been complimented on it a few times but I am self conscious about it.

I think masturbation is beneficial for any male whether he is married, in a relationship or single. A man should masturbate for the fun of it and to relieve sexual pressure.

My semen shoots out reasonably far and can shoot out as far as above my nipple when I'm laying down, masturbating. It tends to spray out if I don't masturbate for about a week or so.

March 3, 2012

My penis is wide at the base then tapers down to a nice head. It's slightly darker in color than the rest of my body. When erect it points straight out. I would like it to point up at a greater angle when it's erect. I was once told I have a nice looking penis when I was sunbathing nude at a clothing optional place. I usually masturbate when only necessary, I.E. when my wife has her period. If it's been a long time since my last ejaculation it shoots out a little bit. It's mostly a thick whitish color.

March 2, 2012

My penis dosn't bend gets very hard, is thickest in the middle. I am circumcised and my penis head goes very red/purple when arroused. Every girl I've been with has thought my penis is large. I would like to have a bigger penis helmet. Nobody me included has ever given my penis any kind of name. I have been complimented on the size of my penis. I masturbate all the time when I cum it shoots out hard and fast.

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February 29, 2012
my faithful penis

My penis is circumsized so it is a Tanish red with a brown ring where the foreskin was cut and stiched. It is about 5 .25 inches but when I wake with an erection it is about 6 and the head seems much more swollen and purple. It has no bend to left or right just up against my pubic area. It is thickest in middle and the head has very pronounced ridges of which my fiance loves to rub her lips over. I have never been made fun of but once I had sex with a girl and she told me she liked massive penises, when I asked she said twice the length an d width of mine and I could tell she usually had someone massive because I had a hard time ejaculating inside her. I finally had to make her give head to release my semen which I did all over her face, eyes hair, etc. I then let her stay like that for a few minutes until she go up and left. Never saw her again. Oh well the sex sucked with her anyway.

When I masturbate which is usually just to release because I am now with a devout Christian and we had sex everyday for 18 months but now we are Waiting. When I ejaculate it is usually depending on how long I have massaged it if I do it quick the semen is thick and only squirT's 6-12 inches if I rub it for an hour or have sex for a long time I quirt 6 feet and is more liquidy. I notice it is a yellowish. White color when it is thick and gooey. I guess all in all my fiance really likes my penis as she told me her ex had a 12 inch penis and all it did was hurt her. Being a Christian I doubt she would lie to me. She loves giving head and looking at me when doing it!!! Well that's about all I can say bout my penis. It's been very good to me.....

February 29, 2012
NI Hardon

Smooth with a nice mushroom cap. Circumcised. Has a slight bend to the right.If I could change anything it would be be to be a bit bigger when flaccid. I'm a grower not a shower. I have never gotten any complaints about my penis. My lovers have always seemed satisfied. We have never nicknamed it. I masturbate on a regular basis. It is a part of our lovemaking. Sometimes my wife just wants to watch and enjoy. I am more than happy to oblige! My ejaculations tend ooze more than shoot. I do shoot if I wear a penis ring though.

February 28, 2012
Wonder lady

My partners penis is fully circumcised with no frenulum and all his foreskin was removed. He has a very large scar and it is very red around his scar. As he is circumcised so tightly his penis has a banana forward bend to it. As he is so less sensitive it ensures that I climax every time. I am so pleased I had him fully circumcised, he was unaware that he was going to be fully circumcised. My closest friend thinks its wonderful and he has thanked me many times. The doctor took the instructions from me and I read that all men should be fully circumcised.

February 28, 2012
Happy Chappy

My penis is an even width from the base to the tip and I am circumcised. My penis is very straight and does not curve at all. The tip of my penis is nicely rounded. I have not ever been rejected because of my penis, two of my partners have commented that they like the size and shape of it.

I have had a vasectomy and am very concious of the scars on my scrotum. I like to masterbate and enjoy the sensation of tugging it even when it is not fully hard, although fully erect I play with it and then relax it so I can start all over again. I am quite shy about masterbating although got a big thrill when my wife asked me to do it so she could watch. When I cum when I am really hard then my cum squirts. If I am not quite fully erect when masterbating then it tends to drool. My cum varies in colour from clear to yellowey and thick.

February 28, 2012

my penis is average size with a light brown forskin,i have a nice mushroom head that turns bright red before I cum. It has a slight bend to the left when hard,i do not like my forskin cut but I can not change it now. I have never been rejected by a woman for my penis, my girlfriend said that it is big and all that she can take. I have never had a girl to go all the way down on it. I like to masturbate solo or with my girlfriend so we both can get off,she likes it when my penis is super hard and I use oil to make it shine.when she gives me a Hj I have ejculated all over myself and into my mouth. I am very happy with my penis and if my girlfiend loves it than I would not worry about it.We have great times with it and we both love it

February 27, 2012

My penis is straight and doesn't bend to one side. The foreskin is what I would call 'normal skin tone' for a white caucasian. The head is a paler pink and becomes redder close to orgasm. I would prefer it if it was an inch longer but would be happier if it was much thicker, as women say girth is more important tnan length. My penis has never been made fun of but more than one woman said it was smaller than their previous lovers. I masturbate to porn regularly as I don't have a partner or lover. Since it is normal for both sexes to masturbate I should think almost everyone does it, including those with partners (except, of course, elderly infirm persons, men who have become impotent and women who lost their libido after the menopause). I wish my ejaculations were as powerful as they were when I was much younger. Then, up to the age of forty, it would shoot nearly to my chin when lying down. Now it mostly dribbles out or shoots out about an inch and sometimes further when I am particularly excited and haven't done it for a while. I think I usually 'cum' about three quarters of a tablespoon in quantity. I recently ejaculated three times in one day watching porn that reminded me of particularly exciting events in my past sex life. There was only a half hour between the first and second time. This is rare. I sometimes massage my prostate internally before I'm erect and sperm dribbles out while still soft. I then masturbate and frequently get more powerfull ejaculations, more intense pleasure and produce more ejaculate than I do with masturbation alone. At these times most of the pleasure is felt internally, deep my rectum, than in my penis.

February 27, 2012
Dako for a pinoy

Asian in color (brown), smooth with normal bulb. It goes straight up only when erect. Its unique since its as if it is still from a preteen texture. Nope will not change a thing. No rejection from an asian but lots of rejection from foreigners due to preteen smoothness. Partners usually call it Lil Brownie. Complimented by most asian. MAsturbating is ok especially if your partner is out for a longer period. Same as a preteen semen - thick and white, stick and average volume.

February 26, 2012

It's more asian brownish then the rest of my body.The skin is very soft it's uncut.The glans is slightly wider then my shaft and the color is pink.You can't see any veins except for one in the middle.My shaft is more fat in the top and middle part than at the lower part.And I can't cover the glans of the penis with my foreskin when erect.

My penis does not have any bends, if I could change something I would have made the it evenly fat.

It's nickname is mario cause it grows massivly. I have been complimented by everyone who has seen my penis.

Don't masturbate when you are married or have a girlfriend.

the cum most of the time shoots out and if not it drools out when it's very thick.Sometimes I have thick cum and sometimes I have less thick cum when it shoots all over the place.


Lenght erect: 18.5 cm Girth erect: 13.8 cm

February 25, 2012

My penis is sturdy like a dwarf. It is smooth but veiny and approximately the same color as the rest of me. It stands straight forward with no bend. If I could change it I would make it longer and thicker. It has never been rejected or made fun of. It's nickname is it. I used to masturbate all the time, but I have stopped just to see If I can. My semen is thick and white and there is a lot of it. I shoot my semen like a boss. Some times it smells like kettle corn.

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February 25, 2012

My penis has a pretty even girth to it. I am cut with a nicely shaped knob. It is slightly curved upwards. This used to bother me but I have since found out that it feels great when I fuck a guy as it is perfectly shaped to massage the prostate. I have not ever been rejected because of my penis, most people have commented that they like it.

I love to masterbate either alone or in groups. I like it when a guy watches me play with my penis and I love to see a guy with a big dick stroking.

If I bring myself to the edge of climaxing and get really hard then my cum squirts very strongly - it has been known to reach 2-3 metres across the room, I have to be careful that I don't cum in my eye when I am really horny. I cum quite a bit, usually about 4 or 5 big spurts. My cum is a very creamy and white.

February 24, 2012

Its colour is pinkish with purple tinges. It is slightly uneven in texture with some prominent veins. Some hairs grow up the shaft, which I try to keep trimmed short with scissors. It is straight but even when fully erect it doesn't rise above horizontal (a problem with age!).

I was circumcised at a very early age, and often wish I still had a foreskin, but friction on the head during masturbation and intercourse does give intense sensations. I have no intention of restoration; perhaps I enjoy that extra degree of nakedness anyway.

I prefer vaginal intercourse, but when it has not been available for a week or so, enjoy a nice extended session of masturbation. Especially when stying away from home, I lube up with oil and indulge in fist-fucking. I sometimes use my phone to video myself masturbating, and actually find playing this back to myself an erotic aid. The more extended the session the better the ejaculation, which comes in a couple of main spurts followed by an ooze.

February 23, 2012

my penis has a slight upward curve and bends slightly to the left. I would like it to be about an inch longer with more girth. I am pierced with a zero gauge horseshoe. have never had any negative comments about my penis, but have had positive. I masturbate and am married. my wife likes to watch sometimes. my semen is thicker than some, but shoots out about three to four inches. I have heavy pre cum. the color of my semen is slightly off white.edging creates the largest volume, but is normaly two tablespoons.

February 22, 2012
warm salty

I am in love with my own dick. It is so sexy when it is hard! It curves to the right a little. The shaft is pale white and the head turns deep red when it is swollen. It is also very veiny and I love the way it swings from side to side and slaps between my thighs as I walk around naked. When I was little my best friend told me that I was a freak because my penis was little but my nose was big. He said that God must have hated me to put my dick on my face and my nose between my legs. So growing up, I always felt that my penis was small and I was very ugly. Then one weekend my grandpop took me fishing on his farm. I had stayed on his farm over the weekend and he let me see some of his dirty magazines. He said it was our secret. I remember sitting indian style on the ground next to him while we were fishing and he pulled out a dirty magazine from the bottom of his tackle box. While looking at it, he asked me if he could see my penis. I told him that it was little. But he begged me and said that I was his best friend and that he loved me. As a young boy, I still remember the feeling of standing in front of my grandfather and pulling down my underwear. I remember him kissing my balls all over, then licking on my penis head. He said that it was very sexy. Anyway, we ended up taking all of our cloths off and walking around the pond totally naked. His dick was hairy and short but very red and hard. I let him put it in my mouth a lot that day. Eventually, when I was 13, my grandpop was able to get me to have my first orgasim and it was on his face. He got me into eating my own sperm as well as his. Now I am 50 and my sperm is warm and salty in my mouth. Sometime I suck it out of my condom, or out of a dixie cup. And sometimes I just lick it off of my hand and fingers. I would not change a thing about my penis because my grandpop loved it.

February 21, 2012

My penis is quite straight and has a pink end. The skin is darker than any other skin on my body. I can get my thumb and first finger round (just). I think it is bigger than my friend who has a six inch one but his looks a bit thicker. My testicles are really small I think, as my friends all have bigger ones that dangle more. I have a forskin like all my friends. I wish mine was a bit thicker coz my mate says mine is skinny and thin. I call mine dick or willy (not that I talk about it too much). Lots of my friends have seen it erect, but only one girl saw it when we was 12. She just stared at it and laughed, but I know she liked it. I masterbate at least once a day (usually after school and in the bath). My stuff kind of pumps out about 3 or 4 inches and is white and sticky. I always pump about four times and then it just dribbles out.

February 21, 2012
senior hard

My penis is semi-uncut. The head is covered when soft, but becomes uncovered at the first sign of an erection. It seems to be above average (19 cm). Always straight, no curves. Head is shiny purple when erect. No longer shooting, just warm dribble. Used to get 3 to 4 good shots, maybe 15 in distance.

Masturbation is natural and healthy, and frequent masturbation probably increases penis size.

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February 19, 2012

My penis is slightly above average in length (6.3 in) , but very thick in girth (6 in). I have a pretty big head in comparison to the shaft. My penis is straight with a slight up curve at the top. The one thing that I would change is the fact that my penis was not properly circumcised so there is a piece of skin attaching the head to the shaft. Although I have to admit it feels very good when a girl is giving me head and she licks it.

February 19, 2012
Tiny John

When I was a kid it stuck up hard against my abdomen but now I'm old it sits at about 45 degrees. I take ages to cum, sometimes 15 minutes, and don't produce much. I also can't do it more than onece every 2 days or so. I used to love masturbating but now I save it up for the real thing, either with my wife or with my near-mistress. She is very highly sexed and has a partner who is the there every other week. On the in between week, I usually end up masturbating her aa couple of times. She has a really wet pussy and I can bring her to her first orgasm in 5 or 10 minutes. She enjoys more than one - I pause for a minute or so and then start again, running my finger into her pussy until she is on the point of orgasm and then moving to her clit. She says I'm the best ever at that. Occasionally she sucks me off or masturbates me, but we've never actually consumated the relationship. Maybe because she used to work with my wife. Anyway, she likes my penis. My wife is much harder work - 20 minutes to get her even slightly wet. She has always also been quite tight. But when we work at it, and get it all the way in, she has tremendous orgasms and being tight on my quite small penis feels wonderful. When I do cum, the first shot will still go over the lady's head and hit the wall if I pull out at the right moment

February 19, 2012

My penis is round, its a little vainy and its brown. When im aroused it bends downward. The only thing I would change is the length. Probably to 10 inches. I have never had sex.I have been complimented that it is very big for someone my age. I think that masturbating is a good way to releave sexual tension. I fail to produce enough semen when I jus masturbate when im bored, but when I do ejaculate the semen is white and thick, it kinda flows out

February 18, 2012
Girthy penis

I have a penis which curves upwards when viewed from the side, but is straight when you look down on it. It is white, but red colouted when it gets hard. The glans is very red and classic helmet shaped. I've had very favourable responses from girls about it, with my last 2 gfs loving it. My last gf said it was the longest and thickest she has ever had (Which is a real compliment as she has had a lot of guys). One gf used to call him Mr Pee Pee! My semen has always been a pale yellow/creamy colour. I'm happy with him, but would love the length to be 8!

February 18, 2012

Basic penis, slightly darker than my otherwise white skin. Shaft is about 6 inches around, but gets larger just before the head. Points slightly to the right when erect. I would like it to be about an inch longer, but am otherwise content with my penis. One of my partners once nicknamed it Mr Hardy 2000, as they thought it was a clever name. I'm constantly complimented about my penis from various partners. I feel masturbating is quite alright, even if in a committed relationship, and should be done whenever the person wants to jack off. However, if a partner asks to tone down amount of masturbation, I don't think that is an unfair request. When I ejaculate, the semen is usually thick and stringy, and usually shoots about mid chest, 4-7 times, and is pure white. How much depends on how often I masturbate, and have gone from just a few drops, to 3 or 4 tablespoons.

February 18, 2012

My penis is perfectly shaped, just shorter than average. The head is more pointed, than rounded, and it is very pink. The shaft is light skinned and hairless. It curves up slightly and to the right slightly, perhaps from years of masturbating. The circumference is fine, but I do wish it were 2 to 4 inches longer. I am married, and we have sex usually 3 to 4 times each week. Still, I masturbate almost daily, and I have since I was 13. When I was younger, I would shoot semen as far as 3 feet or more when I ejaculated, but now it shoots only a few inches. Only the first 2 or 3 squirts shoot, and then the remainder dribbles or is expelled only if I milk it out. I still produce a lot of semen, which tends to be very thick and very white. I have always produced a lot of precum and that has not diminished with age. The precum has always been much sweeter than the semen, but the semen's taste is much more pleasant than when I was younger. My orgasms have always been intense, and they seem to have become more intense with age. Prostate massages are great to intensify pleasure and to produce greater semen production, facts I learned when I had prostate issues in my30s and had to visit a doctor for treatment.

February 18, 2012
Johnny's penis

My penis is straight and long with a olive complexion slighty darker then my skin. It is smooth all along the shaft until it gets to the base of my hood,which has the bumps of a man that has been circumsized. I wouldn't change it other than wanting my foreskin intact,although I have never had complaints. When I am away from my partner I do masturbate a couple of times a day,and am fine with it. Depending on how long it has been since cuming I can shoot over my head,if it hasen't been long I will slow cum all over my hand and lower belly, which I seem to prefer over the other.

February 18, 2012
hard and fat

My penis is fair long when soft and hardens with a slight curve to the right. My pubic hair is somewhat curly and fairly long. It fully circles my shaft and extends into angel-like wings up and out which enhance the prominence of my penis and testicles. My testicles hang very low in their almost hairless sac. The penal shaft is very smooth and basically is the same color as my stomach. I have three large bulbous bluish veins that extend from the base and disappear below the penal head. My circumcision wasn’t cut too short so is presents a slightly bumpy dark 2 inch coffee colored collar just beneath the penal head. My penis head is larger than the rest of my penis and when fully erect mushrooms out and darkens into a reddish cinnamon color. I developed fairly young and in the locker room during high school, I caught many others staring at my penis as it hung heavily between my legs. I was fortunate that my first lover was an older woman that taught me how to lovingly use my manhood. This experience taught me the responsibilities and techniques of starting gentle but finishing strong and with a purpose. She also taught me to masturbate before sex to prolong our coupling without fear of a quick orgasm. Therefore as I began dating girls my age, I was able to satisfy the more experienced and even enter the tightest high school vagina without causing discomfort for my lover or me. Once accustomed to my large penis, each of my lovers has wanted more. I have incorporated mutual masturbation into my sexual foreplay and this ensures both my endurances and her receiving multiple orgasms before and throughout intercourse.

February 18, 2012

The shape of my penis is basically a straight shaft in good perportion with no bends and a decent size head. The veins on my shaft are very noticeable because I pump my penis a lot. Therefore I believe I lost some sensation over time. I would like my penis to be around 9 inches in length with a good hang because girls like a better than average size. It doesnt matter what any girl says. No girl has ever rejected me because of my penis only because I can last a good while. I have been complimented before on how big my penis and balls look wearing my girlfriends lowrise thongs and panties. It feels good also to have evrything kept in one place. For awhile ive been single but even if I was married I would still masturbate daily. I average three times a day as it is. When I ejaculate I normally squirt about a teaspoon and shoot in pulses a tablespoon at the same time. That is also why I wear thongs so I dont get cum all over my boxers. And its normally a cloudy white color.

February 17, 2012

My penis is about 7 inches when erect. The shaft is thick with a vein that start at the base and runs up the top of the shaft and off to the left just below the glans. The glans is helmet shaped and has a nice flare or rim to it. It is a tannish pink color with the head slightly pinker. My penis has hair that grows about a 1/4 inch up the shaft from my pubic bush. I would not change my penis in any way. I love to masturbate and enjoy my penis daily. I woudl not mind masturbating with other males who enjoy having a penis and sharing it with another guy. My semen shoots out in a stream when I ejaculate and is thick and white.

February 16, 2012

1. My penis is straight in form with a head that is slightly larger than the thickness of the shaft. 2. If I could I would add length to my penis, if for no other reason than it would give me the ability to maintain penetration in a greater number of positions. My wife has always reassured me that she is satisfied with my size but there is always a little doubt there. 3. My current partner which is my wife of 34 years, and I have never named my penis. 4. I definitely have been made fun of because of my penis size. In its flaccid state, it is what I feel is small, maybe 2.5 inches long and 1 inch in width. This teasing occurred a very long time ago, mostly in my mid to late teen years. 5. I find masturbation a pleasurable activity on its own merit. There is no obligation to try and please anyone but you. 6. Recently my ability to ejaculate was lost due to prostate removal. Before the surgery, I would squirt 4 to 7 times which would reach my nipples. If I was extremely aroused or was being stroked by my wife I would squirt 4 to 9 times but so forcefully that it would hit me in the face or in my hair, and about twice as much. 7. Just an additional note. As previously described, I no longer ejaculate but I still orgasm. There is just no discharge of semen. The intense pulsing of the penis and internal muscles still occur and are almost as pleasurable. The one nice thing is that since there is no ejaculate, it seems that I can regain my erection much quicker and orgasm many more times is a shorter time span than before. I'm 60 years old; in moderate health and physical condition but for some strange reason I can orgasm 4 to 5 times in a 2 hour time span. This new ability almost offsets the loss of my prostate. If this should happen to any readers of this, don't give up, it can be only be a little different if you want it to be.

February 16, 2012
master bator

Soft skin but hard inside. Nice and straght with a head a little larger than the shaft. Full foreskin that moves back and forth over the head while stroking. Slightly darker in colour than the rest of my skin. Every one who has seen or played with it has seemed to enjoy it. I like to play with it at least once or twice a day sometimes for an hour or more. There is not much pre- cum but what there is is tasty. My ejaculation has weakened with age but there is quite a bit of it. It usually is whitish to clear and tastes a little salty but neither sweet or bitter, I kind of like it.

February 16, 2012

My penis is straight when erect and now protrudes perpendicular to my abdomen. When much younger, it stuck straight up almost parallel with my abdomen. It is short, certainly by porn standards, and a bit below average in length according to the penis size charts. However, it apparently is reasonably thick at 6.2 inches in circumference (girth). It has never been rejected although it is clear that my wife would have preferred it to be longer, although several females have told me that they prefer girth to length. Once when we were skinny-dipping at night with another couple, the gal was wearing a swim mask and when she was under water she saw my erection and when she surfaced commented that she was surprised at how big it was. I just thought she was trying to be polite. I guess in retrospect, she was commenting on the thickness. Nevertheless, I have often wished for it to be longer!

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February 14, 2012
Happy foreskin

My penis is about 4 inches when flaccid and 6.5 when erect, can get very hard and is straight with no bends. It is darker than my otherwise white skin, shows some veins on the shaft and the head is pinkish. I am partly shaven particularly around my scrotum/balls. I am uncircumcised with a loose foreskin which of course only covers the tip of my penis when flaccid. I like the loose skin because I can manipulate it when I masturbate to gain maximum sensitivity around the shaft and more particularly as it slides over the head which rather quickly becomes moist. I love masturbating most days and at weekends maybe twice a day which includes the time I am with my girlfriend. If I haven’t climaxed for a few days it is usually a fairly powerful spurt of several inches. Otherwise a dribble down the shaft. It is white opaque every time. I have never been rejected or teased and do not have a nickname for my penis. I would not change anything.

February 14, 2012

I have an uncut penis, its a little bigger than average at almost 7 and 5 girth. Although I do wish it was thicker I have never had a complaint and a few girls really love it. Its perfectly strait and a little thicker in the middle. It is also darker skin than the rest of me. When I cum its usually 3 or 4 good spurts and some dribbles of whitish cream, the more excited the farther it shoots. I love masterbating but have a smokin hot pretty much wife and really dont need to

February 14, 2012
Tasty Cum

My Penis is Sexy, not very big Limp maybe 2 Inches but when he gets Hard its Simply Beautiful. 6-7 Inches Hard, I am Uncircumcised and Proud of it. My Balls are Huge they Hang low alot! 2-1/2 Girth, all my woman Encounters Love My Dick! My Penis is normally skin color, until I see a Nice Cumshot Or Jizz I Love watching other men Cum! Also seeing a big penis in person makes me want to cirkle jerk and shoot my thick White cum on his dick and He do the same Shoot Jizz on my penis! My cum both from compliment and my own Taste is very Delicious, Sweet and Tangy. Thick and White. I have a slight curve but as far as Masturbation I Love and Encourage Daily! Shooting Jizz is Glorious, My first blast shoots bout 2-3 Feet or more Second Shoot bout 2 Feet Solid. Third, Fourth and Fifth fall about a foot and a half to under a foot! Fellas taste your jizz youll be surprised both me and a 38 year old MILF at that time and all the lips that have swirled my Penis love my Jizz and Im happy to beat off and let anyone taste my cum

February 14, 2012

Uncut olive colour veins stick out near head big purplehead very straight sticks upright would just like another inch For my own ego never been rejected have been toldi have a big penis I maserbate solo every day and enjoy doing so ejaculationiis usually very strong shoots a long way depends how many times I maserbate in a day colour is cream and thick My partners penis is smaller than mine but it does not matter

February 12, 2012

My husbands penis is a nice size, very thick. Love it in my pussy, but hard to suck as I have TMJ. I t is a nice uniform looking penis. I would not change a thing, as I have had men before with a longer penis, but not as thick. I orgasm more with a thicker penis. I think masturbating is essentail for a healthy sexual relationship. When I give my husband a hand job he he has a powerful squirt. I have a trimmed hairy pussy, and he likes to squirt on my pussy, stomach, and tits.

February 12, 2012

the colour is a bit darker than my skin colour;i am a light black male. it does bend to the right a little but very little. if I could change the size of my penis,length and width, I would because I feel that it does not suit my body when compared to the size of my body.i like it but if I could change it I defiantly would make it larger. I have never had sex so no one has rejected my penis and I dont name my penis, I am not that playful. masterbating is fun and pleasurable. I my case my masturbation is solo and I dont masterbate whenever, but I do frequent the activity maybe about 4 times a week. when I ejaculate it varies its properties. sometimes it shoots,sprays out and other times it just flows out. it comes out more sticky if I have been masturbating frequently. I do produce quite a lot of semen but sometimes the amount becomes less when I have been going for numerous rounds.

February 11, 2012

nice shape, average color for anglo guy. bent 30 degrees right. was 46 degrees before going to clinical trials with auxilium. wish it were firmer and longer like most guys. no rejections only one wife! no cute names. no making fun. I still masturbate often. it is both a release and a pleasure. no guilt or anxiety. when I was younger it was more in shooting and quantity, but I am still ok with it. I now only produce about a teaspoonful. it used to be 3 times that amount. the pleasure of the orgasm is unchanged. color is light white to clear; when I was younger it was whiter and thicker.

February 10, 2012

My penis is kind of veiny, white, and pretty soft. It doesn't really bend in any particular way and there really is not anything unique about it. Even though my penis isn't the biggest in the world, I still don't want to change anything about it. So far I have not been rejected because of my penis and there was this one girl that called my penis her best friend. She called it that because she told me she was on a dry spell for several months and wanted to use it as much as she could. I usually masturbate during the week and try to handle my relations on the weekend, if you know what I mean. When I masturbate my semen differs from time to time. Sometimes it is as liquid as water and sometimes is pretty solid. I'm not sure what causes this, but honestly I'm not going to look much into it.

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February 9, 2012
small dick

Have always found my penis a bit small but never had any comments. About 3 inches flaccid and 5 erect. Straight, slightly darker than my white skin. Larger at head which is pinkish. Am circumcised, unshaven, been masturbating since age 12 and still love it. Now do it about twice a week for pleasure but usually triggered off out of necessity. Used to shoot out in two or three spirts but now dribbles onto hand and down shaft. Can maintain erection reasonable length of time. One of advantages of taking longer is it can prolong the feeling of pleasure

February 6, 2012
british beef

not much to look at when soft, just like an apendage to my body. though when hard, its near on perfect with a foreskin that rolls back and forth with ease. my shaft is veiny and the same colour as my skin, my bell end starts off pink, but the more it gets used the colour changes to a red/purple. of course I would like a bit more length, but thats not going to happen so im happy with what I have. although my eye is on the strange side, like a mini set of lips,/or, vagina!! I love masturbating, its a natural thing to do, and when I ejaculate, my whole body is in ecstasy, with a few good shots followed by on ooze of sticky white man mess

February 6, 2012

Long litle larger at the base slight mushroom head. Smooth flesh tone withe a red head. Curves slightley upward maybe a little thicker No no names I have been told I have a nice penis. I love to by myself or with someone. Its all fun It varys depending on the amount of excitment sometimes it drolls down the shaft and sometimes I hit myself in the face White to smiclear

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February 5, 2012

I have been told my penis is really good locking. It is not curved to the left or right. It dose have a slight curve up almost flat and it is covered with a real nice piece of foreskin that covers the head and it can be fulled retracted to show off the heart shaped head. My penis and balls are shaved. The veins on the sides stand out slightly as well as the ones on top. Swinging sometime when worm there is one nice set of big balls. When at the nude beach I have a lot of complements on them. Some times I have been ask if I would let them be felt. I have agreed to this and have my penis receive some attention too! I enjoy a good jack-off with the cum starts out shooting and ends with a slow dribble.

February 2, 2012

My penis is a thick tube toppes with a thick and bigger head. It is brown but can also look purplish. It is nice and smooth to the touch. My penis is small but when erect,it curves upward and to the left. Thankfully I havent yet been rejected for my penis. I have been complimented and the being made fun of came at the hands of a guy friend. Never had a nickname given to me. Masturbation should be utilized regularly and taught and passed on. It is a wonderful thing. Ejaculation from masturbation has come all ways. Thin and watery and thick and gooey. From a squirt or two to gushing mutliple shots. I have been at it so lomg I have ran the gambit.

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February 2, 2012

My penis is circumcised, straight with no bends, unwrinked texture and normal white person’s skin colour slightly pink. Unshaven, dark hair I would have liked it to be a little longer when flaccid and erect Nobody has ever rejected it. No nickname. As a teenager I solo masturbated about every other day. No problem during marriage. Now a widower I masturbate for pleasure and usually of necessity about twice a week. I always ejaculate. Used to shoot. Now dribbles. About a teaspoon full. Colour off-white. Love it. Usually done in bed, soft lights, soft background music, take my time, sometimes aided by soft porn reading. No problem getting erection if not too tired but mainitaining it can be a problem. Able to climax when not fully erect. Have never had sex with another man. Would love to do so so fantasise about it.

February 2, 2012

I am uncircumcised and from Far East. My penis is straight and am happy with its size when erect. It is yellowish skin and a smooth texture, more pink when foreskin rolled back. Partly shaved pubic hair

I solo masturbates most days if not with my girlfriend with whom I am able to make love about twice a week.

The most sensitive part is the helmet and also the feeling of stimulation all up and down the shaft. I easily get and keep an erection. My semen shoots out as far as my belly button when lying on bed. It is creamy white.

February 1, 2012

My penis is equal size along the shaft with a well shaped large head fairly smooth and light in color, no bends in any direction.It is unique in size, 8 inchs by 6 inchs around. If I was to change it I would like 2 more inchs longer and that is because of what I see in movies. I have never had anyone reject my penis and I have no nick name for it. I have been complimented on it and I do injoy masturbating it is a great feeling and I am married 28 years. When I ejaculate usually there is one squirt and dribble after I would like more but that is ok, the semem is off white and creamy. Thank you for letting me write this about my penis.

February 1, 2012

Compared to other penises I have seen I think I have a very good looking penis. It is about average in size and I am circumcised. I has a relatively large head and it bends just slightly to the left and slightly upward but is not very noticeable.I also have a brown birthmark that is more evident when I'm flaccid on the head of my penis. My penis is not very veiny and it matches my skin tone well. The thing I would like to change is make it a tad thicker and longer but no too much. No one has ever rejected me because of my penis. I have had partners tell me I have a good looking penis. I think masturbation is a great reliever of stress and I find it a great separate or partner activity. During ejaculation my semen varies, sometimes it squirts about 6inches up to foot other times it just dribbles out. It hardly has any consistency though because one day it will dribble and the next shoot. If I been masturbating a lot not too much comes out but quite a bit does when I haven't in awhile. The color of it is usually white to a little yellowish at times.

February 1, 2012
am I average

My dick is straight with a large vein popping out of the top of the shaft. The tip is a little bigger than the shaft in diameter. on the bottom of the shaft I have several small bumps and no its not an std. If I could I wish it would be bigger but i'm not really complaining. No one has rejected me because of my penis. My last girlfriend called my penis paulo which I didn't understand because i'm not mexican or anything. My girlfriends have always like my penis so I don't know if they are being polite or serious. I love masturbation and my semen is white and is a little thicker than pancake batter. Depending on how much I edge sometimes it will shoot out and sometimes it will ooze.

February 1, 2012

My penis, while light, is darker than the rest of my skin. It is is circumcised. When erect, it stands very straight up, close to my stomach. I love the way it changes color about 3/4 up and becomes darker and redder. When I ejaculate, I usually squirt two or three times before dribbling out the rest. It is a very white color and there is a lot of it, making for quite the mess.

February 1, 2012
My penis

My penis is about 8 inches easy, its circumcised and the head is large and purple in color well the shaft is coverd with veins and dark tan in color. I am complimented on it often! Ladies love it and masturbation can be difficult because one hand doesn't cut it. I wouldn't change my dick at all it's pretty damn good and strait as an arrow, doesn't bend

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January 31, 2012

When I look at it it seems really short, but when I grab it it's not totally small feeling. I've been told its really thick and have gotten compliments on it. I've only had one girl say its small, and she said it in the heat of an argument so maybe she didn't truly mean it. Lookswise, It's straight as an arrow, stands perfectly perpendicular to my body, and is proportionate from shaft to tip. I like my penis, it also helps I'm good in bed. I will say that to my surprise, the thickness has hurt girls at times and has sometimes caused bleeding. I'm back and forth on how I feel about it but overall it's not done so bad.

January 31, 2012
Older Guy

I'm 57 years old. My penis is cut and almost 6 long. It's not too thick. When erect its straight. I still get extremely hard. I keep my balls shaved and pubic hair trimmed. I have never been told I'm not big enough.

When I cum it's not as much as it was when I was younger, but still a lot. It's off white and thick.

I masturbate on an average of 4 times per week.

January 31, 2012
my member

i have a long thick shaft with a huge head.its soft and veiny with a slight darker color around the foreskin. it curves slightly downward when erect and the head has a tiny twist to the right. I have a nickname for him I call him the sledgehammer due to the massive head. I do get quite alot of possitive feedback on him. I masturbate anyway I can...lube,toys. and I love solo masturbating. when I cum sometimes it shoots accross the room, or it may dribble out onto my hand. my cum is thick and plenty with a milky white color

January 31, 2012

Same diameter shaft pretty much through out(2), larger head..Flacid bends to the left a tad and about 3.5. Would like it longer a tad and maybe just a bit larger diameter. Shoots abouts 2 feet on occasion most often 6-8 inches of squirt..About a tablespoon of white grey thick semen. I'm told diameter is above average..and lenght common enough..

January 31, 2012

I love my penis, I'm mixed race I'm black and white, and to me I think its beautiful along with any other penis out there, no 2 are alike...well back to mines...I'm 8 long and 6 around...the head of my penis isn't really big so it makes for easy insertion lol it has a freckle on it which I call a beauty mark, its not to sensitive so I I like to pay attention to it alot, the shaft of my penis is curved to the right and everyone love how I'm shaft isn't really vainy but it has a couple big veins that I get alot of compliments on...I also have a unique birth mark on the base of my penis that is on top...its a cool addition to my body cuz its a lighter color that my over all skin color so when in a dark room and a black light on it glows...I think the only thing I'd change would be how my balls look...I'd much rather have some nice low hanging balls rather than having them sit higher up and close to me lol, but when I cum its a show of its own I cum hard and really far! Only time it doesn't shoot is when I have jacked off a bunch of times in the day, but mainly shoot far, always hits my face or behind my head...its not a thick cum, kinda watery but has a white tint to it...and sometimes I precum but not alot like most guys. I've never really had any complaints or turn downs when it comes to sex or oral sex, seems like I'm the one complaining because they want it more than I can keep up with lol...if I had to change anything in that region it would be to have low bouncing balls and would love to stay circumsized but have more foreskin play than what I have.

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January 30, 2012
Techinquenot size

Straight, cut, and uniform in girth. Flesh pink shaft, helmet slightly darker. No lady has ever complained - some Working Girls have said I am idealy sized. One english lass said: no one wants a big lump of mutton ramming into her, that slips in nicely!

When I was young, it shot out in a creamy spout. Now it ooses.

January 30, 2012

My penis bends slightly to the right. I wish it was straight but I'm happy with it. My semen is a translucent white, depending on the force of the orgasm it either shoots a little and then dribbles or dribbles only.

January 30, 2012

Curves up and a little to left, pink in color( I'm a redhead) helmet shaped head bigger than the shaft its actually the widest part of my penis and circumcised. If I could change one thing probably would like to be uncircumcised, obviously was'nt my choice Not sure if girls are big fans of the Red pubes, but I've never been made fun of for my penis. Ex-girlfriends used to like my penis said it was kinda big only one time did I have a problem and the girl was affraid for intercourse, said it would'nt fit. When I ejaculate I shoot most of the time especially if it's been a few days since I came, kinda yellowish/white in color, sometimes it dribbles out and is kinda thick, usually more white then. I do like to masterbate, probably cause I don't get enough sex, would rather have sex of course.

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January 29, 2012

a little bent from use and abuse...bends up and to the not circumcised and have never had a problem with any type of infections I only would like to change the length of time it stays hard after cumming so that the woman can experience a fuller feeling of making love to each other...I try to masturbate every day and fantasize the ways of making love with my partner..we have a fantastic love making session now and I eat her she will suck on me she knows what I like done and is very capable of doing it as I masturbate and cum the semen is thick and sticky mostly whitish and if you have never licked your own you should...but if you eat your partners pussy after making love you tastes good

January 29, 2012
well used

6-7 in long w/slight curve up. Head is nicely defined and larger than the shaft. I keep it shaved smooth as it is more comfortable for my partner. There area some veins that stand out as well as some 'ridges' present when fully erect. When I cum I do not squirt long distance like I did when I was younger. I used to shoot an easy three to five feet. Now I get a couple of inches. I last longer now that I am older which is a good thing for the ladies. It just takes me a little longer to get there. When I lay on my stomach with my penis pulled straight back between my legs, it gets to be very, very sensitive to the touch (in an extremely erotic way). Does his happen to any others?

January 29, 2012

My penis is slightly darker than the rest of my skin, and the head is reddish pink. it curves down in the middle then back up at the end. I have many bumps along the sides which I believe are fordyce spots. My girlfriend likes it alot and says i'm big. The amount I ejaculate depends on how long ive been stimulated, but its usually about 3 squirts which travel and then about 3 more that dribble. my semen is white with a yellow tint

January 28, 2012

the shape is very straight and quite round, te texture is smooth with some hair. It is very straight with hardly any curvature and tilts up at about 45 degrees. I would like it to be slightly longer as I feel that it is below average size. My opinion on masturbating is that it is for pleasure whenever I feel like it. My ejaculation is sometimes a squirt but mostly just a dribble, the quantity varies from time to time depending on how long since my last ejaculation, the colour of my semem does vary from time to time but most of the time it is white with a yellow tinge.

January 28, 2012

My dick is reg shape slightly veiny brown shaft and head while soft bright pink shiny head erect i'm circumcised it bends downward im not sure how I feel about the curve my wife loves it as it rubs her g spot I think it looks kind of sleepy I love how the white dudes in porn dicks curve up and are usually straight I would go back natural as foreskin produces lube which makes sex easier I have to use lube for intercourse always esp as my wife is really tight My wife gave it a nick name so we could talk about it in public like a person I guess lol isn't john up and about today! Is johnny hungry? etc. I Masturbate daily its my time while sex is our time However, my wife and I have issues and dont't sex as much :( at our sex peak (almost daily sex)id masturbate about twice a week My cum usually shoots just a little its white and about a tbl spoon

January 28, 2012

My penis is about 7-8in. long, and I'd say maybe about 4-5in. around. (I've never measured girth) It's a darker brown than my torso with balls that are almost black. When the temperature is fair, not too hot or cold, the shaft is smooth and the head has a slight shine to it. My frenulum is still intact, but the foreskin retracts automatically to reveal the head when erect. My penis is much smaller when flaccid, I'm a grower, and because of the curve the head points directly to the ground when I'm standing up with an erection, and the shaft is maybe 20 degrees below 90. It curves both to the left and down, and if I could change it I would make it point out at a 90 degree angle with a slight upward curve and no side curve. I love it the way it is, but u-curved penis really turn me on so I wouldn't mind having one. Nobody has ever rejected me because of my penis, and in one instance the receiver was surprised by how big it was. It was only 6.5in. at the time. I've never given my penis a nickname but I have referred to it as if it were another person before. I've never been in a relationship before but I definitely could see myself masturabating less often by myself, and moreso with my partner either mutually or servicing him. For now though, I really enjoy masturbating. I like to try different positions, as well as anal stimulation. My favorite part is when I cum. When I cum it's like a combination of dribbling and shooting. It doesn't always shoot but some of the streams do, and when it flows out it comes out forcefully, but doesn't get airborn. The color varies based on an unknown factor, but it's usually a mix of clear and white. I also cum either a lot or a little depending on how long I last, and my level of arousal.

January 28, 2012

The head of my penis is thick, and the shaft is very thick in the middle and then tapers a little toward the base. I have one big vein that starts at the right side of the base of my penis, and it wraps around all the way ending up at the top on the other side. The colow is dark brown. No bend. Its stands like a flag pole. I would add another inch in length and a half inch in girth if I had the option, but never recieved a complaint. Oddly enough, no nick for this guy. Or maybe hiis nickname is this/that guy. Im a big proponent of solo masturbation.... The more times you can pop your load the better. My girl and and I masturbate together often. Love it. my ejaculation varies. Sometime dribbles, other times sprays. I never know.

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January 27, 2012

My penis is more of a grower than a shower, by which I mean when I am flaccid I am really quite small but I grow to about 6inches or so when fully erect (although not big I am quite pleased with it when it is erect). My penis is browner than the rest of my body (I am white)and when erect it stands vertically against my body. My foreskin is very tight and will not retract when I am erect, the head my peak out if I get a lot of precum and things loosen up due to prolonged masturbation. My partner and I masturbate together or we masturbate solo in the same room at our respective computers or we masturbate alone at our respective homes. Masturbation is a wonderful way to pleasure yourself and others. When I smoked and drank my semen was yellow tinged but now it is milky white, gets very watery if I have edged for hours and tends to shoot to start with and then ooze out by the end of the orgasm. I love masturbating.

January 27, 2012

My penis is normal looking with a slight turn upwards when hard. If it is soft it is short and wide. It has many small bumps on it and has been circumcised. I use a tanning bed nude so I am able to have a nice dark brown color to my penis. I keep it shaved along with my balls so they are always smooth and clean. I cannot think of any changes I would make but would like to withstand more workouts without becoming tender. My penis has never been rejected but my ex did find it painful to have sex with as it is large. We used the nick-names of Mickey and Minnie. Sure you can guess which is which. I find I need to masterbate an average of once a day. When I was married I had to masterbate a lot as we did not have much sex. I do not see anything wrong with it even when married for anyone unless because of masterbation you do not take care of your spouse. My semen has always been white but the amount has decreased over time. It use to squirt ot quite far but does not get as much distance now.

January 27, 2012

The shape is normal. same thickness from the base until the tip. then goes out on the tip. nothing unique no bending make it bigger maybe no no no when needed depending on how often I masturbate. If it is once a week and I masturbate for an hour its a huge spurt about 2 teaspoons with a milky whit color. If I masturbate like every other day or 2 days in a row it drools and is about 1-1.5 teaspoons. Multiple times a day it dribbles about .5-1 teaspoon.

January 26, 2012

I love my penis. It is a straight eight inches with a slight curve downward but when erect it will compensate and point upward and, with its curved stick out quite far from my body. I am circumcised an have a large pink head. I would never change a thing about my penis and am quite pleased with it. The size for one is fun, it is also veined and ridged and has never been the cause of rejection in any of my relationships. I have never nicknamed or have had it nick named, but I prefer to call it what it is, a penis. My size has been complimented by girlfriends and some team mates from swim. I am an avid masturbator and enjoy the practice thoroughly. when I get married I plan to continue, both separately or with my wife if she enjoys watching. I have a wide range of ejaculations, some squirt, others dribble, and some shoot from my penis yet stick and drool down my shaft. my semen varies in consistency slightly and is white to clear-white.

January 26, 2012

My penis when erect if long and quite fat has a head in proportion, foreskin, and is thicker half way along the shaft than the base and is a light tan colour and I wouldnever swap it for any other. Maybe when I get older I would change it to a vagina amd enloy the womens part of sex. I was rejects a couple of times when younger for bein g to big, once by a married women who said she would not be able to take it. I was laughhed at at school for being big and later when showering after gym. blokes would say Gee do you use allof that I have great ejeculations which hasthe initial large squirt followed by some smaller ones the colour is white and quite a lot. Some times it varies but mainly a good amount shoots out.

January 26, 2012

My penis curves to the left,and after about 5 minutes of masturbation the pre- cum starts to ooze out. This lubrication makes my circumcsized penis feel really good until I stroke it long enough (about 35 to 40 minutes)to cum.

January 26, 2012

well I have an uncut dick, its tan it bends to the right. I wouldnt change a thing bout it, because I always get good compliments about it. I call it my jimmy. I love to jack off, usually wit another person, or just by myself watching porn. whn I cum, it will either shoot, or drool. depending on how long I havent jerked it. its usually a pretty big load haha

January 26, 2012

I masturbate daily each morning before preparing for work. Weekends I sometimes extend masturbation to last four hours or more. Really powerful orgasams but about half the amount of semen from several years ago. Always the highlight of my day.

January 26, 2012

I'm asian guy. My penis had a regular cylinder shape, not bend at all. The color was as fair as my skin, I had a nice pink forehead. It was very hard and stiff when erect. When I like about is when I orgasm, I usually get 5-7 load of semen squirting out of my penis. And each load was plenty and they are thick and creamy. When I ejaculate, semen usually land on my face because of the force. It taste salfy and creamy. My Gf like to swallow them all when she give me a blow job.

January 26, 2012

My penis is light in colour as I was a red head when younger. It has good form, is nice and straight ,cut ,with no bend. Women and men have always said it is great. Several have called it eveready because it is always ready for sex. I have always loved masturbation as well as intercourse or mutual masturbation. Since I have been over 70 there is not much precum dribble and I now ejaculate much less semen with orgasm. The sperm colour is whitish but clearer since a vasectomy 25 years ago.

January 26, 2012

My penis is light brown and smooth. It bends up slightly and you can see a lot of veins.The head of it is decent sized but because it is so thick it kind of looks like a continuation of the shaft. If I could I would make it an inch or too longer because it looks a little too fat. I have been rejected because of my penis size but it does not really matter[at least I tell myself that].My partner said it was because her past boyfriend was bigger and could fill her better than I could.I feel that masturbating is a great activity to reduce stress and impulses so I do it about twice a day. When I ejaculate, I shoot about five long streams of cum.It comes out nearly all white with some surrounding clear fluids.The more I masturbate in a day the clearer the ejaculation.

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January 1

It's brown like the rest of my skin and seems to be thicker than most. The skin is loose and can be pulled from any direction without causing pain. There is darker ring-like mark around my penis about an inch away from the head. It's very straight, thicker from side to side than from top to bottom except for the area right before the head where it increases in thickness from top to bottom making it looking kind of like the mane of a lion right before the head. If I could change it, I would add about another inch to the length. No one has rejected me because of it, but I had my girlfriend confess that her EX's penis was at least two inches longer. MY girlfriend calls my penis Bobbit. My ejaculation is very white. It shoots, but not very far because it seems to be more gooey than watery. But sometimeif I haven't ejaculated in over two days it will shoot farther.
January 1

My penis when erect if long and quite fat has a head in proportion, foreskin, and is thicker half way along the shaft than the base and is a light tan colour and I would never swap it for any other. Maybe when I get older I would change it to a vagina amd enloy the womens part of sex. I was rejects a couple of times when younger for bein g to big, once by a married women who said she would not be able to take it. I was laughhed at at school for being big and later when showering after gym. blokes would say Gee do you use all of that I have great ejeculations which has the initial large squirt followed by some smaller ones the colour is white and quite a lot. Some times it varies but mainly a good amount shoots out.

January 3

The skin is soft and silky. Shaft skin is the same color as the rest of his skin, the head is a nice pink. It curves a bit to the left and up. If I could change anything I would prefer not to have been circumcised. I am currently working on foreskin restoration to get closer to what I had naturally. I have never been rejected because of my penis. It's name is Rod Funshaft. Some people may think my penis is small, but my girlfriend loves it just the way it is. She takes any opportunity to tell me how wonderful it is and how good it feels inside her. Usually my ejaculation is a slow dribble, occasionally my girlfriend can get me to squirt, but I have never been able to achieve this on my own. I suppose it is an average volume. The semen is clearish white.


January 6

It bends slightly to the left, is big when erect, tiny when not, it has tiny bumps near the start of the shaft. If I could, I'd make it straighter and thicker. Also, if it weren't so small when flaccid, I wouldn't feel so bad about being naked. I also have this weird thing where I start thinking about other stuff accidentally...or I get distracted and my dick starts to get soft..I've actually finished sex with a semi-soft dick before. My best erections are during the early morning or after just laying and spooning or something with my partner...if I actually TRY to get an erection, it backfires. I've never been rejected because of my penis. My last partner actually brags about it, but mostly because I last long and take care of her while I'm doing my thing. I've actually been more reassured by her because I'm paranoid about it than I should be. My ejaculations are heavenly...I stretch my own orgasms out til the last possible second, and it rockets out during sex (Dribbles out during porn.) I can go for hours, but for the most part, I keep it simple and hard for at least 15-20 mins before cumming. (Only during sex...masturbating I don't fucking wait around.)

In all honesty, I don't worry about the size until I'm looking at porn...or when I'm naked right before sex. During and after, it's the most powerful piece of equipment around.

January 6
Small But Happy

My penis is only about 2.5 inches when flaccid and just below average when hard. Personally, I like a guy with a smaller penis because I can do a better job of pleasing him with an easier and greater level of comfort for me. No one has ever rejected me for my size. When it is hard, my penis is absolutely straight. The shaft of it flares to a slight enlargement about an inch behind the glans. In color, it's a light pinkish brown with the inside of my foreskin being more pink. Now that I am old enough that it takes more time and effort to masturbate to ejaculation, there is a permanant small bruise on the top of the shaft where my thumb holds onto the skin as I rub back and forth. My two long-term partners and I have always called our penises by our middle names with the term Little placed before them--like Little Paul or Little Burton. My ejaculation now that I am in my 60s tends to be spurts that do not travel far. My mid-section of my body convulses with each spurt during ejaculation. The ejaculate is white, opaque, and gooey; but it quickly turns to a clear, runny liquid unless I clean up immediately. I'm an exhibitionist and love having others see my penis, especially when I am masturbating. I don't like people I know to see it, though. Instead, when I travel (which is 4-6 months per year), I try to arrange situations for strangers to watch through hotel windows, up the legs of my shorts, etc. I've never been embarrassed about it being small when exposing myself. There is only one instance when I think it might be fun to have a very long flaccid one; I would love to see the faces of the guys patting me down at the airport security lines as they encoutered it hanging so much lower than they would expect a penis to be. Has anyone out there had this experience to write about it?

January 16

My penis is straight with the glands being the widest aspect, I am circumcised with no adhesions, the urethra is near the underside, erect it is stout and useful, flaccid it is 2 to 3 inches at 70 degrees keeping nicely stowed away and can disappear in artic climates, I am not heavily veined and it sits atop one testicle. I have never been rejected sexually and my penis was named Herbie the love bug by my partner, I am reassured it is fine and just what was ordered. In younger years it ejaculated over my head, but older now that has diminished, my semen is white to yellow depending on different factors and by volume .05 oz per use is average. As I have aged erections are softer and I am more deliberate in purpose now, loving is less desperate and more planed...ejaculation is less intense but more appreciated, pre cum volume less now than as a young man but lube in a bottle works as well...I have learned a sense of humor is the best care my penis needs. With a well planed outing once a week it romps well for all.

January 17
stefan e

As a descendant of northern euroamerican my penis has light colored skin. When it is warm, it flushes slightly to pink, otherwise it is a semitranslucent caucasian hue.

The head of my penis is nicely shaped and it exceeds the shaft dimension considerably in its masculine flare. It bends slightly to the left (as I look down on it) I wouldn't change anything about it. But if I knew that my foreskin was healthy and comfortable, I would choose to keep it.

No one has ever rejected me because of my penis. It has provide hours and hours and hours on end of pleasure for me and my partners, though perhaps some more than others. The nicest compliment one can pay is taking your penis in her/his mouth. I've received many compliments and given a few myself. May it continue, ahem.

When I'm really aroused and into what I'm doing, my ejactulations pulse in strong spurts. First come one or two warning shots and then a massive spurt that sometimes can be quite forceful. My semen is wet and milky, mild tasting, and I happily produce about two teaspoons per orgasm on average. I do not know my sperm count, but I do have two children.

January 18
average joe69

Well here are my answers. hope they help. They are honest. I'm of mediteranian decent so the skin is a nice olive tone with extra smooth and soft skin. I have an ample foreskin that hangs over the head like a large cloak. It curves slightly upward when hard and erects at an upward angle as well. I wouldn't change anything about it. Twice I have been rejected because my female partners thought my penis was too small. I've also had one girl say it was too big. My current girlfreiend calls it the hooded rider because the foreskinn hangs so loose. I was the first uncut guy she had been with. She enjoys being able to play with the foreskin and roll it around.

May times in highschool I was made fun of for not being circumcised. many men tell me I'm dirty and inherently unclean. They also often stare at it like there is something wrong with it. I simply laugh and remember the times I've pulled catching myself in a zipper and thought how painfull catching the head rather than the skin would be. I also content myself with the knowledge I carry a grower that would shame them. When I've traveled overseas however, I'm usually in the norm with a foreskin. I wash daily and the girls I've been with all came back for more. I don't make any precum. I do shoot two or three globs and then the rest just oozes out like someone squeezing a toothpaste tube.

January 20

My penis has a good shape, its a bit wider at the top, has a good pinkish color and in soft to the touch even when hard. It has a slight curve to the left (I think its because my I masturbate with my left) one very unique thing is that I have a little freckle on the top. I wouldnt change my penis in any way, I love it!! I have been complimented many times before for the size by men and women, so it makes me feel good. The type of ejaculation I have depends on my state of arousal, im im so-so it dribbles, but if im very very aroused I have been able to shoot over my shoulder. The quantity also depends on state of arousal. And it is always a very nice whit color. I have been rejected once because of my penis, its because it was too big and could not fit the girl.


January 24

My penis is smooth and about as thick around from the base of the shaft to the head. It is straight as an arrow, but long enough to allow for changing the angle for direct g- spot stimulation. I guess like all guys I could always use a bit more responsibly but no-one has ever indicated did-satisfaction with any aspect. My partner oncew made the statement that I was long and thin, which in light of her prolific past caused me to feel that perhaps she wasn't satisfied, but she soothed me by explaining that she was referring to the overall appearance as shorter ones look fatter at the same thickness and re-assured me that I am all she requires to be fully satisfied. I love her and know the damage that can be done by probing such probably innocent statements so I let it drop and it has never caused any problems. When I come, sometimes it squirts up to a couple of feet, sometimes dribbles, sometimes is very thick and other times watery, depending upon recovery time between sessions.

January 24

I am in my fifties and my penis is about 3 to 4 inches soft. When I get an erection it is about 6 inches and stands straight out very, very hard.My balls get very tight. I shave my balls and around my penis so it stands out more than usual.It doesnt bend left or right but straight out and if I lay on my back it stands straight up like a flagpole. When I cum it doesnt shoot out but dribble done the shaft and this may be because I cum almost every day and sometimes 2 or 3 times. The cum is white. I like my penis and because of this like to walk around my house nude, sleep nude and masturbate while doing work or watching tv.That myth about losing your sex drive around fifty is wrong. Just sitting here and typing I got a big hardon. Which I am proud of.

January 27

I have a pretty tiny schwanz when not in use. I am a classic grower and wind up above average after arousal. I am cut and it has a very nice tan color that is uniform, even the circ scar. I am thickest at the base but the flare on my glans is just as wide. I curve slightly left and up. My wife hasn't got much to compare to so she doesn't comment either way. One girlfriend was sure it'd be small before we slept together the first time but she went ga-ga when she saw it. That led to the best blow-job I've ever had too. I cum 5-8 times per week. I shoot a big load which often flies over my shoulder if I'm lying down. Sometimes though, even if the orgasm is intense, it'll only dribble out. Hard to figure why. I could stroke my penis gently all day without getting bored, though sometimes, even at work, I'll find myself in need of a private loo to relieve myself as it were. I am a regular swimmer and I show well in my speedo, but I am not impressive after a long swim for sure! I have a nice body, I think, so I get checked out at the club by both sexes all the time. Only the guys check the bulge!

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January 28
very lucky wife

My hubby has the most gorgeous penis - lots of dark hair from his tummy down and around the penis, his skin is naturally tanned but when erect his penis is deliciously pink with its head shining excitedly. He has been circumsized as a baby (thank goodness! it's so clean and plain beautiful!!) but a tiny piece of skin grew back, leaving a cute little string between the head and the shaft on the underside. When erect, his penis does have a very slight bend to the left and it points upward when he stands, so giving amazing g-spot stimulation if he enters from behind. We call his penis MAX - dont know why, he's done so since I met him and I think the name suits it because it really is HUGE - I was shocked to death first time I saw it erect and he was afraid of hurting me so we took quite a while to get penetration right (we were both virgins and started off with mutual masturbation). I am not joking he REALLY is HUGE: sometimes when he thrusts too deeply I can feel him hit my cervix and I try not to squirm too much because I know even if it hurts me, he gets tremendous pleasure from being able to go all the way in! My hubby's ejaculation is quite powerful depending on the # of times we've done it and whether we have sex/masturbate/a FJ/a BJ: it is solid white and shoots all over sometimes (and tastes really YUCK!! quite bitter?!) and sometimes it just drools out. I love it when he has a really powerful orgasm, I can feel it suddenly squirting a warm glow inside of me. But I also love seeing it drool out slowly over my foot or clitoris when he is totally spent ;-) I wouldn't want to change anything, we really have it all!! (oh BTW men: it isn't length that counts - sometimes I find my hubby is too long to fit everything in - but GIRTH is really crucial: after sex my entire vaginal area glows for about an hour from being stretched by my hubby's enormously thick penis!)(blush...)

January 30

My penis is uncut. It's partly covered with hair and with fuzz. Veins are visible but not protruding, except the main one on the top side. Skin is just a bit darker than the rest of my body. About one third of penis' skin is my foreskin. It has noticeably different color being pink. It's also more sensitive than glans. If I keep my foreskin up, it has a noticeable round mold on its right side. It looks like an eye. The foreskin used to be tight and hard to pull back for the most of my teenage years but I managed to stretch it by gently pulling it back daily for years. Now it's completely free. I sometime leave it pulled back after taking a shower for the rest of the day (or during night) which gives me a feeling of being cut. When erect my penis points up at 45 degrees but it is slightly bent down and to the left. I can move my erect penis by flexing my PC muscle which I practice for quiet some time. My penis is unique by condition called hypospadias. An opening of my penis is not located on top of the glans but on the underside, just in place where glans and foreskin meet. With foreskin pulled forward, I can still urinate standing and there's no visible difference. The underside of glans is very sensitive as it should be. My semen comes out mostly white. I can ejaculate a lot, which I like very much. I produce about 8 cc but with special technique, I was able to produce 16 cc or so. Of course, force of ejaculations varies. When diligent in doing PC flexes, I can shoot to my face when laying on back but sometimes I just shoot first a bit and the rest comes out dribbling. Depends on how much effort you put into it. Anything like to change? Maybe to have it a bit longer and with a hole in usual place. But as you can see, I have enough fun with it just the way it is.

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January 31

My penis is shaped like most and the head is just a little fatter than the shaft. It is smooth except for a few razor bumps at the base.It is a light pink in color as are the balls.I do tend to hang to the left as ive gotten older maybe due to the way I masterbate. I have a few freckles on the underside. I would love to be amother inch in girth. Most who have come in contact with my penis finds it truly attractive and are satisfied with all of its aspects. If there was a complaint I have never heard it. When I come it varies sometimes flying a great distance and sometimes just oozing out. When it does ooze out there seems to be so much more. My orgasms seem to last longer than my partners and are usually quite intense. I am truly content with me and my dick in all ways.

January 31

Really bended to the left side, darker than the rest of my body (let's say... pinky-brown). Soft, except for a scar that goes under it (I had an operation in order to suture it after having ripped off the little bit of skin right under the top during my 1st sexual relation.)

It is wood hard, and kinda looks at the ceiling (ahem) (the angle may be an obstacle to missionary-sex sometimes)

I got sometimes laughed at by partners because of the bending, whoch reminds them of a coma ( yep, the punctuation mark , )

If I could change it, meh... I'd rather have 1cm of diameter (length) more but, anyway, I'm kinda pleased with it. I was born with it so, who cares ? :)

Keep on penisin' dudes :)

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February 2

My penis is average length and girth. I think it's pretty shapely, and I've actually had several compliments on it (from guys), which is great for the esteem. It doesn't bend per se, but when erect the shaft does rotate a bit to the left, so that the underside fits snugly into the palm of my right hand (maybe it grew that way, or maybe it occurred over time with masturbation... I don't know ;) ). One odd thing I've noticed is that if I have an erection when I'm really cold, there's a middle band of the shaft that doesn't inflate as much as the rest, giving it a slight hourglass shape. The only things I might change would be for it to look longer when it's flaccid, and to be uncircumcised (which is better for jerking off). I've never been rejected because of it, or given it a nickname.

I generally produce a lot of ejaculate when I cum (comparing to guys I've been with). I don't shoot very often, usually it just gushes out without much pressure, but I think that depends on the way my muscles are tensed during orgasm. When I'm receiving anal sex, I can ejaculate before orgasming (I don't think it's precum, as a lot comes out at once and it's too opaque for precum). My semen is usually very slightly yellow, and fairly liquid... on the odd occasion it's been kind of thicker and more gelatinous, like snot.

February 4

Most of my life I have had a buried penis meaning that it retracts back inside my body so it can't be seen. Erect it was only 3 inches long. You can only imagine all the teasing I got as a kid being asked where's yours? and after a college gym class I was asked if I was sure I was in the right locker room. Finally at age 50 a urologist did surgery that released the suspensory ligiment and cut away extra muscles that pulled it back in. The result is that now the head is out when I am flaccid, and occasionally it will hang out 2 or so. When it is erect it is about 4 long, but if I push the fat back at the base, I can measure just a little over 5! Otherwise, it is quite normal, the same color as the rest of my skin. It still gets rock-hard when erect and, although I used to be able to ejaculate a good 4 or f feet when I was young, I can still shoot 2 or 3. My wife an I named my penis Herbie after the movie Herbie the Love Bug because they both are small, round, and lots of fun!!!

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February 6

I am not very big but I like it. I keep my penis shaved as I prefer the cleanliness as well as the view it gives. It is thick and heavy when flaccid. My head is aprox. the same width as the shaft when flaccid. Being circumcized the rid of my head is quite pronounced. My balls are quite large, or so I have been told. While my balls seem pinkish in color my penis is a soft tan tone with the usual darkening just below the head. The rid has this subtle purple shading along it while the remainder of it is a very light red. When erect it sticks straight out though at times with an upward tilt. When erect it of course ge tvery very hard and thick. My head becomes quite swollen and purple especially with extended foreplay. There are times when I would like it to be just a bit longer, say another half inch. I think it would make just that bit easier to reach deep inside my lady. Then again maybe that is why I am what I am. So that I will reach. I have never been rejected or given a nickname. I have been complimented but I always wondered why when there are other guys with I am sure bigger. My ejaculate used to be substantial but no longer. While at times it really shoots up across my chest in large loads it most often shoots no further than about six or seven inches. When it shoots far it is a thick white that turns clear quickly. When it shoots lower it is still white but mixed with clear and turns clear much slower. I personally enjoy my penis. I do wish that it did ejaculate more than it does now though.

February 11

I'm afraid I don't have a nickname for mine, as proud of it as I may be.

It's a tiny bit thicker in the middle, but otherwise completely straight. My penis is caramel colored, with a pink-ish head. I wouldn't change mine if I were paid to. I really like it... I think it suits me perfectly. No one has ever rejected me for it, and I've actually been complimented on a few occasions. When I ejaculate, it's thick and usually quite opaque (always white, without color variations). It usually squirts out, and can reach surprising distances, though it varies considerably from a tiny squirt to being propelled upwards of (approx)40 centimeters. The amount also varies, and it can range from a teaspoon to five tablespoons and more. I'm very sure it depends on how exited I am.

February 12
My Penis

My penis is about 6 inches long when fully erect. It is circumcised, but has enough foreskin left that when masturbating I can pull the foreskin up around 2/3 over the head. The underside is bumpy which I was slightly worried about but my doctor said it was perfectly normal.

I am satisfied with the width/girth of my penis, but would like to have an extra inch or so of length. I'm not ashamed of my penis size or feel like it is too small, but sometimes when approaching a lover from behind my penis will slip out of her when I am trying to establish a good in and out rhythm.

It takes me longer to cum than a lot of other guys I believe. When I have sex or masturbate it takes me on average 15-20 minutes to reach orgasm. Under certain circumstances it will take less or more time, but that is the average. My best orgasms result in large squirts of cum that on occasion have sprayed up onto my pillow or even hit me in the face. I usually have these kinds of orgasms when I refrain from sexual release for 3 or more days. I have less intense orgasms if I masturbate/have sex daily. These orgasms usually result in smaller amounts of cum which ooze out and don't squirt far beyond my belly button. On average I need to have sexual release once every 2 days, but it is not uncommon for me to masturbate every day, and if I have the house to myself for more than a week there will probably be at least one day where I masturbate twice in one day. When I was younger, 16-22, I would masturbate/have sex every day, and quite often twice a day, first thing after waking up and either after I got home from work/school, or if not after work/school, then before I went to sleep at night.

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February 15

My penis looks normal, is uncut, length and girth about average. Limp it is rather small, but when bathing in the nude, I saw that it was quite comparable to other men's equipment. The penis has the same colour like the normal skin, but the skin is much smoother. It is also straight with a small curvature upwards. The pubic hair is blonde and curly. The skin of the scrotum is somewhat darker, wrinkled and hairy, and I have a tuft at the root of the penis. I am monogamous, my wife does not care about genitals, neither hers nor mine, but enjoyes lovemaking. At the rare extramarital experiences, there was also never any comment about the look or the performance of my genitals; thus I never had a reason to worry. Essentially, the genitals are but a tool to express emotions. Even while masturbating as a youngster, I dreamed of caressing a girl. The ejaculate shooted out, and the amount was 3.5 ml. The ejaculate is very viscous. Force, viscosity and amount have reduced with age,;instead of a few shoots, it dripples now for a few minutes, until the penis is completely limp, but it still functions normally. In the foreplay, much lubricating mucus is produced which is less viscous than the ejaculate. This mucus is also formed when I get aroused by pictures and I get wet underpants, but pictures or erotic movies do not trigger a hardon. I get an erection immediately whenever I am embracing my wife or a woman that turns me on and usually it stays until the desire is satisfied. If the erection takes hours, it is uncomfortable and painful. In the first decades of marriage, sex played a great role with daily and extended intercourse. It is now reduced to twice a half hour per week, mainly due to my wife's wishes. But sex is still the best source of pleasure; I need it probably more than ever. So far, my genitals never gave me any reason for disappointment.

February 15
Grub worm

Grub worm? That's what my mother called it when I was little. When I ejaculate, it will reach 6 inches. I wouldn't want it any bigger. It is uncut, and the fore skin is long, even keeping the glans fully covered when erected.Those who have sucked it say that it just the right size for the greatest pleasure. At my age, I only get about half hard, but masturbating is still one of my great pleasures, and some times I do it 2 or 3 tims a day. I have always been very horny, and at 78, my wife says that I will have to calm down because she can't keep up. (I'm 82) She will still suck me occasionally, but she won't swallow the cum. She still tends to gag when she transfers it from her mouth to mine. I do really like the taste, and when I can, I catch it after I jack off. I hate to think that she won't be able to pleasure me much longer since she has arthritis. I still love Grub Wirm, and I hope that it never gets so I can't, at least, get a partial hard on.

February 15
Jay RX

My penis is fairly large for my size (im a thin avg height male) It tans during the summer to very dark shades, and in winter lightens slightly but overall darker skin than on the rest of my body. The head is slightly lighter but a nice olive skin tone also. My penis is moderately veiny (2 large veins running along the side) and it sticks mostly straight out when erect but has slight curve downward. If I could change anything it would be to make it slightly longer and much fatter so that it would hang better when I'm nude. No nickname for my penis, but my best friends tease me and call me the porn star at the gym. I've never been rejected due to my penis. My balls I wish were bigger, but overall my scrotum hangs low and gives the overall look to my penis and nuts a great look when im soft. I am complimented often at several of the local gyms in our city even though I am married and heterosexual, I makes me feel good to see guys staring at my crotch in the showers. When I cum, my ejaculate is sometimes very thin and light in color and very runny; most other times it comes out in little globs which are very sticky and clumpy looking. I wish I could cum more often the other way. I occasionally can make my penis shoot a load very far; i've correlated that when I am teased or foreplay is extended or I am denied orgasm that this occurs more often. As far as the amount well that can vary alot. I usually masturbate at least once a day which yields the usual small volume load, but if I hold off for more than a couple days, my ejaculate volume can be more than an ounce. I am thinking about getting a vacuum pump to enhance the look of my penis. I am a very humble person overall, but just for my own personal satisfaction, I would love to soften the look and make my penis much broader in girth and length. Thanks for this survey

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June 1

My penis is average in its appearance. I am circumsized with a smooth pinkish head and tan shaft. At full erection, which exceeds normal erection, it will tend to curve downward. I would like to correct that so that I may have a full 10 inch straight erection. The curve has caused problems during relations due to unusual entry and has even restricted some sexual positions. My last girlfriend called my penis \Orca\ because of the full potential size. I have always been complimented on my penis and told how when limp it is still larger than most other males. Ejaculations vary with the number of consecutive ejaculations. The first one will Shoot, Skirt, and Spray (milky white) with force and volume with each consecutive one after will diminish in force and volume until it just oozes.

June 1

It is an average sized penis, with a few scars on it from acne. It has been circumcised twice, though I wish it weren\'t circumcised at all. My penis is fairly ribbed (it feels like it has little ridges underneath the skin). My penis\'s self-given name is Goldfinger, after the James Bond movie. I nicknamed it Goldfinger because I thought it sounded cool and hip. When I masturbate, it takes me about 17 minutes to reach orgasm, and then 10 seconds to ejaculate. My penis varies each day as to how much it ejaculates, and how it shoots. My semen is very white, and only when I\'ve had alot of colored fruits or vegetables will it look yellowish. On average, I can ejaculate a teaspoon and a half. Usually, my penis can shoot about 6 inches (or 15 cm).

June 2

My penis is very smooth and soft, and is light tan. When my penis is flaccid, it bends stragiht down, and when erect it does not curve at all. I have noticed that if my penis is being held to one side, when it becomes erect it usually bends that way. The only thing I would change about my penis is I would make it hang a bit lower. I have not had anyone reject me because of my penis yet. I have been made fun of for my penis, several boys thought it was funny to call me \'shrimpy\'. I try to jsut ignore that. My ejaculation is a short burst then dribble (depending on how rigorus the masterbation). Not all that much comes out. My sperm is white.

June 2

My penis is brown with a vein on top. There is a slight curve to the right. I have a smooth mole on it. I would say I am average but I wish I was around 8 - 9 inches. My cum is whitish but it does not shoot out far. I like doggie style the best for my penis versus missionary. Just feels better. If I could change anything about my penis it would be to be thicker and to look for muscular. When I masturbate I use lotion. I hate masturbating but my wife is not very sexual. I love her to death but I wish she would be more sexual.

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June 3

My penis stands straight out when erect. It is like a hispanics skin from the bottom to about two thirds to the top, then it is regular light skined. The hed is red when flaccid and purple when erect. My nuts hang pretty low. I have alot of pubic hairs. I would make it an inch bigger if possible. My ejaculation is white and gooy. When I cum I dribble.

June 3

My penis is pretty straight with a slight curve to the left, and bends very slightly down. My cum is pretty thick, off-white but if ive jerked alot in one day it gets really water. I only shoot if im incredibly horny, so usually I dribble when I cum.

June 4
Mi Pepe

My penis is an overall normal shape, but it curves upwards slightly when erect. There are small bumps near the base. The coloration is very pink, mostly due to the fact that I\'m circumcised. The length is average in length, but very girthy. When flaccid, it is quite small, and I\'ve never been comfortable with that aspect. If I could change it, I would have it be a little longer just so it is more pleasing to the eye and uncircumcised so it would be more sensitive. None of the men I\'ve been with have rejected me for my penis, thankfully. I\'ve been complemented on my girth at the urinal once when I had an unexpected erection that the guy next to me saw. My ejaculation typically shoots (one time it went all over my face) in a moderately large quantity. The ejaculate is white and mucousy in thickness.

June 4

It\'s a tan color and it has a slight curve up.No I would not change it. I like it. No I never have been rejected. I\'ve complimented by the people I\'ve been with, and a few guys to. I like to do draw it out. The longer I ejaculat the better the shot. Most of the time it varies,but moost of the time it shoots out in long shots. The amount is about a tesp. The color is for the most part it is milky white or clear.

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June 4

My penis small light complected and nice looking. Yes, I would change it by adding some girth and a couple inches enen thought the wife like the size now. When in school yes fun was made of me but didn\'t pay any attention. My ejactulatinos are great they somtimes shoot over my shoulder, usually 5 to 7 squirts of white. I can\'t imagine having 10\ seems like it would be difficult to manage.

June 4

My penis is fairly straight, with a slight upward bend at the tip. Overall, I\'m happy with the size and shape, as it appears very large on my relatively slim frame. The skin is slightly darker, and I am somewhat circumsized (a great deal of foreskin was left after the procedure). If I could change anything about it, I would have never pierced it. I enjoyed the piercing (prince albert) for several years, but it left a hole when I removed it. Now, when I ejaculate, (although amusing at times) it shoots from the end and bottom of the head, with a tendency towards thick & sticky, and usually some semen is left hanging from the end afterward. I have been complimented by many partners on it\'s size, and was rejected many times as a teenager due to it. Several of my early girlfriends were afraid that it would hurt too much, which painfully delayed the loss of my virginity.

June 4

My penis doesn\'t have any curves, smooth, and it is so tan! I have birthmark underneath the head. I would like a bigger penis so satisfy my girlfriend better. No one has rejected me but alot of girls ask me to fuck the shit out of them. My partner calls my penis \God\ I have been compliment on the size of it but I would like to have a 10\' dick. My ejaculation is white, my girlfriend says mine taste good, not to watery or jelly. It depends cause I shoot when I get a blowjob and a handjob from my girlfriend but I dribble when I jack off.

June 4
Mr. Spock

My own penis is pink... I think it\'s really cute sometimes... other times it makes me nervous... like a naive school girl... I named it Mr. Spock because that\'s what I do... I name my posessions... yes I am a chick and Mr. Spock is attached to my best friend... He tastes like some Italian dish, exotic and with just the right amount of spices. He has really big hairy balls that I have not yet familiarized myself with. that\'s all I know...

June 5

Penis is long, and uniform. The color of coffee with quite a bit of cream, quite a few veins. It bends down in the middle of the shaft. I would change it a little to make it wider because it just doesn\'t seem wide enough to me. I have never had anyone reject me. No nicknames for my penis. Never been made fun of, but I have been told that it is pretty long. I have a very strong ejaculation that shots about three and a half feet when laying down. It squirts at first and then squirts less and less further. Depending on how long I have sex the more ejaculate I get and it is mostly white or slightly yellow.


June 5

My penis is straight, uncut and well endowed with foreskin. For this reason, my glans is very sensitive and in my youth I found it difficult to have prolonged intercourse as I came too soon. I am happy with the shape and size and have been assured by partners that my penis is very satisfactory especially now that I am able to delay orgasm for a reasonable time.The colour of the glans when I am fully erect is a very satisfactory deep purple and is very shiny when my foreskin is pulled back to maximum stretch. Masturbation is my main sexual activity and ejaculation varies enormously depending on how often I do it. If I have not ejaculated for some days and have a prolonged masturbation session, I ejaculate hard and shoot for some inches, the semen being thick and creamy. Otherwise, I tend to dribble rather than shoot, and in these cases the ejaculate is fairly thin. Although I am happy with my size, I have used a pump in the hope of improving the girth. Maybe I didn\'t persevere long enough as it didn\'t work, or maybe it was really just a masturbation aid. My penis certainly looked good when at fully stretch in the tube.

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June 15

My penis is straight with no buldges or bends, when erect stands slightly upward. I sometimes hang to the right but most times straight down when flacid. My penis has a big mushroom head that i\'ve had lots of good comments about. Never had any complaints, some guys have told me that I have a perfect penis I like to here that. The color of the head when erect is almost purple and when flacid pinkish. The shaft is slightly tan. If I could change my penis I would like to have more foreskin, I\'ve always said my penis is too big for the foreskin when erect when I was in my early teens it was too tight but with lots of masturbation and a sore penis it finally stretched so masturbation wasn\'t uncomfortable. I would have masturbated anyway sore penis or not I was always so horny and still am. A buddy of mine always called my penis \Jim\ I asked him once, why and he said he didn\'t know, its just a name, I just refer to your penis like a pet name. My ejaculation most of the time shoots thick milk white semen when I have had more than one ejeculation and i\'m really turned on it will squirt everywhere even across a room. My buddy said he wish he could do that. Sometimes when i\'m alone it will drool. Also after a long session of masturbation of start and stop it will spray and squirt. When I spray or squirt it not as white sometimes alot of clear mixed in.


June 17

My penis is circumcised; It does not bend either right or left or up or down. (no bends). It tends to point up (about 15 deg. above horizontal, when I am standing); Color is healthy pink skin color; Scrotum is pinkish in color. My partner frequently comments on the girth , ejaculate is milky in color, ejaculation sometime dribbles, due to retrograde ejaculation after Turp surgery. Texture smooth. Pubic hair sculptured, close cut


June 16

My penis average size, and curves a little to the right. I was circumsized at birth. My penis is 4 inches in length when flaccid and about 6 inches in length when erect. It is some what darker than my skin but not much. I am caucasion. The head is a little wider than my shaft. If I could change my penis I would add one more inch in length and in width. I would change so that my partner could have more pleasure. During ejaculation, my sperm some times shoots out and some times it dribbles. About 1 to 2 teaspoons of sperms comes out during ejaculation.

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